Monday, April 25, 2016

Through Thorny ways, leads to a Joyful end"

You know Life is good, Life is healthy. I woke up today in a mood where I didn't even need p-day I could have just kept working, I haven't had that in forevs! Some one is praying for me =p.

Dad I love how you have made "the small plates of Burt" I love it, i actually started something similar this week. I have for a first time actually am keeping a "study Journal", my other one is a note book but this one has all of my great discourses on missionary work that I think every missionary needs to know and understand. It's been good for me because I now have greater purpose in my personal study. 

We got transfer calls and we are staying. my whole district is diffrent, in 2 transfers every one who was there before me is now gone. another sister in my district went home this week this one finished her 18 months.

I went over to a members house for a dinner appointment, they were less active so I am not sure how they signed up on the dinner calendar, but hey Yolo Swag! So we got picked up by them and it was a super ripped cuban with a really thick accent. He was pretty cool I knew just by how stacked he was that he was a fighter, I started asking questions and found out he was a boxer and trained in Judo. 

We hit it off really well after that and had great conversations about fighting. But I started asking him about his life in Cuba before he came to america. He opened up and tole me about how they were a community. Every one knew every one in their neighborhood, most of them didn't have cars so they would walk and they would randomly talk to a stranger for 2 hours. 

Every one did everything together as kids and they didn't need a sports league to play anything every one just went around to all the houses and got people to come and play sports with them. They all heavily relied on one another and would constantly go to a certain persons house who tended to have baking goods or go to some ones house to borrow tools weekly and they all did that and relied on one another. (They all fought =p jk take that one off ) They all knew everyone and they all CARED about every one.

 I loved that, the more I thought of that the more it has touched my heart to hear about these people who had little, but they had so much more than worldly possessions. I want that. It reminds me of a general authority talking about his life as a kid and how he sees it like the celestial kingdom being that close by all of his family and having that true community. I want that, and the more i think about it a mission totally prepares your for that. 

Sorry I don't have much to talk about this week other than I have been real happy and have seen some great success, and I am so glad for trials and the things they teach you, and the teachings that they engrave on your soul. 

Bye I love you have a good day!

Don't get shot

go, read some books

love you

miss you


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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