Monday, February 29, 2016

I think things are finna come back for this area

"Finna" is another word that alot of people use in the ghetto, I am not sure exactly what it means but from what  I understand it seems to be in place of "going to". These people crack me up!

In Gaylord this sunday 3 of my investigators that I taught and put on date were baptized! The former Messianic jew.  S's son. And S's nephew/foster kid. I called up the chain to get permission to go to it and got it. But in a ward where we have no friends with any members but like 2, and there is very little member involvement in anything, even in church We didn't have much of a chance of some one driving us 5 hours up north with the possibility of bad weather. 
That and The sister that replaced the other one who left had a baptism 3 hours away and was asking loads of people for help and they didn't even get a ride to Lansing which is like a hour away...To be fair though I didn't try very hard because of how unlikely the odds were. 

This last p-day was rather fun. But it didn't work out in the way that we intended it to be. We put effort to make the day super special for a sis since she was going home on a unknown day. But things weren't working out for our district plans and so we had a zone p-day instead where they came and didn't really associate with any one and then left super early... I tried so hard to talk to them and what not but you can only do so much as a Elder before sisters start to think you are creepy and it gets really awkward... I tried my best. She called me that night and told me she was leaving the next morning...

But after they were gone I had loads of fun at the zone p-day! We played Ultimate frisbee in the cold. One of my zone leaders who has battled me on several things about supplies and what not was on the other team. I went up and started blocking him and waving my hands in his face and doing high kicks in the opposite direction that my arms were to block him. He couldn't get past me and so he hooked under my arm and clinched to me and spun so he could try and throw the frisbee. Bad news. Because I then slid under his arm and went for the rear naked choke....

Elder E...
weight- 220
hight- 6' 3"
trained- MMA for years
specialty- wrestling/ground and pound

We were off right then and there. My playful fake rear naked choke got taken the wrong way and his arm grabbed under my armpit in means of self defense. I started swinging my legs around his body to wrap my hooks around a leg at least because I knew what was coming. He then bent over and rolled me over the top of him and slammed me on the ground. Adrenaline flowed through my veins. 
We struggled and he took side control and started working for a pin. I slipped his left arm in between my legs and was pushing out to break his grips before the pin was locked. I used that to pull his head near to my hips and then I more tactfully than before (because I thought about this technique alot on my mission and realized I was forgetting a step) got my right leg on the top of his neck and let go of his arm with the other leg and locked the triangle choke. 
Next thing he knew he couldn't breath. I was popping up my hips, pulling down on his head and Yelling "TELL ME YOU MISS YOUR MOM!!!!" He never did but he tapped out and I let him run away. after he got off of me I noticed that all 30 missionaries stopped playing to watch, I don't think too many of them knew what happened since most of the work that was done was fought underneath his side control.

We had dinner at a member in another ward that night and he was there and he kept saying he wanted a rematch. yah whatever

This week has had the most distracting things for me ever. Not only did I fight him and I couldn't stop thinking about that. But we were going to visit a person and while walking through a parking lot some lady locked her keys in the car. Some one was already using a clothes hanger to try and get in the driver side, so I grabbed my set out of my bag and worked on the other door. Problem was that car was in the ghetto and it's lock showed! 
It looked like people tried to knock all the pins out with a screw driver but couldn't get the driver all the way into the lock. I had no luck and as I went to the other side to push the other guy out of the way some one ran up with a hammer and broke a window to the car... Yes we got 12 inches of snow that night, poor lady! She doesn't even have a parking space for shade or cover, so i bet it was filled the next day. I had footage of working on the lock and the fight playing over and over and over... it drove me crazy. Oh that and I arm wrestled 3 elders over and over and over again. I couldn't beat one of them but to be fair when he is 115 lbs more than you and you don't have a table or technique I would say I gave him a struggle at least. 

This week was amazing for this area though! We picked up 4 investigators all of which are super solid ones. I already told you about 2 of them. To continue with their story what happened is One of them wanted to come to church with her Shorties and I was dreading the fact of having to call for a ride for all 4 of them.
One time in Holt I spent over 2 hours alone calling members for rides for 4 investigators and it didn't even work out for them all, only one out of the 4 came. So I set aside an hour to call people to be able to figure all of this out on how to get them all to church. On my second call Some one answered and said they would love to take all 4! OH YAHH!!! That was a miracle in it's self. 
Later on that night I had the thought to call her again before the battery on my phone died. So I did and she told me her husband took her carseat for the 2 year old on accident and she wont be able to come to church since she has to stay with her. I frantically started making calls at 7:45pm to try and find a car seat. Like the 6th call I made the person I talked to said "oh yah I got one you can borrow.". And so we made plans to get it in like 10 minutes, and then AS SOON as that phone call ended my phone battery died! That was two miracles in it's self! 
We met up with them in the morning and set up the car seat and arrived shortly before sacrament meeting with them. Oh yah! We had to slow walk across the chapel to take up a WHOLE bench right in front of the K2 Sisters face! They tried to poach a less active we also got to church so they had no one come. I am pretty sure they counted that less active at church as one of theirs in their key indicators report too...

The Next miracle was even though I didn't feel the spirit through out the meeting except for during the sacrament and the sister choir that sang " as sisters in Zion", She still liked sacrament meeting and loved the rest of church and participated alot! After church we had loads of members come up comment on how awesome they were and be amazed when we told them we found them by door knocking. She also followed up with us 3 times to make sure we were meeting again this week, asked for a gospel principals book to study for the next lesson next week. Hey, Church is true when it's like that!

I also found out this week that a child of record who Gave me a storm trooper blaster rifle up in Boyne City-who we used to stop by to see if we could teach him and his excommunicated father- messaged me on face book and said that he got baptized this last week =p. Man and I was still trying to coax him out of his address in California! But I guess it makes it easier when you aren't way out in the boonies and there is actually mormons around you, and you live next to your former bishop.

We had a sweet miracle. We made our way to make our appointment... He wasn't there... As we were walking away me and Elder M had the same though at the same time that we should try this one potential we knocked into like my first week here. We went there and she answered the door (we have tried this place like 9 times and she is never home)! We waited and talked to her at the door and then her husband came down the stairs and then we came in since we knew it was safe. 
She was frantic and all over the place but we talked to her in between her ADHD out bursts. We eventually got to a point where I said the first vision and she was stunned! IN awe! And was talking about how amazing that was before I was even finished. She felt the spirit strong and I did my now usual "You felt that right!?" and she went off on how amazing the spirit felt and for like the next 20 minutes would go back and talk about that feeling and how she needed that! 
She ran to her calendar and said she is open on this time and all of her kids will be at school then so she could be more focused! She went on to tell us that when we knocked on the door she didn't want to answer the door because she Literally didn't have any time for us, but she felt something and it encouraged her to answer the door. So she did and she didn't have time but she was so happy she gave up that time because the spirit when it swept over her brought peace and warmth and comfort, and then she went on for like 7 minutes about all the garbage thats been happening in her life and how that doesn't even matter anymore.! the deck was stacked for us there! Right place, right time, Right timing, Guiding her to answer the door, Husband was there, felt the spirit strongly. We did nothing but talk about what we know. She couldn't get over how cool my full name was =p haha she had to run to tell her husband about it. 

Well I gotta Go 
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
Stay away from people who ruin your life by telling you things about starwars! (I am still mad about that, I don't think I will take him out to a lesson again even if he was a Sr. Missionary)
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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