Thursday, November 12, 2015

Everyone has trials of their faith, especially on a mission....

Dennim, I have been doing good, I have had a way good day today.  I made home made pizza which was AH REEEAAL nice, and then I went to walmart and spent like 20 minutes looking at all of the StarWars toys. Love you too! Take A Bath you hippy!
Susie, I haven't got your letter yet but I am really excited to get it!
Dad, when you said "Excellent!" in your letter, without thinking I threw my arms up and did a air guitar like Bill and Ted.
Ella, Congrats on turning 16 I hope it was Refreshing. Party hard, circles at dances is one of the last legal forms of Communism. They are only good if you got a good "crowd pleaser" to go Hard core on.

Every one has trials of their faith, especially on a mission. The fact that I can't buy a million starwars bionicles and play with them and kids all day long was one for me today ha ha. I LOVE all of the starwars stuff thats out.

So we have our investigator S, she is so funny, she has been dissing HARD on my companion the last few lessons because he's 18 and shes almost 80. "That young buck....The Nerve he has thinking he can walk around being 18!...When the car's full, strap him to the hood of the jeep for more space, I mean he has the nerve to be 18!". Some people in Michigan physically can not stop talking I swear, But I love her "Gander Rants" (as missionaries call them) on Hating on how Elder M is 18. She thinks I am 21 so I am not gonna do anything to make her think differently because It's hard enough to teach her when she's dissing only on him.

I woke up. It was august 2k15 in Holt Michigan. I had this guy on my mind from my very first weeks of a mission. I have no clue how I would contact him, all I knew was he was a less active in Hiding out in the boonies of Ossinike with a son who wanted to be baptized. No clue why This guy even got on my mind. Transfer calls come, I still can't get him off my mind, no clue where he lived I was so discombobulated at the time and unaware of my location other than in a endless sea of trees. I got called To serve In Gaylord where I am now able to go to Alpena the area where he lives. I spent ages on LDS maps trying to find the place. Thank you Facebook, after all that time all it took was a quick message to my trainer who is now out in Uoootah, And then I was able to give the info where he lives (minus now they have to knock like 40 doors to find which one is his, so I am going over on a trade off this week to find it for them).

I have been super pumped about Less Active work because of the fast. It bothers me how I have no records of any less active work at all. I made several really good points about it talking to the zone leaders and they called back a few days later saying we have a zone goal and they based it off of what I told them ha ha. Because of that we had a goal to try and contact every less active in the area, There is only 1 I haven't left a message or talked to yet. Our week is stacked!

We had a less active come without our help to church again. They were called by the executive secretary and they showed up and were given a calling. She left saying to her husband "Ya, our break time is over." =p We had several others there as well.

I got to experience all 4 forms of Precipitation on Thursday. It was way cool! It all happened while we were door knocking, It made me break out the thermals but I loved it after that. It was sweet seeing the rain come and hit my knitted sweater and then freeze seconds later leaving little puffs of snow and ice on me. 

I would say we actually had like 5 types of precipitation, snow, rain, hail, sleet; and my companions sweat from when the cop car slammed on the breaks, popped into reverse, and then turned onto our street straight towards us, window came down, car came to a stop. 

Don't worry apparently I have a clean record, wasn't a surprise when my companions was clean (mine either though ha ha). I worried for a half a second when I realized I didn't have my proselyting license on me though. No big deal though we just racked up loads of persecution points. 

When we walked by the house that called the cops on us "My doctor is a Mormon and hes a good guy, But you guys are MORONS!". The Cop wouldn't spend the time with me and answer all of my questions about his gadgets and different laws though =(. Basically got the cops called on us because I am tall and did a quick step over a dog gate to knock on a door, to which they didn't even answer... But I learned a lesson quick that cops frown upon stepping over small dog gates. I got fed poppy seeds yesterday so when the cops stop us again we wont pass our drug test... thanks, but the bread was good!=p

I would say we cashed in all of those persecution points though, the 4 hours of non stop precipitation, cops, ornery old folks, for the miracles at church and today. We sacrificed part of our P-day to teach a lesson to a investigator who told us he got answers to his prayers and took sunday off of work, and will live the Word of wisdom so he can be baptized. And i'm like Yes! Please! We have 3 LA lessons today as well.

I gotta go!
Bye I love you have a good day,
have a Most Excellent day
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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