Monday, March 7, 2016

"They say there aint no rest for the Wicked!!"‏

Yes the band "Cage the Elephant" describes how I feel, Little do they know The Elephant King does not stay trapped behind any lock =p.

Yes I must either be pretty Wicked or something else was messed up with me since I will now have to go through the 12 week program again. I got my transfer call and I am training another missionary. =p #round3. on 9/11/14 The first day I was in Michigan a Elder who lives in Gilbert AZ went down the line and pointed at each of us and tried guessing what we would do. He pointed to Elder T and said Zone leader, Yes he is a zone leader. He Pointed at me and said " he will be a district leader and train 7 missionaries" I feel like that statement was rather prophetic Since I am still a district leader and I will have soon trained 3, one of my "Boys" (as other missionaries call new missionaries) Has trained since, I have "greenie busted" 2 missionaries now, and I will have 2 more transfers after this which is exactly enough time to train again. haha, he was inspired! But it's good to train so I can brainwash new missionaries on my thoughts on missionary work.

We didn't expect to be transferred though that was a little bit of a shock. We never even busted out the Boxing pads! He wouldn't let me trade him anything for them either...But it's alright because this week we explored our building a little and I found out our apartment complex has a gym!!! Elder M was so mad that no one told him about it! I am sad that he left, We were getting along great too! Our friendship exponentially got stronger the week before transfer calls.... Well... what ev.

18 months. Mom, the MTC is changing their training and instead of it being two weeks it will now be 3 weeks and so Every one who doesn't go home tomorrow gets a extra week added to their mission so that way it doesn't ruin every transfer in the world. SO this next transfer will be 7 weeks instead of 6 weeks. So I guess I will actually be going through the 13 week program this time around. Yes Mom Your count down is inaccurate I wanna say I will be coming home on the 31st of August or in September. 

The sisters I came out with on my mission are going home tomorrow, it was sweet being able to be Sister T's District leader before she left. It was a great miracle for me because she was like my best friend in the MTC. 

I really don't have much to say about this week, But it has been full of tender mercies for me! So many little miracles that just made my day! I could spend for ever writing you all about it but it would mean nothing to you so ask me in 6 months if you wanna know and I will gladly throw up loads of information on you in person. 

This next week will straight up be a vacation for me! Well I will still be in my area and I guess that might be a little hard on me since I don't know the area as well as I would like to. But I have a temporary companion until thursday where we will drive up to Lansing and then spend all day there getting our new companions. Then In Kalamazoo All of the missionaries are going to see a musical called "Lamb of God" which was written by members of the church. and then the next day I am going back up to Lansing with my current temporary companion for MLC for the whole day. =p h aha. I have so many appointments I need to re Schedule!

We went to try a potential we got while door knocking and when we showed up for the appointment we found a book all torn up and in the snow by her door we kicked it over and it was a triple combination! That said "Portage ward library" on it. We took it because they obviously didn't care about it But it's in bad shape. 

This week was our one week off of for car rotations. And yes the day we got rid of the car it started snowing again.... For Realzies every one else has gotten beautiful sunshine for the most part, our whole week was terrible weather wise. We got like a foot of snow at one point and it was also freezing rain. We door knocked for 6 hours straight and walked for 1 hour one day this week and it never stopped snowing. Except we had a BALL door knocking that day! But we only got 1 potential from it all, and yes that was the first door we knocked on.... and yes I did randomly get a bloody nose and ended up bleeding all over the 7/11 that we were next too at the time. But we had so much fun! and I am not even joking. 

The best part of this week was the investigators at church for our district. we had 3 there in total but they all had awesome experiences while there. Our was the same as last week she brought her "Keyids" along again as well. The Sisters brought a guy they door knocked into and he was super touched by the spirit and was so excited and was loving every second of everything that was brought up in church. 
I talked with him in the hall way and I had to start going "Spirit, Spirit, Spirit!!!" but he already recognized that it was the spirit testifying of truth. He was so touched by the 8 year old who went up and bore his testimony of the spirit. he said "I have been thinking and there is only one word I can use to describe the spirit.......MAGIC!!!!" and he threw both of his hands in the air when he said magic ha ha, it was so funny and everyone felt the spirit. I don't think I have ever heard some one so young bear such a sincere testimony before. And when I went to see the K1 Elders as they were coming out of their sacrament meeting one of their investigators who I had taught before came out in tears saying how much she loved church and was so glad that she finally came. Her husband had an amazing experience where he died and was sent back by the savior and 2 angels. The Missionaries knocked on their door that week. I love his description of the savior, it matches the one Grandpa Crockett has in the picture on his wall by the stair case. 
I wish I had more good things to tell you but thats about it, and I don't think next weeks will be too exciting either with my long meetings in lansing.

Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get Shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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