Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This place is Number 1!

I love this place it's so nice! I am now in Wyoming Michigan, a city that runs right into grandrapids. I share a ward with 2 other sets of missionaries. I am fed EVERY day and I always get to have dinner with either one set or both sets of the other missionaries, it's a party! I like live 3 minutes from the church and the zone leaders.

My apartment is the nicest apartment I have ever had! It's clean, not dammaged, I have a garage with a garage door a washer, dryer, dish washer, bench press, large bathroom, my apartment is a buzz in where I only have 2 neighbors and so my place doesn't smell RAINK like the others have. We already have bikes!!!!!!!! My bike is a SWEET specialized road bike, i would take it over my one back home thats how nice it is, already has bike locks and helmets, no repairs necessary!!! I have a comfy couch.

We drive a 2016 Ford Fusion!!!!! I love that car so much!!!!!!!!! It is the best/nicest car I have ever driven. It has everything! A backing camera, all wheel drive, electrict adjusting seats, blue tooth to our phone so I can talk while I drive or chill in the seat without holding a phone to my face (I feel like freaking Captain Kirk when I do) I can adjust the sterio volume and settings from the stering wheel. I can pop it into stick shift (sport) mode and the shifters are the cool hand ones on the steering wheel.

I popped it in sport mode so I could do it to beat some one off the line I went from like 0-50 in like 2 seconds!!! the Robot the monitors our car freaked out!!! It reported it to the mission office as "aggressive driving" but Yolo swag that was sick! The seats are super comfortable too. I love this car! I want one =p.

I was a little sad because I didn't want to leave my sour patch melons in Kalamazoo, and I wasn't wanting to carry it all day long so I left it there. Thats the one negative.... But positive to that though is we were invited to the zoneleaders for lunch one day and they gave me a bag of sour patch melons that they didn't want =p. Church is true when it's like that!

The city is as close to Mesa as you can get in Michigan. The neibor hoods are insane and curvy and don't connect, but the main roads are a grid and intersect at every mile; the east west ones are numbers and count down by 8 every new main road! I already know every main road and how to get there in my area ( you know all like 30 square miles of my area, if that)

Elder Hartley and Elder Miles are in my zone!

This place is number 1!

I rode the city bus the other day for a first time in my life! They have a great city bus system so we used it on carfast day. There is Loads of spanish people every where here. Like every 4 people I talk to I get some one who only speaks spanish (so they say, I've caught a few lying to me) So there is a sets of spanish missionaries who give us referrals all the time because they knock and find english people for us to teach.

"Cotton wool falling like snow in..." June from like every tree.

My first day here I was in a trio and to celebrate transferrs we went out to a Mexican food Shack (just like back home) It was so ghetto the menu was partly in spanish and when I asked what cow toung can be in they didn't understand my english and started listing off diffrent types of meats =p. I had a HUGEEEEEEE Smothered burrito and cow toung tacos! Yes my food was tasting me as it went down.

My first day we had a lesson with a investigator, A member came out with us. TURNS OUT that he is Alison Linfords First cousin!!!! He is also our ward mission leader and he is great at his calling ( from what I have seen so far and heard), We even have ward missionaries too!

This last week has seemed like a month, not because it sucked, infact it was actually fast but the weather changed from like spring to summer. It went from around 60 to 91 degrees and humid this week.

I havn't unpacked at all, I have unpacked socks as I need then and garments, bathing supplies and study materials... Yup I have even worn the same white shirt like every day. The only reason why I unpacked and Ironed a new one was because while we were getting our bus passes a guy threw a foam cup full of DR.Pepper  and pegged me in the shoulder with it causing it to explode all over the both of us. even then It didn't seem to dirty so I almost kept it on for another day =p.

 I don't know why but I have been so beat here!!! Every lunch break I have to have a nap , I fall asleep right after planning unlike usual pushing off bed untill the last second.

My companion has been out 11 months, I know president told me I am not training but... he can plan... =p #betterthanstartingatthetop I guess... He has been eating up all of my discourse on missionary work though, I have been brain washing him HARD on how to be a effective teacher and finder.

We went shopping (because we have nothing at all, not even basic things like measuring spoons) I went in the vegtible section and my companion said " vegitibles are so much more expensive than chicken and rice!!!"... yah I aint about that rice and chicken life, So i bought loads so I would have more than the 20 lb bag of rice and frozen chicken at home.

I got to take a toilet off the ground and ripp off the lamenent tile flooring and cut out pieces of the bathroom wood floor to install a new subfloor!!!! I even learned how to fix a door so it hangs how it's supposed to without taking the whole trimm appart.

This place is number 1 and I havn't even told you about the people we are teaching yet But I now don't have time I gotta hit the road so I can chill with every one else in the zone. To be quick I don't have to rebuild the area, we already have a teaching pool and I found 4 new investigators this week too that are SUper solid, I am certain I can accomplish my goal now.

Bye I love you have a good day

Don't get shot!


- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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