Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back-woods to Big city Boy‏

We have that Crockett Ancestor who was baptized by Wilford Woodruff when he served his mission in the Fox Islands; So are those the Fox Islands that are here in lake Michigan?

My new companion also was showed starwars xwing by the missionary that showed it to me. The missionary who showed it to me gave him all of his stuff until he finishes his mission; that missionary spent like 3 hundred dollars on space ships...........So my companion has like one of everything and we have alot of missionaries around to play it with. The games a money pit and a p-day pit! It's so much fun but now I actually have things to do on p-day so that can wait. Also Will If you remember Before I left I said I had the thought to take my boxing wraps with me. Well I got a companion who trained a little and has boxing pads and gloves to practice with!!!

I am amazed by this place, I swear this isn't even Michigan! It's like Philadelphia and Michigan had a baby. But it's not as nice as philli. There is no snow on the ground, I am not even wearing a sweater any more all of the snow melted this week. There is alot of traffic, classic crazy michigan roads, I have a tiny area, tall buildings over 2 stories (unlike up north). There is a set of Sisters in the ward that I am serving in as well. They share half of the ward with us which leads to alot of things like area poaching, dinner calendar poaching, and of course the sisters being fed and babied more than us. The dinner calendar situation is so bad for us that they have their years of plenty and apparently the elders here would dinner poach from the ward 5 miles away from us.

Dad I always appreciate how you say you will pray for my investigators. Truth be told about this area is we have zero... But the ones I taught in the past still need it!

My assumption that I made when I looked at the key indicators last week were more than accurate, near spot on on what was happening here. Elder went home this week I took his place and he is already engaged now... That and inaccurate key indicator counting so all of the referrals were the same ones counted over and over and over again. We had 8 media referrals for bibles when I got here and the way the zoneleaders rule down here they only give us 2 bibles a week. I am ticked about it. They like to ration everything so we all have nothing... 

But Kalamazoo is great though. I have been door knocking for days. We did 5 hours in a day and I wanted more because I was having so much fun. There is a lot of black people here and I constantly hear from the windows when we knock on the door "WHO I'D IT?" ha ha. Also I have never even heard of a Black Santa Clause, I heard of Black Jesus but here there is loads of statues and big plastic santas that are black =p. Their names are the best! I always have to have them spell it out for me. I never get driven crazy by silence because you always hear loads of Rapp music being blasted. Some people say this place is ghetto but I don't think it's bad, But we have heard a few gunshots and sirens. 

We helped 2 members move (that took for ever, we probably would have had 2 more days of door knocking for 5 hours but that was where we needed to be). One of the people who was helping us told us that he saw some one laying down in the middle of the road on the way over, the ambulance came shortly after. Hit and run I guess. Those moves were great though, one of them was moving down to south carolina and they were fitting everything into one u-haul type truck. 
They were in trouble with the way things were set up in there and they weren't going to be able to fit everything in. Surprisingly I learned alot from Elder Ekins and another member who used to work for a moving company and I fixed things up being able to put boxes to the roof, weaving them so they don't fall and playing some awesome games of tetris! No one really got when I was doing when I was singing the tetris music but I thought it was funny and it improved my game =p. 
The next guy we helped had 2 heart attacks, several back surgeries and shoulder surgeries. He couldn't really do anything to help much. But that was the easiest move of my life! it just took alot of driving since no one else in the ward came except the Elders Quorum Prez. It could have been done in 30 mins with a u-haul and more people. One of our zone leaders seemed a little irritated we were asking for permission to move some one else this week and how long it took, but I don't care at all because We were where God wanted us to be and thats the important thing about what we do. 
That really is the important thing that we all should strive for is not to get to stressed about what others want you to do, no matter how doctrinally sound it might be to do it, but really discern what God wants us to do with all things we are given; thats the more important thing. But the Doctrinally sound thing will always play its role in what you do if it's the right thing to do. Thats my theory anyways.

Yes Hamilton I am still a district leader, thanks for your thoughts like you said I don't think you have to worry about it though. I got alot cut out for me to do! In my district I am a leader over a set of elders, and two sets of sisters. One of the sets of Sisters is the Sister Training leaders. There is 2 other people in my District that I came to Michigan with Elder F and Sister T. This should be her last transfer. It makes it so much fun having Missionaries close to you. 
We are on Car rotations 2 weeks on, one off our district has 2 cars. The STL's don't use a car since they are on WMU campus. But we picked up the Elders and are doing like everything with them since they don't have their car. I am super excited for our week of no car; I contacted a Part member family and they told us that the missionaries that were here before my companion and his old one companion were white washed in had their bikes stolen from our second story balcony... SO we will be walking for now I guess.

Well I gotta go Bye I love you have a great day!
Don't get shot
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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