Thursday, July 7, 2016

Too tired but still obedient

I found out this last week that one the investigators who I taught and put on date that joined the church, one of his kids join the church this last month, I only taught his son once because he was taught by another set of missionaries over at his moms house, but he always seemed to be around and was really goofy and gave some of my dance moves a run for it's money. =p

I forgot to mention to you as well that this area has Sr. missionaries here too. They are not assigned to my area but they live 3 buildings down and we see them at church when the spanish branch comes in. So this week on our p-day we went over and spent some time with them to get to know them better. They are only serving for 6 months and this is their last month.

Mom, no I havn't gotten my birthday present yet. you know 2 months later ha ha =p. There is a Zone conference this week and I will get it there though.

Maria my investigator from Kalamazoo is being baptized this week. I may or may not be able to get there for it.

There is like 6 members here who has approached me and said that they used to live in Mesa, all of them knew people who I know and was able to tell me about changes in our stake that even I didn't know.
It's crazy here, it is so much like home. The houses look nothing like mesa, but the city looks like gilbert with all the grass and trees and organization just not as nice as gilbert, alot of my area has houses that a new family would live in or old people. But there has been so many times where my heart would drop to the floor because where i was looked exactly like a place from back home and I was shocked thinking I was at home or in Arizona.
I asked every missionary I know in other missions about family history and none of them had answers on how to use it in door knocking...
We had to many things planned thursday morning so we weren't able to do weekly planning at it's usual time. It became a back up for our last appointment after dinner. The appointment fell through and we did weekly planning right before we did our planning for the next day. So while planning I got sick of my study chair that was stolen from relief society I believe and I layed on the couch. That day we rode like 10 miles on bikes and it was hot... So i fell asleep during weekly planning on accident. I opened my eyes 2 seconds later any my companion was talking to our district leader on the phone I asked what step of planning we were on and he said he finished weekly planning AND nightly planning. I thought I only had my eyes closed for a second but... nope it was like a hour later =p. So i was tired and planning was already done, and hey I was already comfy So i closed my eyes and was out in like a minute and just slept on the couch.
I woke up the next morning. I was in my bed though, wearing everything:shirt, tie, name tag, socks, tie clip, wallet, planner, pen... My companion informed me that when it hit 10:30ish pm I got off the couch and kneeled down by my bed (which I never do without changing) and slept until my watch beeped that it was 11 which is when I normally wrap up my long nightly prayers and I got in bed and slept. =p ha ha I don't remember it at all! Who knew you could get so trained in the missionary schedule that that could happen. Even when I sleep I am obedient! ha ha =p all i ever dream about is missionary work anyways...
We had a lesson with our investigator (the one who almost died in child birth) we have gotten her husband involved in the lessons now and he is interested, so this last lesson we taught him the plan of salvation. He doesn't like Christians or religions and hates what people think about God and hates mainstream Christianity. But His mind was blown when it came to the plan of salvation and it all was things that he inherently seemed to believe (minus the kingdoms of glory). 
There was times that he stood up to yell at and throw his dog in a room where he left us and his wife outside in their garden to talk. This was her second time going through the plan of salvation and she wouldn't stop talking about how much of a difference the plan of salvation makes to her, and how it has helped make her life make sense. At one point in the Lesson her husband went off on a rant on how is dog is stupid and dreams and rolls around and and does stuff while it dreams and then he turned and said that his new daughter does the same thing too. 
He talked about how his daughter doesn't open her eyes  or ever see anything and doesn't understand anything and or know anything, but when she sleeps she will smile and and find great joy in her sleep. It didn't make sense to him at all how could she find joy in her dreams if she has seen or experienced nothing except maybe a little light through her mommy's tummy. She then kicked in and explained like a tender loving mother would to a young kid "She lived with God before now and she dreams about life with him" The spirit touched my heart at that moment. I determined at that point she truly does have a testimony and probably would join before I finished my mission.

All I can think about is my goal of helping 20 people join the church before I finish my mission. Pray that I can accomplish it! It's in every prayer, fast, study, determining plans for my day....

I sat and realized how much I love Michigan, I watched fire works sunday night from my window and just thought about when I flew in to Michigan, when I flew over the grand canyon, when I saw endless water and trees from my window..... I had no clue any this could have happened  2 years! I am so grateful for it and for the hell I went through, and for the.......

ak! I am late!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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