Monday, April 27, 2015

#whendoorknocking and a car pulls up and backs out almost instantly, you then see it make several laps around the neighbor hood until they can make it inside without contact from you.‏

This week was great! We did not get nearly the amount of member presents but we got 6 of our investigators to be progressing.=p

I was reading in the area book and this is a quote "the spirit was Ousta control strong in there!" =p What the heck does Ousta mean? But I understand what they meant so I guess it's better than reading "we taught Revelation rain"...

This week in District meeting we talked a lot about Christ like attributes and I decided I would focus on Charity. And so I said a prayer and after I closed I immediately regretted it! I realized I asked for opportunity's to develop charity... Dang it and Heavenly Father always answers those prayers that are just asking for it. So this week has really reflected that prayer. I have really had to refrain from flipping a biscuit SEVERAL times, but it has always worked out some how.

For example I saw a Homeless man on the side of the road and I started searching for something I could throw him, I realized I had my fruit snack rations in my scripture bag just in case you know. I grabbed them and as the light turned green and the Fast and the Furious of the capital went. I quickly struggled to grab and throw the packs fruit snacks to the man, to see him look at them hit the floor and walk away =(. I was ticked! That was the last of all of my fruit snacks! But the Lord Provided! When I went to Charlotte I gave service and they gave me a whole box of fruit snacks =p. 

"Chartucky, home of the free, land of the toothless" =p as my district leader says.

But Going over there was cool. I loved being able to be with Elder N! 2 hour comp study was number 1. and I loved it because he doesn't know anything other than what he was taught in the MTC which means he is unspotted from the world of lazy and disobedient Missionaries, didn't have any foolish traditions, he just wanted to DO WORK. I loved it! All of our plans fell through except teaching the investigator we got on date last time, but we had a super effective day. There was one point though that we used up every plan that we planned for the day (planning the day before was weird because we didn't know anything) and it was like 7:45 pm and we needed to update the areabook from all of the potentials we scratched off or picked up. But I knew that wouldn't fill our night so I talked to Elder N and we decided to go door knock until it was 8:25, which is the latest I have ever knocked but since it was still light outside... we didn't have a map or a street name or a idea of what has been knocked before. Elder N decided I should choose the street, So I took a right then a left and then a right and then straight and then right until I felt a urgency to stop. We got out of the car and knocked a whole side of a street and no one even answered. The last house though answered and we got in and taught the Restoration and picked them up as investigators. And it really showed how we just have to be diligent sometimes. Elder N wouldn't stop talking about that miracle =p ha ha, it was great and healthy for him.

We have picked up quite a bit of investigators recently and one of their big concerns is Black Jesus. We showed a picture of Jesus ordaining his disciples and one of them  went off on how Jesus isn't white. =p this has happened twice this week.

One of my investigators E D got baptized. I knew from the moment we taught the Restoration that he was going to be a missionary. And when we came back for the next lesson and found out he placed a book of Mormon confirmed that. And then the next lesson after he taught his whole family the Plan of Salvation confirmed that again. 

It was really cool though We got in a house of a Buddhist this week. That was the coolest plan of salvation/ restoration lesson I have ever taught. It was super easy to feel the spirit and have Charity and love for the guy because he looked like my MTC companion. But we made a lot of dots connect in his mind! He accepted the Book of Mormon and the only problem there was that he doesn't live at that house and that he is only there like once a month.    

Our investigator T was with us during Stake conference and then he stood up and disappeared. We thought he went to the bathroom but after 30 minutes of him being gone we searched and couldn't find him.  We thought he walked out on us. The member who gave him a ride showed me a text from him saying that he started coughing up blood when he was in the bathroom and got it all over the white shirt I gave him and had the paramedics pick him up. I really had a hard time focusing and having Charity until I read that. We still haven't gotten news from him since...

In stake conference some dots started clicking in my head of how each passing generation is inheriting a state of apostasy and how more and more people do not even believe in God. And how that happened all though out all the BOM. I then heard Today from my homeboy Truman G. Madson that some one prophesied that only LDS people will desire to have children in the last days, and that is becoming more and more true. But it made sense to me how the gospel will go forth and penetrate every continent, every climb and sound in every ear. As the standard of truth says. Well I guess I don't fully understand but I got a glimpse.

I had a hard time having charity for a guy that told us he is "Spiritually Advanced compared to the world"  to be quick about him he talked about having out of Body experiences to get to know Jesus and he would teach us stuff that was not Doctrinally correct at all and then when ever we said something he would Bash on how we cant trust the Hebrew language, but then he would teach us the definition of certain words in Hebrew... He was going hard core and I was irritated and the debate was not ending so I got tired of it and kept talking over him saying I have to go to the Bathroom until I had enough of their attention to say it again and to invite him to hear our message and walk away.

