Monday, November 2, 2015

"Crockett & Miles! Is that your attorney?!?"‏

Our investigator, the one who has a million and a half crazy things happen to her to prevent her from coming to church loves to talk to people about us. Shes in her 80's I think or late 70's and she was on a hospital bed talking to a doctor and she started telling him about how she meets with "Crockett and Miles" and it's been helping her. The subject title is what his response was. She has since suggested that we start a small Law office.
T-Calls came and we are staying the same. I assume I am going to kick the bucket in this area after this next transfer and I have a whole lot I still want to do and arrange so the missionaries who come after me have greater things to do then I did. I say that Because Alpena is still in some of the habits my trainer had me do with him. And it's interesting because this whole time one of the Elders over there has had some of the same thoughts I had when I was there that I never acted on, I have really been encouraging him starting now to change that. 
We had a Halloween party here as a Branch, it was pretty sweet, loads of people invited non members to come over and to join us for the trunk or treat/chili cook off. I didn't even trick or treat and people just kept giving me candy, And then they asked me to be the first person to try all of the different types of Chili and be the judge them. Dude my life is SOOOOO hard! I then after ward with all of my candy keeled on the ground and traded with the kids of the branch, making sure I got the better end of the bargain ha ha =p.
Mommy I need that S.D. Card back, preferably before Ella asks some one to winter formal. I have a surprise and It will be healthy for you all.

I decided this week to build upon what I want done at my Funeral. I want every one to be in knitted sweaters, whether ugly or not, and there needs to be a dance competition (without circles) to win Stella. 
I almost started crying this week, I was door knocking and people kept slamming their doors. The wind was brutal, even with ear muffs my ears were cold, it was raining, I was soaked, my gloves were probably actually just making matters worse because of their wetness but I didn't take them off because of the rain and wind. 
But that actually has nothing to do why I almost cried, I walked up to a door that had it's snow room door open and I saw some one I haven't seen in a LONG TIME! They hadn't grown or changed, in fact they wore what they normally wore still. They still had the lime green kicks that I loved so much, And the build was almost unmistakable. When some one came to the door I immediate asked if I could see the long board that they had propped against the wall. They brought it to me and turned out It actually wasn't some one I knew It was just some long board that stank. =( I have missed the trashy hippy van, lawn chairs, and beer cans on the back of Stella. =p
Our Branch has had what they call "the 40 day fast", It was a fast where there was some one in the branch fasting and they would pass it on to some one else who would then start their fast and that continued for 40 days. They have been fasting and praying for Missionary Stuff like : Less actives to come back to church, new investigators, Active members to move in to strengthen the district, missionary opportunities; all so the Traverse City District can become a stake and we can do our part. Yesterday the 40 day fast ended and we had 8 less actives at church, we had only worked on 4 of them, one  less active couple even brought their 4 kids too =p. 
One of the ones We helped get to church recently got offended and stopped coming like the week I got here. We called to set up a appointment to see them and continued on with my day. They live on a Golf course and it was night time when we were heading over there on our car fast day. They way I have always gone there was driving but I wasn't that fond of the Idea of crossing M32 on bikes at night that had few reflectors on them and a light. 

That day I actually saw another entrance to the golf course that I had never seen before. I presented it to my companion, without realizing it I way talked down the M32 way and so obliviously he chose the way I said "all I know about that is it will be a adventure". 

Dang straight that was a adventure! We had time to kill and ended up 40 minutes late. We entered the new way and went through a fancy neighbor hood to realize the turn we took was a wrong on because of the dead end it led us to we then went on a dirt road trail that was the only other option to take, which led us to the heart of the golf courses, we Bombed huge hills, had to take different trails, walked down steep inclines, was rained on, my companion crashed his bike one one of the hills, took wrong turns, ended up on top of a hill that ski lifts bring people to (that was cool!) to learn we went the wrong way..... 

All until I saw the light of a building which I soon recognized. My I wasn't sure If we'd get busted for the ride we just went on but I told my companion jokingly (him being very innocent)  "if we get busted it's gonna be because they see your light", While climbing the hill I now notice his light is no longer on behind me =p. Psh there wasn't even a thing to worry about, I think they let people romp all over the place. We had a good lesson and talk about our adventure, "Hey I said it was the adventure way". We took M32 on the way back and there was like 4 cars on the road and it was like 3 minutes long ha ha ha!
Well I gotta Go Bye I Love you!
Have a good day!
Love you!
Send the S.D Card
-Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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