Monday, March 23, 2015

"In my church we teach 2 doctrines, Faith on his name to be saved, and Tithing" =p‏

I die every time I think about that statement, I heard that this week. But it seems to be pretty true for a lot of people who I talk to.

I am so excited about all of that you just told me! The Adoption, Susie's baptism, the younglings getting sealed to the family, Lacey's baby blessing; that will be so much fun! If only you could all do it at the Detroit temple, but it's alright the church is still true.
I have to admit I left my pocket book at the apartment today so I don't have any of my notes on what I wanted to tell you today.

This week though we were super low on miles and so we walked every where we went. I got a few more sunburns but Me and my companion will be pretty tan soon. We did the math and we could drive 11 miles a day which is like nothing seeing as we have other cities in our area as well. So we basically door knocked for days! I love door knocking =p, But the more I do it the better I think I am and the more I learn how bad I am at it. That probably doesn't make sense at all but it's true. We broke Elder B's record of doors knocked in one week and he's only got 1 transfer left. But we did more than that too we tried to follow up with a lot of those potentials that we have. But nothing came of that .

Some how we picked up 2 new investigators though who weren't even potentials before.

 One cool Miracle we had was we were door knocking and this guy walks up, doesn't really seem friendly (which is funny because always the ones who don't seem friendly end up being a miracle) and we say Hi and he ask's me if I just got out of the MTC... We knew something was up, turns out his daughter was baptized and he met with missionaries for quite some time until he moved and then he never saw them again. UM YES PLEASE!

A lot of our investigators just have one concern! ONE concern! And because of that it stops them from progressing. But if we can get them to over come that one thing they would easily be baptized. It's really funny how Satan gets people caught up on that one thing that really doesn't even matter and should not be hindering them in any way shape or form. We have been doing a lot of praying and fasting and doing every thing we can to just get them to feel the spirit so they can recognize everything is true, the book of Mormon is true and that is all that really needs to be figured out. But it's easier said then done for the moment.

Elder B has been egging me on to tell stories from before my mission a lot this week, he loves seeing and hearing about how different I am from that. He especially finds my stories about me sticking it to the man really funny. He mentioned last night how it's really funny how I loved to be super crazy and rebellious back then and now I have no problem at all being an obedient missionary. I have also noticed that since I have been telling him more stories he quotes me a lot more.   

A little girl who's Mom and Dad are both ward missionaries said her favorite missionary is Elder Rockett =p

They put out a flyer at church that says pray for our missionaries and it had pictures of us and our names and phone number. It has the picture I used for my mission papers and I think I left as my facebook picture, but every one and their dog comments on my "male model" picture 

I think it's so cool being able to be in a area that is close to other missionaries! This week we got to go on a blitz with the Zone leaders that was so much fun! And it was pretty Healthy for me to learn from other missionaries things that they do and how they teach, door knock, PC, ect. . They stayed for two days. I don't even know how many Hot Rod quotes I heard in that time, they are innumerable.

A lot of missionaries are really blown away when they find out how my MSF account is super full from me budgeting it. And it came in handy when Elder N came over from tradeoffs and he was super sick and out of money. But I think I told you that last week now that I think of it.

I have heard a lot about March madness. That's basically every ones excuse when I knock on their door, they start telling us about the MSU game and how they are doing. I like your choice for my Bracket mom you know especially since I am in third place in the McCrockett Cup! You need to go and talk loads of trash talk to every one for me. DAN MAN AND THE LIONS DEN  AND THE MASONATOR IS GOING DOWN! I am going to straight up DUNK on you! Is my name still the Elephant King? Plus if I win you'll have to engrave my name on it for me, and then send me the cup so I can enjoy the glory of it to it's fullest!

Something else that was funny was on the last day of the blitz some one called and asked about the plans for the baptism on Saturday. Turns out there was going to be a baptism in our building and we didn't even know it. We didn't plan to go to it but I really wanted to and felt inclined to, but Since none of our investigators were able to go we decided against it even though I really was inclined to go. 
I didn't really think it would be a good use of our time and there were several potentials we could try. The next morning Elder B was like "you know, we need to go to that baptism" so we went there, walked a few miles. I am so glad that we did that baptism made like my whole week! There was like 8 sets of missionaries there for this baptism from MSU ward, apparently a lot of people taught this lady. But what was really cool was that Sister T got permission to come down here all the way from Cadillac! I love being able to see people from my MTC district! For realizes though those people became like family in my time there and then when ever I get to see one of them It's like having one of my best friends from home you know? I guess the baptism was a really good thing to go to, because we all felt the spirit really strong, we were super pumped, happy, and ready to go door knock you know.

We have Jesus ball today! I am super stoked about it, me and Elder B for our work outs have been going to the church and balling it up to practice so when we get to play with the other Elders we can straight up dunk on them you know.

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
The McCrockett Cup is Mine!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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