I was really fired up in one lesson this week where a investigator was trying to drop us and the member who was with us would not stop talking, and would interrupt his responses when I would ask him questions to create a need for meeting with us.  I really have struggled having Charity for people this week But I have learned a lot about it and would say my prayer of developing it more has been and is being answered. But I really wanted to flip a biscuit at times.

Whelp I gotta go, we were gonna be dunking on people again this week but Instead we are playing ultimate Frisbee.
Love you all!
have a good day!
Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

Monday, April 20, 2015

#whendoorknocking and you hear nothing, knock again, and you hear some one yell "no ones home!" =p‏

I love how in Michigan the ground is squishy. I love it! It is endless entertainment when every time you walk through the grass and you can feel the ground moving with the movement of your body. It's not like squishy that makes a noise or like mud, but it is like a dry squishy if that makes sense. Its totally not like the dry ground down in Mesa that's for sure.

All of the trees are starting to get their leaves back and some wild flowers are now appearing in the grass and trees are now blooming =p. I am really excited to see the thick green forests again.

You know your apartment used to belong to sister Missionaries when you find a stash of bath and body works lotion.=p  I love how it smells, I hope people don't recognize me smelling a little flowery now ha ha.

SO this week was Number one!

I loved being our in Charlotte we saw some really great things happen. We went to go teach a investigator who has been taught Loads apparently and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put her on date. And gave her a blessing so she could stop smoking. I didn't know she was taught a whole lot but Elder N was flipping a biscuit after we put her on date. 
I also loved how in Charlotte a train would pass the missionaries house every half hour, it was so much fun I ran out side every time I could to look at the train that was going by, the tracks are only like 20 feet away from their house. It was really funny because at night I would be dreaming and then all the sudden a train would pass and randomly a train would appear in my dreams =p it was great! 
It was also hilarious because it was super hot in the room and it woke me up in the middle of the night and heard "heavenly father... please help me...." Elder N was laying down and praying in his sleep ha haha! I just reverently laid there until he closed the prayer "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!" and I vocally said "amen" with him, and could not stop giggling.=p What a good district leader. 
I am going back to Charlotte today for trade offs again. I get to be with Elder N a missionary who has been out for 3 weeks and I have to drive every where since he doesn't have his driving privileges yet, It will be fun! No GPS, No knowledge of the area, on both parts, I am excited for that adventure.

But in our area we had a killer week! We had 10 Member present lessons this week, 3 investigators at church and 6 less actives come to church! It was sick. 
We looked in our records and for more than the past 3 years there has not been a week like this in our area! We also Put T on date to be baptized. after that lesson we set up a appointment for 2 days later and that was a huge miracle when we taught him the word of wisdom and he committed to giving up smoking with out us having to rebuttal or anything. He just humbly accepted and he told us at church that he put out his last cigarette and that he will never buy one again. 
And I believe him because he is not in a good financial situation to continue to smoke if he wants a change of location, life style, and a car. That experience where the people stole EVERYTHING(!!!!!) from him changed his life. I forgot to mention last time that since they kicked down his door it doesn't latch to the wall any more. So he screwed 2 metal hooks to the wall and found a 4 by 4 to block the door like a castle door, it's really cool looking but it's really sad. And yesterday at church he was volunteering to help with several service projects that was brought up and he got phone numbers and people got his to keep him in the loop on whats happening. We taught him the law of Tithing yesterday and he accepted our commitment and that really touched me how dedicated he was to living that. Later in the day I was really feeling the spirit and I saw him as a member in several years happy and changed and strong.

Did I tell you about the lesson where we were thrown down on by a atheist for more than a hour straight and the only reason why it ended was because Elder B bore his testimony and he cried during it? That made him feel SOOOO bad he felt guilty for a whole week and would stay up at night just feeling guilty that he made Elder B cry (even though it was just him really feeling the spirit, I felt it, it was strong!). Well we went back and Brought Bro F one of the ward missionaries with us and he is a PMG RM and a convert to the church and didn't really believe in God his whole life, he also almost has a PHD. Oh man! that lesson was great! We didn't even share anything but when the atheist started explaining his beliefs Bro F threw down! And it was super personal and there was no denying any of it, and he used scientific lingo to help explain and validate his testimony. It was sick! For the first time our investigator seemed to have a strong desire to act on our teachings and keep commitments!   

