Thursday, April 7, 2016


this one is gonna be short too. my library card died and I am on a half hour guest pass

this week has been a week, I swear there has been one thing after another after another after another!

This week was so Whak! It was not normal by any means at all. 

I really took loads of effort into trying to figure out what I should look for in general conference and I made a list of several questions, Every single talk there was one of my questions was addressed and helped me greater understand what I wanted to know. We played a whole lot of basket ball this week inbetween sessions and before personal and comp study in the morning with the other missionaries.

I think the biggest lessons I learned was about communication. This week has been filled with Hysteria and misconception because people hear but don't understand. Thats a huge theme of what has happened with my district this week. 

There was a lady who we door knocked into, something terrible happened and me and my companion were raging mad because of some guy. I had zero patience at that point. And this lady answers the door and she starts going off on this huge gander rant! I was ready to walk away. I forced a half smile and tried to listen to try and invite her to learn. But there actually was something valuable out of what she ranted about that stood out to me. 

She told us about how she never opens the door for any one at all anymore because of how crazy the world is getting. She has been living in seclusion because of the hysteria that happens in one part of the world and is so broadly broad cast though out the world. She then said that it's a good thing that we are trying to share something good, because we are some of the few that is. That really made me think the next few doors and eventually I wasn't ticked so I was able to clearly think.

 I really realized thats how it is with everything in the world we all focus so much on the negative, we share the negative because we want help, because its popular, because thats how people can see what we truly feel so they reach out and thats a good thing. But the negative is exactly what leads to the fear, the pain, the misery, and when we share that it doesn't uplift and edify but it shows that "thats how it is" which causes people to not reach out, to not help, to not uplift, to not open up. 

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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