Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't get shot

I talked about us contacting every less active but one in my last email, as I left the library and turned a corner I heard my name called and there he was! It made it pretty easy.

I got Suzie's letter, Suz your nothing but a bully, calling me a weirdo. DO you know who I think I am!
I miss the Birch boys!
Hamilton I got the journal, it is Makob! Other than that all I can say is...
L. to the I. to the N. to the K....
We had some pretty awesome miracles this week!
But before I get into that I have to tell you of the Major persecution points that we racked up. Door knocking over In Alpena. I was enjoying the cute little houses with the steps up to the front doors and being able to see green grass unlike the snow tundra it was when I left there. Knock on a house and the guy sounds pretty gruff.... And then my eyes caught hold of the Hand Gun he had in his hand.

My criminal mind started racing through the out comes that I could do if it was moved, all of which was run, no way was I gonna get a move on him, even if he did raise it a little more, the storm door in between us. Instead of my instincts to run like a girl and vault the metal railing of the porch I invited him to learn without out anything else said and then walked away calmly. Basically every door after that we picked up a potential ha ha.
We got into a less actives house who lives WAY out in the boonies to the point no GPS can help you and you need 4 wheel drive In between East Jorden and Boyne city. We teach the restoration to this part member family and then get to the book of mormon and teach about it. It was such a hard lesson for some reason I felt almost embarrassed the whole time but tried hard to not let it effect me. The Less actives non member husband chimed in.. 'well this is my beef with the book of Mormon'..... I then calmly did my best to resolve the concern and explain it to him, he actually accepted my explanations and then I got way shocked.

His wife without any prodding, without the table being set up for it in any way Bore her testimony of Joseph Smith being called as a Prophet. She shared a personal experience from sunday school where she felt the spirit and we were blown away! It was SWEET to see her testify to her whole family who is not members and has different beliefs that these things are true. Elder Miles shot out a invitation to church and then all of the kids got excited and they all agreed to come to church.
This sunday they came all 5 of them and they talked to their less active sister (who we have tried working on for some time) and they and her family also came to church. We also was very surprised to see the Less active who I met outside of the library there, and the 2 that got a calling last week, and some former investigators who Showed up with our resent convert, and a nonmember that a member brought.... Moral of the story there was 15 people at church who aren't normally there. It was WAY cool! It's not hard to see that it wasn't all because of us.
But when the Active father and mother of the two less active daughters came in and saw them, and their grand kids =p.
I love to share the miracles that I see on a mission but I also don't like doing that, it's so easy to share the awesome experience and then all the sudden crazy stuff happens and there is a major set back. Dude I hate satan, for realzies if only people would have a stable life where no crazy work schedule or any other garbage could come up, but I guess thats life.
My camera Tapped out for good this week, so I picked up a new one for 50 bucks that I like a whole lot, Probably even better than the last.
I have given like 8 blessing this week
Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't Get SHOT! Make sure you hop the rail!
love you
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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