We saw so many miracles this week I can not be grateful enough. One of the less actives that came to church is the grandfather of the 11 year old we have on date to be baptized. We went over to their house to make sure he would bring her to church and he refused and went off a little on how he doesn't need to. That got me. I wouldn't say I got mad but I shot back boldly and almost commanded him. I said " the name of Jesus Christ I promise you...."  and made a super bold promise of blessings that were super applicable to him knowing that it would happen. He came to church for the first time in years =p.  During the meetings he slipped out and went to his brand new car to listen to country music. After church his car would no longer start ha ha. I don't think God was really happy with that decision. =p

I am stoked for Jesus ball today! I am ready to go dunk on some more Elders. And to see more trains =p 

I gotta go, Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't Get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

Monday, April 13, 2015

#whendoorknocking and you wait, and wait, and you hear the deadbolt lock and some one sneak away =p

I loved all of those emails about our family getting sealed and Suanna's baptism and Lacey's baby blessing! I do wish I could have been there, But you know. Church is still true =p. But all I can say is Congrats I hope it was Refreshing ha ha ha ha ha!

So today is Number 1! We were in Meijer shopping (like like Michigan's walmart) and we were walking until Elder B saw boxes of cereal that said 'Star Wars Posters inside"!!! I Freaked out! It was like Christmas! We left with 12 boxes of cereal ha ha =p. It really was like Christmas opening all of those though and getting the different posters. I was so excited, They are so cool!

Sunburns for days! But the beauty of it is that will change, We got the call with how many miles we are allotted for the month and we were expecting to have to do an extra car fast day because we went over on miles but no, even though the whole zone is having to cut down they gave us 200 more than what we were previously allotted! =p I am so grateful for that!

Michigan is really interesting right now, we had a awesome rain storm and so many worms came out of the ground! They all wiggled onto the pavement and it was impossible not to walk on them, I am pretty sure that they are going straight to the celestial kingdom though you know because we had to kill them to do the Lords work and all. 
That and there is frogs galore around, walking next to huge patches of trees is really funny because you can hear hundreds of them, and occasionally a squished one on the road and side walk. We were walking on Saturday and I saw a little fur in front of us, Michigan side walks are really funny because they randomly end and then start again, right when the side walk ended there was the fur in the grass. We walked up to it and saw it was a skunk and booked it to the other side of the road. It was a Saturday too so if we got that on us we would have to walk like 3 miles back to the apartment, last time I crossed a skunk it was bad news for the whole mission, there was no way I was doing that again. 
This week we got a referral from the Portland sisters. That was a huge miracle. They already set up a appointment for us and so we showed up. That was a super humbling experience. T was door knocked into by Sister W and she gave him their number and said if he needed help to call them. He put that number in his phone and he went on with life. 
He was forced to break ice in front of his apartment building with a hammer, 4 inches of it. by the time he was done his hand he was using to brace himself was super swollen and then he heard a crack. He went to the hospital and had his broken bones tended to and while he was there he had a nurse tell him that the police called and said that his house was broken into. He returned home to nothing. His dead bolt was drilled through, and the other door after that was kicked down. 
He had no stove, no carpet, no dishes or silver ware, no bed, no food, no clothes, no furniture of any kind, any thing and EVERYTHING was gone. All he had was the supplies he was given by the hospital and the clothes on his back. He no longer could go to work because his uniform was gone, he had just spent 5 thousand dollars fixing up his and the rest of the apartments in his building because his land lord promised to repay him, he got nothing back.
He had nothing except his cell phone that he had with him and that he took from the hospital. When me and Elder B went for the appointment and we got inside all that was there was a bed and mattress a friend gave him and a rug on the floor. I cry just thinking about it.  He was in such a bad position in life he had the thought to call Sister W and ask for help and for us to share our message. Me and T sat on the bed and Elder B on the rug on the floor and we shared our message. 
I have never felt the spirit so strongly before we said the opening prayer in my life, in any lesson. He said when I offered one "I think my house has room for a book" with a smile on his face. That lesson made his day, more than that. The fact that he was no longer alone and could actually laugh with some one meant the world to him.

We called the next day to get him a ride to church we spent 2 and a half hours calling for that ride. We finally got a call back and he agreed on taking T to church. Turns out Bro S already knew T, and he had met him years back when he came to our church randomly. He loved church. We have since taught him the plan of Salvation and our Ward mission leader Bro. A sat on the bed with T while we taught from the floor. We had dinner at Bro A's house later that night and he filled a garbage bag of stuff for us to give to T. I gave a shirt and tie, same with my companion for his work uniform.  

