Monday, March 30, 2015

And the sign says Long haired freaky people may not apply

This week has been a week.

I love how in the spring all the animals of Michigan come out and are every where, but you also see loads of road kill because of it, I can not even count all the different dead animals I have seen!

Transfer calls are this week, right before General conference, I'm really excited to see what the news is. Whether it be me going on a new adventure or it staying the same.

It was really interesting, this week I was on trade offs with Elder R  a missionary who came out with me, and we picked up a new investigator by teaching the Law of chastity. Who knew right.=p  But that lesson became VERY heated at the start of it! We were teaching one of our investigators and he is Bisexual... He got very offended when he heard the word Chastity and he started flipping a biscuit! Elder R and I have only been out 7 months, I have only taught the Law of chastity like a handful of times. We didn't know what to do. 
Elder R was just kinda looking at me in shock giving me a is-this-really-happening-what-do-we-do type of look and I just turned to the investigator and super boldly said a few words that caused him to pause and then bore testimony about the law of chastity. That's all I knew what to do, and it worked out pretty well =p. We committed them both to living it and they accepted and we didn't even have to rebuttal, they agreed. But we came back a few days later and he was super under the influence of Marrry Jaaane, But we got to teach his room mate again.

I have a investigator who is 10 years old, he reminds me of Will when he was a kid without Medication, so I really think I was prepared for this kid, because his grandparents are freaking out trying to get him to pay attention and I just do something weird that gets his attention or stops his rant on how he will never be able to trust some one unless he knows them for more than 4 years.

It's been a thing that I think about regularly that all of the really good missionaries get loads of persecution in the stories, I have learned that persecution comes and then Miracles come. So I have told Elder B several times how I wished we had more persecution because more good would happen.
 We were trying a Former investigator in a trailer park and parked by the main building and then walked 4 streets down. and as we were getting to the house the manager of the place came running and told us You can't go door to door here! and She tried to make us leave after we knocked on one formers door. For realizes she chased us out of that building that far! As she was watching us and making sure we don't knock on another door (If only people knew anything about the supreme court) and then she made us leave. As soon as we got back to the car I told Elder B We need to hit that last house that's the persecution I've been wanting for. We drive away park in a members parking space and then sneak over to the house and we set up a appointment with the lady at the last house =p.   

This week ever since like thursday has sucked to be honest. We are super out of miles to the point where we are doing the math in decimals with out a GPS to be able to make it to out appointments today and tomorrow. So all week we have walked every where, sore shoulders, legs, sunburns, and no one seems to be answering their phone or door. I was super discouraged on Friday and Saturday and Really was at war internally. I really was being put down by Satan and was even wondering why am I even out here. But I fought hard to remember all of the spiritual experiences I have had, and all the people who love me, and all the people who need me here. 
I got 2 letters Friday night  one from Michael and Karen and another from Addison Goff and that really helped me. But Sunday got to me too. While we were doing call ins around 2pm on sunday Elder b was telling our district leader how a Wednesday night we set a investigator on date and how that night we counted over 10 people who will more than likely be baptized by the end of next transfer. I realized that ever since that moment we have had it rough! It's that persecution I was wanting! 
SO I am super pumped to see what happens now because this really has sucked=p. But as it says in Ether 12 the witness comes after the trial of our faith. We just need to work to gain the Lords favor and it will happen.
 I have 2 really strong testimonies I have gained on my mission so far. One is that Miracles come by Faith, Diligence, and obedience. Two Satan is real; which means this is all real! The Church is true!

I hear about March madness on like every door we knock! MSU all the way! The cup is mine! Get ready for upsets! =p (I hope)

I have a photo shoot coming in the mail for you mommy.

Bye I love you, have a good day
Don't get shot!
Stick it to the man!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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