Monday, May 30, 2016

No what!?!

This week has been pretty fun! There was times that it was a roller coaster though! For example the assistants told every one that During week 6 there would be no p-days.... I had to tell every one in my district about that and every one flipped a biscuit!!!!

My companion raved about it for like 8 hours.... They got so much complaints they realized it was a terrible rule and they changed it so we have 2 p-days week 6 from now on! So I will also come  and email on Saturday too! I will have my transfer call by then so I will update you on the news.

But it was pretty cool I hated the idea of that new rule. But I have been studying a whole lot about the conversion process and I keep learning LOADS about it which is cool because like 6 months ago I thought I peaked on my understanding of it.

I have specifically learning alot about how diffrent Christ like attributes effect people becoming converted and how if they don't posses certain attributes they can't progress in the path to conversion.

I realized that Humility is the start of gaining any type of knowledge whether it be Mind , Heart, Or Soul knowledge, you need Humility to develop it. I realized I was being stupid and I humbled myself and prayed to be able to accept the new stupid rule and got over it without even needing to take a nap. (I like to say "take a nap and get over it" to people, but most of the time it sounds super rude so I don't get to use it often, and it's easy to say but it doesn't actually always work to get over something)

 I thought so much about how this upcomming week is going to be so hard without a p-day and how my companion will never get over it and..... But after I humbled myself, it didn't seem bad, and 1 hour later they took away the rule and gave us a extra p-day. Hey, I wish every trial was like that! I think I am gonna humble myself more so that God doesn't have to have me go through a trial for me to learn a new lesson. If only it worked like that though...  

I LOVE those bikes that the sisters gave us, after they were fixed they were awesome! I would say the one I ride is my second favorite bike I have ridden on my mission. It has no shocks but the seat is so thick of cusion and it is spring loaded and so I never ever get phased my the crazy roads.

But I love the road bike it's so much better than the huffy! Sad thing was this week we parked the bikes right behind the huge dumpster by our apartment and we ran inside to use the bathroom without locking it... and one minute later E.Q.'s bike was stolen... Yah we were pretty bumbed expecially since we were going to give that one the k1 elders to help them with their carfast week.

M came to church this last week. I taught a lesson on Missionary work in gospel principals and she loved it. She went home that day and went over to her neighbors house and started talking to them about the Book of mormon and how it's helped her and she got shut down....

But then she went and called one of her friends and tried to teach her about the book of mormon. She got rejected again....

BUT she was so excited it didn't matter that much to her. She was tellling us about it in a lesson with her and she kept asking us questions how she can be a effective missionary and what not. Her brother then walked in the room and she convinced her brother to meet with us next time we come over to teach her. Shes sweet!

We helped a less active install a wood floor in his house. we layed down a thin mat and then put all of the vinal wood planks down. I wasn't happy about how we were doing it the whole time, I wanted to be the task master so that we could work more effectively and more efficiently; but it was his place and floor, even when I got him the measurements one what pieces to cut he still went and redid that and all of the work I did, even with him getting the same results I did every time...I eventually just let it be... So it was slow, and not efficient, but we did it! AND it was so much fun!

I found out this week another sister missionary in my district is going home... Today is her last day in Michigan and so we are all spending p-day together.

I love screen peaking on my companions screen when we email president Jacobsen, most of it is him talking really good about me. =p

well I am gonna go, all of the missionaries keep reading my messages and looking over my shoulder and it's driving me crazy since we are in the family history center today to use computers.

Bye I love you have a good day!

Don't get shot!


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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