Monday, March 2, 2015

Jesus Ball is Life

Holt is pretty great I really like I here so far! I have all of Holt a small southern part of lansing, Dimondsdale and Mason in my area. There is a schedule for feeding missionaries here and we are booked every day of this month for dinners with members, and slots for coming days next month are filling fast. My new Companion is Elder B, he is from Utah and has 3 months left. He is a super down to earth type of guy, I love it He has played a lot of Rock band and so he catches on to a lot of the songs that I have stuck in my head which has ended up in us having small short jam sessions of air guitars and singing. We do the bill and ted's excellent adventure air guitar a lot when ever we say excellent. I have a Napoleon Dynamite statue on my desk from previous missionaries who says quotes from the movie, We love Napoleon =p.

But Holt is pretty cool, I have seen a lot more diversity than up in Alpena, There is quite a bit of black people and I have even met Mexicans and I door knocked into some one from Iraq (it was weird trying to talk to him). We have 3 area books here and there has mostly been Sister missionaries down here, and all of the records show that they were sisters. 
I opened the area book and had like a seizure, on every record the notes are written in 6 different colors of pen ink all that are super bright and girly. The funniest thing though is actually reading what the sister wrote, Looking at the potential investigators list it said stuff like "Cutest couple ever!" "Seriously he just needs some love" "He is SO ( so being under lined 3 times) Nice ( nice being underlined twice)" "Call him, please, he was so kind". It's also really funny seeing their notes where they were obviously being hit on but they didn't catch that. 
All of the teaching records are pretty funny there is several phrases that are used throughout the area book like ' we taught him "The Nature of God" ' and then they wouldn't describe what that entailed at all. Another one that comes up several times is ' we taught her "Revelation Rain" ' and it just ends at that. It's one thing if they actually do that with a PMG subject like "the restoration" or "Plan of Salvation" but none of that is there in PMG at all.

You can also tell that sisters used to live in our apartment by the dishes we have and how the bedroom is decorated We have glow in the dark stars all over the bed room which could have been a Elder but I am convinced it was the sisters because they are in specific constellations and the constellations are in a certain order.

But you know that this is the church is true when you see a million kids during sacrament meeting and youth go up to the stand and quote Lord of the Rings during testimony meeting.

This area actually used to be several different areas but they combined 3 different ones into what is now the Holt area. There has been some pretty disobedient missionaries here though, in fact there is no record of the past 4 months here at all of any work. 
We have 2 investigators one of which hasn't been contacted in .??.. I was told we were basically opening a whole new area. But I am super pumped and excited to go and Do work. The members here area amazing and they have been setting up a system of getting every member to set missionary goals and to get them to accomplish them, For realizes the area is perfect for missionary work and fellowshipping of tons of people it's just we don't have people to teach.

So day two of me being here we went to Bishops house and asked him who we can help him with and who he feels needs us (after us being fed of course). The next day we started going around to these members houses and searching the area books for these people and one of them turned out to be a part member family. Knocked on the door got in and spend time with them found out one of them wasn't a member.
He talked about how he needs to be baptized because it's something God wants us to do. I then slipped in something about my Home boy Joseph Smith and asked him if he knew about him and he asked me to tell me about his story. He was askin for it. He felt the spirit and there was no arguing to what we said at all. We set up another time to teach him more and his wife asked us if we are still teaching the lady 3 doors down, We had no record of a lady 3 doors down so we went over there and picked her up as a investigator too. We have like 5 investigators now and we are searching the area book for all of the loose ends, there is a lot of people who have just been forgotten about they were never dropped or had no problems it's just that missionaries stopped coming. I can tell though that this area is going to explode soon and we will have people for days to teach.

I got here on Monday night and there was no food at all! there was like 10 cans of expired food and then the fridge had like 8 eggs and 2 sticks of butter, they were basically living off a huge bag of rice and a few spices in the cabinet. Elder B only had a few cents in his MSF account as well. So me having my Maxed out MSF account bought tons of things that will never go bad and got enough stuff so we can live on more than what they members sent us home with last night. I spent like 60 bucks to get some stuff for our shelves like spaghetti and super cheap frozen pizzas and other cheap stuff that I could get a lot of. And my account is now maxed out again as of yesterday ha ha.

The cool thing about being down here is that there is other missionaries around  that we can actually see, a lot of us are all going over to the stake center to go play some Basket ball. Me and Elder B are all decked out in head bands arm covers and crazy socks ready to Ball it up. So We got to get heading out if that's gonna happen.

That is SOOOOOOO COOOL that we can now adopt the little ones =p

Bye I love you! 
have a good day!
Don't get shot!
Tell Lacey that uncle will make her smell my stinky feet when I get home. 

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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