We have a lot of things happening this week! and we have gotten the members to trust us a lot more than missionaries have been trusted in the past... Out Big goal we are pushing for is 10 member present lessons which is unheard of in the past 7 months here. But we did a lot of planning and it's gonna happen. We have averaged probably 2 a week last transfer so we are going hardcore parkor!

I get to go to Charlotte tonight for trade offs I am excited to be by the train tracks and have them interrupt everything ha ha. And I really hope I get to go down Sheldon St., everytime they go down it people yell at them, I love their Sheldon St. Stories.

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
To Jesus Ball We go!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

Monday, April 6, 2015

I am the Walrus! CooCoo Kachu!‏

You know you live in a apartment that had sister missionaries in it when you find a huge stash of fingernail polish and remover ha ha.

So we had our transfer calls and I am staying here in Holt with Elder B, this is his last transfer here on a mission and we are super excited for whats coming up.

Some thing cool about last week, yesterday Elder B was looking at our key indicators for this last transfer and while he was doing that he thought it was really funny so last week we got loads of garbage, and he saw we had the highest amount of everything that week than out of the rest of the weeks. ha ha, I think it's so funny how persecution or bad things happen right before awesome miracles happen or a miracle will happen and then you will get hit by garbage. It is SOOOO TRUE!

I have two instances of this this week.

The first one We came back from Charlotte from district meeting and then we had a Appointment with  the investigator who we put on date last week. We went in and immediately she asked " my cousin was wondering if she could be baptized too, would that be alright?" ha ha, um........ Yes Please! We taught her and her Less active father was in the lesson too and after the lesson I said now Dad we would like you to be the one to baptize her. He thought and  then he was hit by the spirit like a semi truck, and he accepted and told us what he was feeling and I told him that was the spirit .... Really cool experience. =p

We were leaving super per pumped for our dinner/ teaching appointment that we had right after and we get there, start the lesson and BOOM! He threw down on why he is atheist and how there is no way there can be a God, and slammed the book of Mormon, and there was nothing we could do to stop it... He went ON....and on.... The thing that stopped it after a hour straight of hearing stuff he learned from anti material and his own thoughts, was a testimony Elder B said. And that testimony was really powerful and I really felt the spirit but I don't know if he did, really the thing that stopped the rant was Elder B's tears of testimony, that made him feel bad. We didn't have time to eat dinner over there because we had another lesson right after it so we left after that. It really surprised him when we set up a day when we can come back.

The next persecution story we had is we set up a return appointment with a lady who wanted us to come back when he husband got there. Got there a few days later and this 7 foot man came out and got super ticked until we talked to him a bit. He then stepped out side and started giving us a interview, he asked about my criminal record, my education, how tall I am (of course, can't ever escape that question) and personal questions, until Elder b strung it into the Gospel and then he was asking about the church and we bore testimony of several topics and he really like what we were saying, it was going super good! But then he asked about we know about prophets. He was asking for it, so we Started talking about my homeboy Joseph Smith ha ha. Everything was going well until he heard Book of Mormon. Oh man. He flipped a biscuit! , got all up in my grill, and went off! Bore testimony. He then tried to escape from us and open the door quickly and jump in. turns out his kid locked the dead bolt when he went out and he ran straight into the door. ha ha, he then started pounding on the door and called for his wife to open the door...   

Right after hearing all of that we went and tried some one we door knocked into and he pulled a beaten Book of Mormon out of his pocket and told us that he was reading at work in his free time. Um yes please! We went in, it was hard to stop him trying trying to teach us every inch of his knowledge of the gospel, but a half rudely interrupting question would normally pull him back to topic, turns out he used to be a investigator and has gone to church a few times, we even had his phone number in our phone ha ha (but no record). He taught us a lot of things to use to throw down on Atheists, even though we know that will not help our situation at all because teaching with worldly knowledge does nothing at all to convince people.

I had a dream, after watching Saturdays general conference. My recollection of it was seeing Robby around 8-11 years old and I pounced on him and gave him some good healthy beatings. I am pretty sure it was a vision =p. Some one give Robby a GRAND SLAM! for me and blow in his ear=p. But in all honesty that was a really weirdly stand out dream I had that was super real.

I thought General conference was great! Saturday was my favorite I just kept getting really cool thoughts and impressions through the whole day. Sunday I didn't have half the amount of notes. We both thought it was really interesting how there was so many talks about families and how they really threw down on several subjects like videogames, and adults getting married quickly and starting families.

I am super bummed about the McCrockett Cup, I hope the court floods so March madness ends and I win, im gonna pray for it (jk).

 Well I gotta go we have inspections happening and we have to get goin.
Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett