Monday, June 20, 2016

MMA missionary

"Oh, yeah, I  have definitely been listening to the music you gave (advised) me!  My Spotify playlist is named Truman Crockett because of you! XD"-(former companion) Zack Baker =p

I realized this week that for months now I have been using body wash for shampoo... I thought it was the same type I bought before, just a different bottle..... My life is so hard.

My toothbrush snapped in half this week =(

I realized that I am doomed my whole life to teach the gospel and to teach people how to teach, Because I can't stand going to church and not feeling the spirit because the people who teach have no teaching skills at all...

I know thats harsh but when I have investigators at church and they are teaching exaltation, outerdarkness, confession to bishop, the word of wisdom, how to recognize the Holy a lesson that was supposed to be on baptism and baptism was never taught once except for reading the first paragraph from the questions, no scriptures, no involvement....... I was about to walk out.

This place is number 1! We wake up and play basket ball with  members and missionaries in the morning, our car has a touch screen set of buttons on the outside door to punch in a code incase you lock your keys in the car (and we know the code). The cars air conditioning is cold in 4 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am like converted to this thing!

We had a member tell us at a dinner appointment that he thought that he knew some people who we could teach, he went over and home taught them (without us) picked them up as investigators for us, and put them on date to be baptized and then told us about it! =p

The first door I knocked on here a nice older lady came to the door and said she had a sister who was taught by the missionaries a long time ago in Cheboygan and that it did alot of good for her and she wanted to meet with us later that day. We came back and taught her and her sister and picked them up as investigators. "Oh that makes so much sense why there is so many different churches now!", " You know I believe what you say he must have been called to be a prophet if all of that happned.".

We came back for our second lesson with them and they had a meal prepared for us (we just came from a dinner appointment where I stuffed myself....My life is so hard! I ate even more!) and they invited both of their neighbors to join them for the lesson. It was hard teaching all 4 of them especially since we had to rehash the restoration to make the plan of salvation make more sense to the neighbors. "THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! We lived with God before we lived here! thats amazing!". They are pretty sweet!=p they have fed us every time we go over now too. Hungry howies, burgers, spagetti... I wish every first door I knocked on was like this!

I had a tooth ache this week! I was devastated!!!!! I hated it! I couldn't chew on anything with that side of my mouth! It was a constant pain too. That was my one fear of being on a mission that I would have cavities that would cause a tooth ache... 3 days went by and I kept beasting it out thinking "only 3 months" ha ha. Yah I got sick of that thought pretty quick and begged for my tooth to be healed in prayer. I woke up a day later and it's been like 4 days and I havn't felt any pain in it since. =p

So my district leader (by the way I am not sure how I feel about not teaching district meeting any more, but it is SUPER nice to be able to study what I want for once!!) was transfered in when I was, He decided trade offs and so right after our first district meeting week 2 I was staying in my area for trade offs with a brand new missionary. He had no clue how long I have been in the area (I know Now).

Also turns out that wednesday was the day we had to do car rotations and I had to give up the new love of my life. So My companion would not stop annoying me on what I needed to do and where I needed to go to give the other set of missionaries the car. Well all of that annoyance was for nothing! I took my companions GPS (he wanted to take it on trade offs... "Yah whatever give me that, they already have 2") and called the elders to get their address since there was no way I was going to be able to remember those directions my companion gave me to their appartment.

When I called They told me to "meet us at the church", So I went to my church and waited there since they live close to our area... I waited like 10 minutes and called and they were TICKED!!! I had made them late for their appointment because they didn't commuicate to me that they wanted me to go to the stake center. So We punched it in the GPS and drove there. WHen we got there they took off immediately...

Yes...we were alone... not in our area... neither of us with any clue where we were.... or how to go home... I didn't have the oppertunity to plan for being there.... no clue what to do.... 40 minutes away from our area...members at work... I started to miss my mom =p...

I racked my brain to remember the bus route since I have been staring at the maps so much, I remembered that there was a bus route that went close to the church, I just had to go East! I looked at the sky to find out where the sun rose from... It was about 1pm and directly above us... We worked the GPS untill we found out the directon we needed to head and we walked untill we found a bus stop and just sat and waited.

We bought bus tickets the day before and used them to get on the bus about a half hour after we got to the stop. It was like 91 degress and 40% humidity or somethin we were dripping wet! While on the bus we asked around to know what to do to get out of Grandrapids and into Wyoming. A lady just happened to take that route ever day, so we rode the bus to central station and there we had to get off. And turns out the only other bus that was there was the one we needed to get on so we basically studdied the map to find out what stop I wanted and then jumped right on. It was awesome!!!

Elder Burgous (who is also from arizona and knows exactly where we live) has had a pretty adventurous first week being on trade offs with me! I really worked to brain wash him with the short time I had! All we did was walk in the heat that day, we thought we were free from it for a lesson, we went in and their airconditioning didn't work. After that we did service and was in a atic for 2 hours. We showed up for the dinner appointment that night and every one could smell us=(.

I got to fight my district leader (trained in MMA for years)! His companion who had the bus adventure with me is dying for his turn to fight me now (wrestler for 5 years)=p. I am pretty sure I am gonna be whooped! Elder Maufil'o was a hard fight! he is 90 lbs heavier than me, it was so hard to push that guy off of me! he was so strong! Neither of us tapped out but we both got super beat and gave up, he would have won point wise though. His companion is even more experienced and heavier.....

I have been so beat up and tired lately!!! (at one point he picked me up while I had him and guard and slammed me on the ground...but thats not why I only have like one bruise from that) I don't know what it is! The heat? walking alot? I have been sleeping at like every opportunity I have because I am so beat!

Well I gotta go

Bye I love you have a good day!

Don't get shot


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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