Monday, November 30, 2015

I want to live like a kid always.‏

My companion wanted a hair cut in walmart today, I borrowed the clippers from the Alpena Elders but he didn't want to do it him self and didn't want me to do it. When we got there we had to wait a half hour so of course we went to the toy section.=p OH MY GOODNESS! The STARWARS toys are SOOOO cool! I have been in a transe all day since then, All I want to do is buy a million star wars toys and play with kids all day long. As we were walking around I saw "Frozen" cheese sticks with olaf on them and I mocked them "people would have to be dumb to buy those, They are no different...." And then my companion pointed out my Star Wars Gogurts in the shopping cart that I kept because the box was so interesting to me.=p
I have openly been coming out to my companion that I've been brainwashing him to do things our whole time together that I didn't want to have to do. A previous companion never washed any dish so I really drove how we need to clean as we go and it's been a habit he's kept this whole time and I Love it =p.
We were with some recent converts reading where they were in the Book of Mormon since they haven't been reading. They are all under the age of 13. Turns out they were in 1ne 13 or 14 one of the two. And by the time we were done they knew a new word that I was not proud of a  word which is used to describe the great and abominable church, the w. of the whole earth. When ever they would hit that word (it's used like 13 times) I kept my nose in the book and let them really struggle to sound it out themselves because I wasn't going to teach them that or allow the chance for them to ask what that means.  my zoneleader was fighting so hard to not laugh during the lesson.
During church T T told me "E. Crockett make sure you don't fall asleep today, your snoring is distracting." he has autism and is ALWAYS 100% honest, It is SOOO funny! His Mom had to make sure I wasn't offended I was just dying on the inside though. Latter we were over there for dinner "Here E. Crockett I got this Iron Man sticker for you because hes lazy too." ha ha ha!

One of our top investigators dropped us this week. It was the one whose kids always say the pledge of Allegiance when the word prayer is brought up. She went on her own accord to talk to her husband about them joining our church together, and after a really long discussion he didn't want to become a mormon. So she dropped us to stay true to her husband. That one got me, I have dropped 21 people in this area in my almost 4.5 months here, but that one hit me harder than a punch. I couldn't hold it, I cried when I read the long texts. 

In a better light our investigator (who is still missing for INSANE reasons, Went to the hospital saturday night) has been talking to her friend about the church alot and her friend keeps asking questions. She gave her one of her Book of Mormons and her friend accepted it and was really excited for her trip down south because she would have time to read it. She told us that in her head she thought "GOTCHYA!".=p

Last P-day I went to a members house to learn some of his wrestling moves. It ended him showing me how a wrestler plays the game so I could figure out how to fight them better. While on his carpet after he couldn't break my guard and stopped out of fear that his wife would walk in and yell at him for destroying the carpet, well so he said anyways (jk he taps brown belts I got nothin on him) he started talking about his mission. 

He had loads of good stories and principles to all of the things he brought up so i kept hitting him with follow up questions like I love to do. And he eventually broke and gave me info that was useful in my teaching. He had me sit down at the couch by my companion (who has been sitting there for like a hour bored out of his brains, his idea of a sport is croquette). And using Acts 2, 7 he taught me about how the spirit Pricks people in the heart. 

I had read over those verses several times for the 12 week missionary training program but they explained to me something different. He taught me things that Elder White talks about but he explained it so it was useful. In the verses an apostle teaches about  the prophet, God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and it caused the the holy ghost to prick every one in the area's hearts at the same time so peter points it out and those who aren't "cut to the heart" (see acts 7) joyfully accept every commitment.  

I love the foot note for "fear" some where around there it says "courage". So he explained to me that when ever you feel the spirit stop the lesson and help them recognize thats what they felt . He would normally like to preface the lesson with a few verses from the chapter so they knew that they were going to get their heart pricked when they are taught truth so when it happens you don't have to explain. (see also Alma 12:3,7-8)

So That was awesome to me and I LOVE when people use the scriptures like that to teach me about the small things that make a big difference and actually can be applied in life and ISN"T Stipulation. I thought about it and applied it to the stories E. White told me and it made sense. 

We get into one of our investigators houses who I once got to recognize the spirit but was kinda denying it. We taught him and he brought up how he was baptized as a baby catholic and went on... I then used the scriptures to resolve his concern. Then I felt the spirit, I knew it pricked his heart. And I stopped right then and there and said... I know you know these things are true, and I know that you know it too because he is teaching you that right now (or something like that, super bold), I know you feel it.... He just started to cry and then looked at me and said " you feel that too? Right..." and then at the exact same time we pointed to the same place of our chest "   ." and then it got stronger. 

He committed to every thing I dished out. And he told us he was going to talk to his significant other so they could join together. His significant other dropped us once and I don't think shes too fond of the idea of changing what she grew up with, But that experience was WAY COOL! Alma has been some one who has fascinated me for quite some time now. Just because when he taught people they either loved him or hated him because none of them could deny what he told them, because they all knew it was true. I was proud, I felt like him for a second. 
Thanksgiving our rules was "door knock from 10-12 and then act as much like a normal human as you can for the rest of the day. No turkey bowls though!" It was nice, we got into the Sr. Missionaries apartment and got all of the Christmas Decorations and Tree to set up and then we played games with members for most of the day. And finished our night with a feast with 2 families and the Brutally Honest kid who likes to sit by me =p.
Well I gotta go 
It's hard to keep a dinner appointment when a different member sets up an appointment for you to teach a friend who now wants to be baptized. We rescheduled for 8pm tonight ha ha!

I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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