Tuesday, June 7, 2016

. There is rest for the wicked! Who knew?!

I got my transfer call and I am being transfered to Wyoming (3) which is in the Grand rapids Zone. I totally called that I would be transfered to that zone since they are only at 37% of where they need to be to accomplish their part of the mission goal of 280 baptisms for the year. But I was surprised when They released me as a district leader and a trainer. So for the first time since before I started training last May I am getting a experienced companion. And I can go back to falling asleep durring district meeting =p jk.

 But I will be in the biggest ward in the mission from what the assistants told me and I will be working it with the Zone leaders and the Sister Training Leaders, so that should be fun!

I will be on the transfer van on Monday So I wont talk to you untill next monday.

Quote of the week "...(she) Ignores me like Mom ignores the Laundry!". =p HA ha hahAA HA HA HA ha ha !!!! I died!

While we were doorknocking for days we had a rabid squirrel chase us! It was freaky man!!!! It had a funky evil face it did weird things with it's paws and would run really close to us. We were freakin OUT!!!! It also looked like It had part of it's tail smashed buy a car. It followed us for like 5 houses and we tried to avoid it but it would keep comming!

We got a call from a member in the K1 ward and she wanted to give us a gift before we went and before she moved. It was a picture of a bunch of us missionaries none of us looking at the camera or with eyes open or ready for the picture. While there she told me that she found another missionary post about me on their blog.

 I was a little shocked but she pulled it up on her phone and she went all the way back to this missionaries email from when he was in the MTC (when I was there too) and she read it to me "A couple nights ago we all saw Elder Crockett (left for Michigan today) freaking lockpicking this door and we all watched." that is a direct quote I took a picture of it. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Yes, yes that did happen.

 He must have been in my zone or something in thet MTC. I am AMAZED that this lady found that. She then as we were about to leave said she wanted to keep in touch and said it would be easy for me because she can just read my blog, I again looked at her weirdly and she pulled it up on her phone. Hi Sis Jarvis. DId you know there is a website that streams every missionary blog to one website and you can look up peoples blogs by mission? I didn't until she explained how she found me.

So we were door knocking for days this week and we knocked on a door and I was really working at creating a need and trying to help this guy realized there is stuff he doesn't know about the gospel and eventually a lady walks up from the side walk to us on the door step and she asks if we are Mormons. We said we are and the guy we are tallking to was like "Oh I was baptized into your church!"....... and then the lady said the she was too and then showed me a picutre of her favorite sister missionary, a missionary who I met before. We set up appointments and got info to put them on the directory since they wern't.

We came back for the lesson with the guy and me and him got along well, he was planning on taking some fighting classes in different weird forms. but hey, it's fighting. And I noticed that he had a game cube under his tv with a whole bunch of games in a glass cabinet. we talked about it a little and we played alot of the same games (he is like 60).

Before we started the lesson he went to use the bathroom and I immediately crashed on my knees and opened the glass cabinet to look at all the games. When he came out I was still on my knees looking at all of his stuff he had the Gameboy advanced so he could plug it in the game cube to use it on Animal crossing and other games he had controlers memory cards and several games I love, he even had the thing to plug into the bottom of the gamecube that I had never seen before.

 He then told me that he was looking to get rid of it all and said I could have it all.=p The Little kid in me was SCREAMING and jumping for Joy!!! =p So after the lesson he boxed it all up for me. I threw away all the game cases and put the games in a cd case that held them all, donated the console to good will and everything else is now in a package on it's way home to you guys; cuz I don't need to carry around that junk. Happy Birthday to me! (in 3 months). Even though I doubpt I will play with most of it the Keyids will like it.

Later that same day (the day before transfer calls) The M's had us over for a steak dinner out side. OH MAN!!! that was WAY good! After wards we had a lesson where we read 1 Ne 8 and 11. It was amazing all I did was I prefaced that chapter 8 was "very symbolic of different things" and then we read the chapter. When we finished reading and we asked what they thought about the chapter T jumped in and told us not to tell her what it means yet.

She then explained to us what the whole chapter was about and hit the freakin nail right on the head! We didn't even need to explain!!! She told us that something really clicked in her head while she read it. DANG STRAIGHT IT DID! SPIRIT! SPIRIT! SPIRIT!! The only thing she didn't know was what the great a spacious building, the fruit, and the iron rod. It was way cool. But I Still went hard on that chapter because I figured I would get transfered and I wanted to really tell her the garbage she is going to get and what she needs to do no matter what people say or what happens. After that she told us that at work she had a co worker make a snarky comment about her about to become a mormon..... But it didn't phase her, and it really showed her the truth of what I was saying.

They then took us out to get Icecream! It was like the best day in the world. Got a game cube and everything I ever dreamed about getting for it as a kid, was fed a steak dinner, had a KILLER lesson, and finished the day with a sun setting while eating turtle Icecream. Church is true when you have days like that!

 I was totally fulfilled and knew I did the best I could for This area. Got my transfer call the next day and now it's 2nd p-day!!! Saturday is a special day, it's the day that we have our, sec-ond pppppppppp-day! ive been singing that all week.=p After this I am going to the beach, then to dinner with a member when pdays over, then church the next day dk for like 3 hours and then I am off to a new area that I don't even have to flipp! With a companion that I don't have to brain wash to my philosophies (I probably still will) that actually is teaching people. Church is true, church is true!

Gained the Lead. Lost the lead.

12 weeks remaining

Runnning RIOT!

Bye I love you sleep good an have nice dreams!

Love you all!

Don't get Shot!


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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