Monday, April 6, 2015

I am the Walrus! CooCoo Kachu!‏

You know you live in a apartment that had sister missionaries in it when you find a huge stash of fingernail polish and remover ha ha.

So we had our transfer calls and I am staying here in Holt with Elder B, this is his last transfer here on a mission and we are super excited for whats coming up.

Some thing cool about last week, yesterday Elder B was looking at our key indicators for this last transfer and while he was doing that he thought it was really funny so last week we got loads of garbage, and he saw we had the highest amount of everything that week than out of the rest of the weeks. ha ha, I think it's so funny how persecution or bad things happen right before awesome miracles happen or a miracle will happen and then you will get hit by garbage. It is SOOOO TRUE!

I have two instances of this this week.

The first one We came back from Charlotte from district meeting and then we had a Appointment with  the investigator who we put on date last week. We went in and immediately she asked " my cousin was wondering if she could be baptized too, would that be alright?" ha ha, um........ Yes Please! We taught her and her Less active father was in the lesson too and after the lesson I said now Dad we would like you to be the one to baptize her. He thought and  then he was hit by the spirit like a semi truck, and he accepted and told us what he was feeling and I told him that was the spirit .... Really cool experience. =p

We were leaving super per pumped for our dinner/ teaching appointment that we had right after and we get there, start the lesson and BOOM! He threw down on why he is atheist and how there is no way there can be a God, and slammed the book of Mormon, and there was nothing we could do to stop it... He went ON....and on.... The thing that stopped it after a hour straight of hearing stuff he learned from anti material and his own thoughts, was a testimony Elder B said. And that testimony was really powerful and I really felt the spirit but I don't know if he did, really the thing that stopped the rant was Elder B's tears of testimony, that made him feel bad. We didn't have time to eat dinner over there because we had another lesson right after it so we left after that. It really surprised him when we set up a day when we can come back.

The next persecution story we had is we set up a return appointment with a lady who wanted us to come back when he husband got there. Got there a few days later and this 7 foot man came out and got super ticked until we talked to him a bit. He then stepped out side and started giving us a interview, he asked about my criminal record, my education, how tall I am (of course, can't ever escape that question) and personal questions, until Elder b strung it into the Gospel and then he was asking about the church and we bore testimony of several topics and he really like what we were saying, it was going super good! But then he asked about we know about prophets. He was asking for it, so we Started talking about my homeboy Joseph Smith ha ha. Everything was going well until he heard Book of Mormon. Oh man. He flipped a biscuit! , got all up in my grill, and went off! Bore testimony. He then tried to escape from us and open the door quickly and jump in. turns out his kid locked the dead bolt when he went out and he ran straight into the door. ha ha, he then started pounding on the door and called for his wife to open the door...   

Right after hearing all of that we went and tried some one we door knocked into and he pulled a beaten Book of Mormon out of his pocket and told us that he was reading at work in his free time. Um yes please! We went in, it was hard to stop him trying trying to teach us every inch of his knowledge of the gospel, but a half rudely interrupting question would normally pull him back to topic, turns out he used to be a investigator and has gone to church a few times, we even had his phone number in our phone ha ha (but no record). He taught us a lot of things to use to throw down on Atheists, even though we know that will not help our situation at all because teaching with worldly knowledge does nothing at all to convince people.

I had a dream, after watching Saturdays general conference. My recollection of it was seeing Robby around 8-11 years old and I pounced on him and gave him some good healthy beatings. I am pretty sure it was a vision =p. Some one give Robby a GRAND SLAM! for me and blow in his ear=p. But in all honesty that was a really weirdly stand out dream I had that was super real.

I thought General conference was great! Saturday was my favorite I just kept getting really cool thoughts and impressions through the whole day. Sunday I didn't have half the amount of notes. We both thought it was really interesting how there was so many talks about families and how they really threw down on several subjects like videogames, and adults getting married quickly and starting families.

I am super bummed about the McCrockett Cup, I hope the court floods so March madness ends and I win, im gonna pray for it (jk).

 Well I gotta go we have inspections happening and we have to get goin.
Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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