Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Freedom to all Animals, Minerals and Cereals!‏

Last p-day while we were waiting for the sisters in my district to finish shopping (so we could go to the museum together) we went to Guitar Center. I went to the silent ukulele room and enjoyed bliss. As we were about to leave a chorus of heavenly angles started playing. It was to heavenly I went back to the back of the store because "Starlight" by Muse came on. =p I needed that! It was healthy for me. It stayed in my head all day long and it Rebooted me so to say. I prayed so much the past few days to be calm and focused, and when that came it gave me like a system Reboot. I woke up the next day calm and focused and when I went outside I had what seemed to be the same pair of eyes that I had the day I got off the airplane into the moist air of Michigan. I WAS STOKED FOR AN ADVENTURE! and my lungs were filled with fresh air and excitement.

And since then I can't get Muse out of my head but hey I am not even mad.=p

As My Mission President always says before he closes a conference or meeting "It's a great day to be a missionary in the Michigan Lansing Mission." (He once almost said that at a baptism but he squirmed and said "great day to be a Mish....Ember of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints" =p) I have felt so free from burdens and heartache!

I have been dying to wear jeans all week long! To the point where I decided to sleep in them =p

The K2 sisters gave us a referral and I texted him to set up a appointment and I got the response.. "We can talk on the phone right now if you'd like Pretty lady"....."Am I talking to the Blond?" ........................ I then shot him a text " Well... I am a blond, But I ain't no lady Dude! This is the Male Missionaries...." I then left a hilarious statement on the end of that. He never responded to the text.=p

We went out to lunch with some members this week and Elder Q pointed to "Gyro" on the menu and asked me how pronounce that. The member who is a RM from Mexico snapped immediately to spanish and started asking which word does he didn't know how to say in english. It was so Funny! E.Q. Doesn't talk alot at all so the member thought that was because he didn't speak english well haha!

We Got 2 bikes for free this week! My companion has been drilling me about it for weeks now and I haven't sweat it at all because every single area we have just had bikes randomly given to us...Yup it was the exact same way this time too. They are great bikes they just have a million things that needs to be tweeked so it works efficiently but they have tires, tubes, bike lock, and breaks and all of their problems are fixable. I am grateful I spent so much time on the Gary Fisher, The Specialized, and the Tandem Bike because learning how to work with them has been priceless out here!

We went over To one of our investigators house this week for dinner and a lesson. We got there and she was stoked to see us. She told us all about her reading Alma 32 during her lunch break while on base. She read it and it made so much sense and it was so simple to her. She then tried praying to know if what she read is true and her BOSS came up and tried talking to her and she got on his case about interrupting a prayer and made him leave. #Military. 
She then felt the spirit really strongly, it brought so much peace to her that she was able to work the rest of the day with a clear mind, very focused, and had no worries at all which from what she said is a huge change of pace. She told us how excited she was for our lesson and for us to leave so she can read more. I jumped up and started going "Spirit! Spirit! Spirit!" (only not at all) got her to recognize it. 
This was a awesome thing to happen because her less active husband (who grew up in the church, went to seminary, and knows his scripture masteries ) changed his whole stance with participation in the lessons. We started teaching The GO.J.C. and when talking about faith He took over the lesson! We were opened up to Alma 32 and was using that and he expounded of the scriptures and made a analogy of how the seed needs water soil and sunlight to live, and then taught how thats Reading, praying, and going to church(=p). He then stopped and asked questions to check understanding!

Tiffany accepted my invitation to being baptized after I broke the bad news very carefully with 3 NE 11 that she needed to be rebaptized and grabbed her work schedule to write it in. It was funny when we invited them to church because all the Sudden Her husband was pushed into the corner because she really wanted to go because she knew  how important going to church was from what HE taught her. Ha ha ha! He got tried backing up but she hounded him.

While we ate dinner, Tiffany ran to the other room and handed me a case. starwars episode7.....................................................................................on blueray and dvd..................................................................................It felt like a sin holding that case! I couldn't read any of what was on the back! I couldn't even get my self to look at the people too closely in the face! 

It's been snowing basically every day since General Conference 

Dang I don't have time to tell you about the Drug dealer we door knocked into! Let me tell you things got real! My companion Who i would like to compare has the nervous system of a small yappy dog (he jumps and defends himself when the phone goes off....He heard a car with a squeeky belt drive buy and he ran to the door because he wasn't sure what that meant....and when a book fell off his desk he went into fight or flight mode I swear!). That guy was making me jump and i backed off of his door step and was on a hair trigger to right uppercut and run! Maybe a letter story.

Well I gotta GO Bye I love you have a good day
don't get shot
or pick a fight with drugdealers who earned their Golden Gloves!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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