Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Last week was warm, and this week is even warmer! I saw the digits hit 72! So last week all you could hear was the constant sound of running water and dripping every where you went and you could see small rivers of water flowing under the ice on the street and sidewalks which made it really fun to door knock because we could finally break through the ice and so we were stomping every where we went. But now out side really there is no snow at all except the few piles that was been hiding in the shade. but for realizes it's not even bad here at all any more an people are still yelling at us for not being dressed warm enough. I am wearing a sweater today because the wind is brutal but I've been in short sleeves and no wool or thermal anything at all not even gloves or a hat. Every one has told me a million times that spring wouldn't come this quick... well... I learned very quickly to disregard all weather predictions here in Michigan because they are always wrong, 84.5% of the time, unless you are seeing what it is currently out doors.

We have gotten sunburn twice this week. We have ran our miles a little too thin, we can only drive 15 miles a day or else we will go over... which is sad because I don't think we are going to be able to play more Jesus Ball =(. We have been walking like all day every day though because of it the real problem is people want to feed us and they live in places where we have to drive to, we've had to be a lot more careful in our planning.

But the cool thing about walking every where is it is beautiful weather and you can wave to people in cars. We get a million waves back and a lot of grumpy people who pretend like they didn't notice. Elder B realized a lot of girls wave back to me =p. Basically every where we go now he says "oh she digs you" when ever a girl waves back.

While driving out to ball it up last P day I took the freeway and I didn't think it was bad at all I mean the highways are a little curvy and it could be easy to forget a turn but it's not bad. OH MAN was I wrong when we were on the way back from basketball. Rush hour traffic in the capital here is insane. I swear I was in the freakin fast and the furious! 70 miles a hour going down the curved  streets with hundreds of cars flying left and right, some person tried to pull out right into the side of the car and when she noticed me she honked and yelled at me, like for realizes that was all you. Fast and the Furious!

Sorry I didn't email yesterday we had interviews with the mission president and so we didn't have a P day. I thought my interview was interesting and super short. I went in and he asked me how I like Elder B and after that he asked me why do I think I have seen so many miracles in my areas. I then responded and the shortened version; faith, diligence and obedience and he told me I was exactly right and then he promised me blessings if I continued to do that and he offered a prayer. I think he trusts me.=p

 I was searching through the area books a lot this week and I have a lot of quotes I want to share with you from the sisters. "she is full of Spunk Flava", "she is a real Sassy lady, we like her", "and he always tries to be a sweetheart and listen to his mom". I do have quotes from Elders though " we got in and taught about angle's and stuff." that's another one of those lessons that I have no clue what they taught at all because that is not a phrase from any PMG reference at all, I have found the phrase "Nature of God" like 6 more times in teaching records still no explanation... I also like how one Elder every time he made a record would draw a scale and say how interested they were in the gospel and all of the numbers had a decimal that went back 3 places (Ex: "interested scale:  about 8.572"). I also had a really cool discovery when I found a record of a investigator I picked up while Elder b was in the Bathroom, turns out not only was he taught before but he was picked up as a investigator like 6 year (at least) ago by a Elder Crockett. I think It's pretty Far out!

When ever I make spaghetti I like to break all of the noodles in half except for 1, I keep that one full length and spend all of my time looking for it as I eat.

We had a really cool Miracle this week we were out door knocking for DAYS(!) and as we were walking to the next house A guy comes out of a house we already knocked on the other side of the street and calls out " are you guys Mormons?"  "you better come talk to me then." We got on common grounds REALLY FAST! He had a green shirt that had a weird white blob on it as I got there in seconds I realized it was a picture of Jesus Riding a dinosaur ( I thought it was great! so funny) He apologized for it he thought we might think it was sacrilegious, 
He let us in and in like 10 seconds I found a Cd from one of my favorite bands, and then in like a minute we were already having a conversation about fighting, and then in 3 minutes we were arm wrestling on the table in front of us. He had nothing against my Hook and press. I then taught him how to do those 2 techniques and also the top roll.  He was super chill, and we had a blast! and we taught him the restoration and he said stuff like "you know the only people I could truly say I thought were happy was Mormons" "I have been feeling like I need to go to a church, but I don't feel right at all of the ones I tried" " do you guys do baptisms?". 
Turns out though that the house he invited us in wasn't even his house, wasn't even his in any way shape or form... ha ha. It was a friends house who he was visiting and when the friend got home it turns out that She used to meet with the Missionaries too and even went to church, but got super busy with work and had to move and missionaries never found her. So it was a really cool Miracle and we are super excited for it. We still don't have a lot of investigators but we have 9 really solid potentials who I suspect will be investigators this week. I am pretty sure our teaching pool will double (at least).

We were also walking home to go grab the car to go to dinner and then we I was saying hi to every one I saw one of them stopped me and Elder B and said he used to be a member (excommunicated) and I said we can help him rejoin the church and he gave us his info. We went to go follow up and when we knocked on his door he wasn't there but a roommate was and turns out he used to be taught by the missionaries back before someone burned down the lansing stake center. He agreed that we could teach him as well. =p.

But now we're at that time where I don't even want to have a P day because there is so much we could be doing! That and Members are giving us people now to see. That and since it's Tuesday no one is playing Jesus Ball =(. But really we couldn't sacrifice the miles any ways.

I had inspiration of a fun goal, I think I am going to wear the same tie for a whole month =p I just need to pick one very carefully.

It's great to hear from all of you and keep me updated

Well I gotta go have a good day!
Bye I love you! Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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