Monday, March 9, 2015

I gotta learn to be specific in my prayers!‏

It's rather funny how a lot of people still have Christmas Decorations up, It's probably just because the snow is still on the ground that they haven't taken them back in yet, but still it's March.

So I have finished that big leather journal that you gave me for Christmas last year Mommy, I saved it for being on a mission since it says "Mission Memories" on it or something like that. Packed full, actually I finished that last week ha ha so I had to go and buy some other leather bound journal. But I am impressed that only took me 6 months It normally takes me like a year and a half.

Elder B is a really cool cat, turns out we have been in all of the same musicals, and every day we find out more songs that both of us know. It's really funny because we went into a members house to teach their two year old daughter about what happens to people when they die (a member here died) and while we were there at one point Sister F said "you two are like the same person!".

We had that funeral for the Edd, and that was really interesting because he was deaf so there was a lot of people doing sign language there. We were specifically invited to invite people to learn about the church so we did what we were asked to but oh man was that weird and hard but I used every bit of ASL I knew which is basically "cookie" and "my name Elder Crockett" ( I learned that with Elder Coulson and Erickson back when they served in our ward). But we basically had to pass notes to people and to use the translators.

it's weird, every where I go I am hearing fire alarms that have low batteries so they make that high squeak. I have counted 6 different houses this week that has had their alarms squeaking, our apartment included.

Did you know that the court house that is in the movie "Real Steal" is here in Mason, the place is pretty cool we got to go inside and get searched, it was great ha ha.

Also Mom do you remember that one time Denton and I jumped the fence, went to Walgreens and bought lazer pointers and you made us return them? Well I was searching my desk and I found the exact same type of lazer pointer pen! I use it ALL the time basically as much as possible =p.

On Friday I was smelling peanut butter cookies all day long, It was killing me and Elder B smelt them too. And It's really funny because this happens a lot and just like every other time this happens like 2 hours later we were given peanut butter cookies =p.

I just got a email from one of my Investigators in Alpena and he said " Thanks I got to meet the new missionary as well as one from traverse city, I think I'm ready now to be a Mormon" =p Um yes please!

Oh man Miracles are great!

This week we saw a huge Miracle. We were out door knocking and I asked for a miracle in the prayer. We door knocked and got nothing from any one. there was this 83 year old man who came to the door and was like " I am catholic!..... My back is in a lot of pain!...." and so we left and finished the street and started walking back to the car and while we were walking he ran out of his house and said "come in , and pack your car in my drive way" it was a little weird but hey, so we did it. 
We got in and he told us how immediately after we left his door his back was healed, and he had no pain at all. He then started freaking out and really felt like he needed to invite us in his house. HUGE MIRACLE! So he waited at his window until he saw us and he invited us in. He then just kept bringing up all of these different people who has died, he just went on and on about these people who he cared about that no longer are living. So it was a pretty big key to Plan of Salvation it up in there. 
Now the problem with this is I only asked for the Miracle in my prayer. We tried to teach him (all things that he felt were true, except pre earth life) and we did really well and he felt the spirit but he got super defensive and started " I am a Catholic!...." But I snuck a pass along card on his table while we were saying a closing prayer ha ha. You know just in case.

Aight well I gotta go shop and get ready for more Jesus ball. =p
Bye I love you all!
have a good day
the church is true!
don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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