Monday, October 26, 2015

Basic Principles, Stick to the Basics

I can't believe it! We locked ourselves out a-(freaking)gain. This time I had my wallet out with me. I felt like David marching up to Goliath as I pulled my wallet set out to try and crack a SCHLAUGE. I swung my sling, I hit the pins, I raked with my might, cast the stone, and the bad boys face cracked!  In the wrong direction and relocked the door..... "Dang it!" I then tried the other way so it would actually unlock and got nothing it was way hard. I realized I never even tried to credit card the dang thing, it popped open in 5 seconds..... I am constantly being reminded how important it is to stick to the basis in missionary work (12 wk) and life.

I was sick on my microwave smelling bad because of burning bread in it for several minutes on accident. So I went and cleaned it and then after like 15 minutes of working on that thing IT catches fire!!!! Dang I am never cleaning anything again =p. Not only did it now smell worse but the house did now too.

Got ear muffs!

Are we related to a C.Webb Crockett?

We have this Investigator, we picked her husband up as a potential and then my companion dropped him on trade offs 9 weeks ago. We then got a referral from his wife wanting a bible. We gave her it, placed a Book of Mormon and picked her up as a investigator. 

This week we committed her to live the word of wisdom and that was a miracle that we got her to do that and to desire to quit smoking. She told us no once and then the branch president (who had to quit all of the don'ts of the WoW) started bearing testimony, sharing personal stories, and then I bore a testimony of the Do's and she committed to quit and got a priesthood blessing. But I bring this up because of how sweet it was all of her kids joined around for the blessing and was quiet (miracle) and then I gave the blessing. 

I love the kids, they are so funny every single time the word prayer is brought up they start talking about the pledge of Allegiance and their hands will go on their hearts. =p ha ha That's because of the church some one brings them to they will say a opening prayer and then the pledge, the Mom hates it! So after the blessing the kids started and Mom flipped a biscuit (smaller sized) on how that's not a prayer. 

But I got to hear it in English and Spanish =p. It was really touching after the blessing the one who said it in Spanish wanted to say the closing prayer and he prayed really hard that his Mom could quit smoking and be baptized. As we were leaving the littlest girl was pretending to smoke a sucker or something and Mom came up from behind and whacked her on the head with the WoW pamphlet and said "we no longer do that!".

I have been thinking. Yup that's about it =p
Just kidding, we went to Traverse city this week for District (stake) Conference. Elder and Sister White came and picked us up and gave us snacks as always on long car rides and then they taught us using a article from a guy online about being successful and 7 attributes of successful people. 

This is not a first for things like this they are always trying to teach us and be a good example to us of a good married couple and teach us what they have learned throughout life so we could have and be better fathers and spouses. I thought about Sr. Missionaries and what role they have played in the past 14 months of my life. I am super grateful for all of the Sr. Missionaries I have been around: the Swensons, The Whites, The Ekins they truly helped me in ways NO one could have. They truly bring pure wisdom, and I learned From them things I could have never learned in 80 Trade offs and blitzes about how to teach and how to be aware and how to listen to the spirit. 

And that's just in the teaching aspect of what I did with them. I learned and gained a testimony of principles of the Gospel that no zoneleader could have taught me. I cannot even begin to scratch my love and gratitude I have for them and the help they gave me and the lessons I learned from them. It's just like how for missionaries like me when we come out in the field we are molded into husbands/fathers/priesthood holder/workers/..... The exact same happens to Sr. Couples in a different way; They learn how to be active members of the church/better parents/....(I don't know all the other things I haven't experienced that Yet, Sister White could tell you though). 

I heard from a Member who was talking to Elder Ekins he said "Going on a second mission has really screw'd up my priorities in life! All of my Horses are up on the mountain for opening day of the hunt! And I need to see my mother again, so I am going there instead". I encourage ALL to serve a Sr. Mission there is nothing that could help more people and do more good for you and the church and the people. I am out of time but could go on for ages on this.  

Well I gotta Go Bye I love you
Have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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