Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Thats you in 2 months!"

I hear that comment every day. I hear that comment 6 times a day at least, it always comes when we see a guy kiss his wife, or when marraige is talked about it church, or we see some one doing something really fun that I can't. my companion thinks it's funny... But i do too so I join in ha ha! IN fact I might have started it =p.

We have had alot of cool sucsess this last week. Infact I probably could have wrote a whole email about it by tuesday on all of the miracles we saw and have that take our whole emailing time. But I didn't write those ones down so they are only gonna be in my journal.

We had to book it from a lesson on our bikes to be able to make it to a less active lesson on time. Yup we wern't on time, infact this is the first week my companion has rode a bike in the last 10 years.

But I am kind and I took the nice specialized and left him with the beat up girl road bike anyways =p. I payed my dues right? I deserve the nice one=p jk he doesn't know the diffrence and it has a nicer seat anyways. But because of us being 20 minutes late no one answered the door and we went to do our back up plan and go to the bus stop and call people while there. While we did that a investigator who we havn't been able to contact in a while walked up to us and told us she wants to meet with us and still wants to be baptized. We were ment to miss that appointment.

We had a dinner appoint with the zoneleaders and several older members. They were so adamant that we come durring out p-day it really bothered the zoneleaders but we went and was on time like they Demanded.

When we showed up there was the 4 members and a girl my age there. It was obvious this was one of their grand daughters who was my age. We ate dinner and None of the 3 other missionaries even tried to talk to her! It was obvious she wasn't a member and they never even tried. I talked to her alot and then I found out she has been training in MMA recently and we really kicked it off!

I started asking her questions about religious back ground making it obvious to the other missionaries on what I was doing... Nope none of them even tried to talk to her. I kept subtly working it and taught a little and tried passing it to a zone leader. Nope they were so dumb! I tried passing it to all 3 and none of them had the guts to talk.

The spiritual thought came and the zoneleaders did the thought and they totaly ignored that she was a nonmember and the members set this up!!!!!  As they testified on the role of fathers and was about to close, I kicked in and changed that to the Gospel blesses families and individuals and then testified and invited to learn and she accepted. I have not stopped giving any of them grief for that, they didn't even try... Well shes in my area anyways so I guess thats my blessing!

We had a lesson with our new investigators  (the ones who has been feeding us who we knocked into on my first day). We brought 2 members with us to that lesson and they ate with us. They turned out to be PERFECT fellowshippers. One was Lutherine gone non denominational, and the members one used to be Lutherine and the other used to be non denominational. One used to be a nurse and our investigator used to be a nurse. They had so much to talk about!!!

And all of them are old so they were able to talk about old people stuff too that we couldn't. =p Durring the lesson we opened up to mosiah 18:8-10 and my companion started using his new found teaching skills. After the verse my companion asked what they thought about it, and she had a odd responce which was drowed out by the members responce.

My companion then tried to kick up, but I shot right back after the member was done and asked her about it and got her to bring up that when she read the verse the spirit touched her heart and told her "SO what do you have against being baptized?" She told us about it and I asked her if she knew what that was, she responded that it was the spirit and thats what God wants her to do. Boom, baptism invite.

But I couldn't get her to accept (the other sister already accepted). She told us she wasn't sure what our religion was all about and I tried to resolve that concern. But we eventually had to book it to our appointment that we were terribly late to so we ran out. But E. kratz ran back in to use the bathroom. They thought we were gone and he heard the discussion between the members and the investigator said " I know what I felt , that was God telling me to do that! But I know nothing about your church still, and I am not sure what will happen with the people at my other church if I leave. But I know that was God...". =p They were pretty determined to see our church next week. I bet they will join before I leave.

One of our investigators almost died in Child Birth. I figured that was a good excuse to cancel our appointment.

I have so much more to say miracle wise this week but I don't have time!

Every night I can't go to bed on time any more. It's just like How it was when I was back home how I would lie awake with my eyes closed for hours. My tiredness has gone away basically, but I can't sleep now.

I keep thinking about my goal of playing a essential role in the baptism of 20 people. I need to improve, I need to learn more! I am not stressed about it, but there is a sence of urgency. I flipped through PMG the other day and I looked at every main subject in it. I can honestly say I have mastered all of it (my opinion) but like 3 principals. And I have been racking my mind on how to master them my whole mission, but I don't know how because PMG doesn't teach you at all on those subjects.

 I am making good progress on them but I need to master them! So can you help me? One of them I wanna hear from parents and RM's about; On PMG pg 8 theres a quote by e. holland about being devastated when people don't read the BOM. Now I can do that with the BOM sometimes but I am not good at it.  The spirit taught me a while ago that Being "Devastated" can Instill Godly sorrow which can give people desires to act in faith and eventually repent. How do you do that!?!? Mom how do you be devastated so us kids know that we did something terrible and need to change? I wanna be able to do that with any principal of the gospel or life. there is loads of mothers who I am certain has mastered this, help!

The second one I wanna know about is family History in finding. PMG sucks with that topic there is only 2 sentences in my opinion that is actually useful info. I wanna know what other people in other missions do if there is some one who has posted something, because I have NEVER seen another missionary try and use it in finding here at all unless I taught them what I know about it and I suck at it!

But the times I have used it good was SUPER succsessful and it totally broke barriers that you wouldn't be able to break by teaching about restored truths or questions of the soul. I basically need to master this one so I can pass it on to help others here since NO ONE uses it. ANd if its that important that the prophet put it in PMG...! So if you can I wanna know good questions to ask and how other people do it. I have been working on this one all week and I have made good progress but I have worked on that my whole mission and I still have only got 1 potential from it my whole mission and passed out maybe 12 Family history cards.

My goal is I wanna get in and teach some one and start them on their family history, basically all I need to do is be able to create a need for it and get into their door and I can do the rest. When ever I ask any missionary or my mission prez i never hear anything that works or that they actually tried. specifically doorknocking.

Help please?!

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!

Don't get shot!


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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