Sunday, April 3, 2016


I met a guy this week that is Buddhist and he told me that he is a level 1 (what ever that means) because of the lives he has lived and the many times he has been reincarnated. He then went on to tell me in the same sentence that he wanted me to know that because God is only a level 2. I shook his hand and congratulated him and said I am Honored to meet you =p. He didn't take it offensively and I died laughing after I left.

I tried shwarma, a member took us out to eat it. He said it was better than Gyro meat... Yes his statement was blaspheme. It was just meat.

This week was amazing and I have no time to write about it. 

I had a trade off with a missionary in my district where I had the thought in nightly planning to teach him something as we walked a hour to a lesson instead of companionship study. I taught him how to Discern needs and to resolve concerns. He has been our for 9 months, and he commented "this is the best comp study I have had on my mission" even with us jay walking and ITLing people on the way. Yesterday during call ins They reported that they now have 3 investigators on date. I asked them about the lesson, They taught a couple who had been taught for 2 years non stop basically and once was a day away from baptism and they dropped out. They went in there and the missionary I taught used what I taught him and was able to discern their need and have them opened up unlike never before and resolved their concern and they asked to be baptized. =p I guess everything I say doesn't fall on deaf ears. 

We picked up 4 new investigators who are solid for once this week!

And God just keeps answering my prayers even the ones that would mean nothing to anyone else. I love the Gospel, It has strengthened me so much, we need to turn to the Savior MORE! He cares.

Don't get shot
love you!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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