Monday, November 23, 2015


I was in a Zone training this week, and that was the first I heard about that policy change thing so I asked all about it. But it was good because that very day some Former Investigator asked about it and set up a lesson. But the only reason why I bring that zone training up is for 2 reasons.
1. I don't know if you can see in that pic on facebook But I am in a grey suit that I got for 8 bucks at goodwill. I am really proud of it because it fit my body so good, I liked it alot, but it was just to small. So I took a exacto knife to the seams around the waist, the sleeves, the hem and I resized it needle and thread to fit me. I let out the waist 1.5 inches, the pant legs until they were perfect and then re hemmed them, and same with the sleeves. I did it like 10 minutes at a time during my dinner breaks that we didn't have members feeding us. It took me for ever to get it done I bought it like my last week in Holt. I really only worked on it once every 2 weeks or so, if that. I realized I forgot to sew a button on the sleeve though, DOUGH! BTW I love not having the lint on my suit being SUPER obvious. 
2.We practice taught at the Zone training and I was in a trio and a Sister and a Elder taught me and I thought it was super cute, and I would just like to say that there should be young couple missionaries too. =p
I have been thinking, it's a dangerous pass time I know... But I realized how much being on a mission has encouraged my love to learn. I would say before my mission I loved to learning skills and hobbies. But now I LOVE learning. I have loved being around Sr. Missionaries, and I blame them for this love to learn because It is my favorite to ask them about their lives and learn all the things from them that I can to see how I can use that in my life. It has gotten to a point where I have purposely looked for people who are full of knowledge and like to share it so I can question them about their lives and then hit them with a million follow up questions to understand, organize and then ponder on the principles they talked about. And I have learned so much from so many more people around me because I look for all of the truth in what they say even if it might be a grain or half truth to filter through and understand and greater develop that truth (tends to be a grain with people who you Door knock into). I even have desires to learn Math now, math that isn't Geometry, But I put a disclaimer on that because I have no clue how I will like my college math classes. 
I was in Alpena and we stopped by a potentials house, I answered a text, and then we said a prayer and while we said that prayer the potential drove away without us knowing. Since we were out in the car so long this lady came out and knocked on our window really prying to see what we were doing, we answered questions and got her to leave and then we tried the potential. She wasn't there of course so we returned to the car to move to the street we were going to knock. The Lady came back out holding a pen and paper and talking on the phone......*sigh*. Walked behind the jeep wrote down our plate number and had us roll down the window to tell us the cops were coming.  

I again didn't have my proselyting license on me because I left it in my jeep. She held onto the Jeep and swore up a storm at us saying how there is terrorists every where and that she wasn't going to let go of the jeep until the cops came. ("can you run 60 MPH" is what Elder W suggested after ha ha). She wanted proof we weren't terrorists and I had to keep tapping the Elder I was with to get him to stop arguing with her, and to drop it. I tried to be way nice and I found out about her and she has been way paranoid about terrorists since Paris and the plane and kidnappers and..... and even though no one would come to that neck of the woods for that. 

She flipped a biscuit HARD on me for that and wanted my identification accusing me that I was from Australia (because of my "accent" =p) and when I flashed it she went off on how I can't be from Arizona. She called the cops again to learn that they thought she was crazy and wasn't going to send a officer, She put another biscuit on the frying pan and went off and then hung up on the operator. A cop showed up several minutes later and when he saw the lady his head went back and eyes rolled and took a deep breath. ha ha She asked for him to check us and go through all info and...... he looked at our name tags and said "ya lady I see these guys around, their legit...". 

She tried flipping but he went off on her and she marched into her house and demanded he come after hes done with us. We talked to him and thanked him, he asked us to pray for him because she was going to chew him out. He gave us a referral to teach her because "she REALLY needs some guys like you to help her in her life", But I wasn't to fond of following up on that referral.=p GUYS who knew I am not a terrorist from Australia! I always thought Rojer City was a tough crowd though. Cop, Gun, Cop all in about 7 days, I have some major persecution points racking up, I am waiting for a special deal to cash them in.
We tried a "Former Investigator" Turns out he actually was another less active not on the directory. His wife has Altimers and was a basically a inanimate being. I was really touched by that visit. He explained to us that he does everything for her, feeds her, puts her to bed, bathes her, she doesn't have a catheter, spends 24/7 with her to care for her. We talked to him and he told us how she rarely "comes to life" and how she doesn't speak anymore. 

We talked to him and then he would snap and look at her, stop mid sentence and grab her hand and recognize she was listening to him and ask for a kiss and she would perk her lips but nothing else not even move her head. He then would go off on a gander rant and ask her if she remembered it and you could see her eyes come to life and answer even though she couldn't hardly blink and he would converse with her like that. I was so touched by the love that he had for his wife, this old man had his limitations but his love was so powerful he did everything for her. 

He told of how she would make him anything and everything because how madly in love she was with him no matter what time of night, and he told later not relating the two stories that one time she came to life at 2 am and he woke up she wanted cake so he spent the whole rest of the night making her cake so he could feed it to her. She said 4 words in our time there all separate and he marveled at how rare that was and was off that walls excited hugging her and kissing her and rubbing her hand. It brought the spirit so strong after the T.V. went off that it felt like being in the temple. 

I have had alot of examples of real love in my life but this was a example I marveled at, his love was far greater than personality, far more than her mind, or body, or heart; It was her soul, it reached far beyond what was there in his life, I would even say before his life too. My companion and I left there and my companion commented "that was the most sacred thing I have ever seen" while crying. I was too busy trying to keep my cool to agree, even though I felt that same thing he did.  I can't even express what happened and give that moment it's justice that it deserves.
It was hard core.
I gotta go Don't get shot!
Be nice to Cops!
Love you!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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