Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"I HATE YOU!!!"- Anakin Skywalker episode 3‏

My life is ruined. I have no hope.
The day started well, we had a car ride for the first time this week but it would have been better if we had never gotten into the car. A terrible thing happened and I have scars that will be with me until the end of my life because of it! A member picked us up and we had a lesson fall through so we set up a back up to see the sister who moved in the ward a few weeks ago that no one in the church knows about except us since we door knocked into her.

We got them to meet so she would know at least some one for church and thats when it happened.... We were sitting peacefully on the couches in the room and I was in a arm chair like usual (I always seek out the best seat). And while the members were relating, it happened. "Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet? I cant believe that ______________________ happened!".

I was about inches away from throwing the dog off of me and taking that old man to the ground! I hesitated about it because he was like 70 years old...... Before he continued "I yelled don't ruin it!" It seriously made me like out of commission the whole rest of the day because I was so angry at him!

I guess it wasn't to bad since all we did was walk for hours in the snow and door knock and have every Potential lesson fall through. But Forrealzies I am not taking him out teaching with us this week. The only words Of how I can describe my feelings for him are best said in the correct way By Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3 "I HATE YOU!!!". I prayed all day that I could forgive and forget, especially FORGET!!!!!!!! I joke about this in the way I said this but.... Forrealzies you didn't need to say anything about who dies in the movie.

We were talking to that sister though and we asked her if she was going to come to church and she had a concern that I never heard before. She is like in her 60-70's and she said "I might not get enough sleep because I need to stay up so I can play World of Warcraft and raid with my team so I can get geared up."... ?What? You have grand kids and maybe even great grandkids and you play that game? She came to church and told me all about how the raid only lasted 2 1/2 hours unlike the 3 plus that she thought it was going to take...=p

Holidays for missionaries are pretty sad, you tend to get a good dinner appointment because people feel bad for you, but no one else in the world wants to see you =(. 

We were on the one week off for car rotations this week. Yes it was said to be the coldest week of the winter here. I prefer us having to walk than the sisters in my district who were sick though. The most we did in one day was about 13 miles in several inches of snow.

We went on trade offs this week and when we got dropped off at our apartment the east half of the city blacked out. The thing is here there wasn't any lights at all, and since the trees are still pretty thick it was super dark. It was freaky! Especially when we would walk down the street and not be able to notice the people who were walking around, and there seemed to be more than usual out that night from what we could see anyways. Our apartment building felt like the super dark building in "I am legend" and even the emergency lights ran out of power since it blacked out for 6 hours. "Sam.....Sam" As we were walking down the hall one light turned on and there was a person who was sitting under it! We also learned that we had no flash lights at all, so we planned under the light of a lightsaber and a camera. 

P-days here are so much fun! 

We got a referral and when we tried them since they would never call us back some lady answered the door and said "how did you find me?". Turns out a less active partmember family moved to that house 4 days ago and the only member in the house answered the door... =p um yes please! We got all of her info to get her records shipped in as well. In 2 weeks we now have 24 changes to make to the directory where about half is actually useful info, the rest is bad addresses and phone numbers. 

It seems like here in my district we are really low on lessons. But I don't think this is a bad area at all I just think it needs to be more organized and have better records. We have 10 less active lessons set up for next week  already. 

I loved all of your emails this week they seriously made my day and I am going to read over them again before I have to go because of how funny they were. Ella Congrats on finally writing me, I hope it was Refreshing. =p ha ha hah aha. Hamilton, aint nobody got anything on "the Elephant King" But "The Ham Snap" sounds pretty impressive.

Sorry this week was lame Hope you don't get in a bad mood by my story on starwars because it puts me in one whenever I think of it.

Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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