Monday, February 22, 2016

You's are Wako!‏

I am super impressed you guys didn't say or ask anything about the big shooting that happened here in Kalamazoo! But I don't have much to say about it other than it was rather close to were I was sleeping this week.

You won't believe it! It might not even mean anything to you, it might to Miya. But I went on a trade off to the Kalamazoo 1 area and while I was there a member called and said they made brownies for us (dude their area spoils them so much I hate it! They rub it in all the time that their meal calendar is filled through the month of march and I get fed twice a week and have no investigators...) But the members met us at their apartment and we started talking and he said that they have relatives in Mesa and as we talked more it turns out he was the Uncle to McKay and Kaden Shelly who live 4 streets down from us in the other stake! Mckay is the one who got a parasite from being fed road kill dog while in the Philippines on his mission. Mark and Pam Shelly is their uncle and Aunts names. It was pretty sweet!

Yes, as I was on trade offs there all we did was teach lessons all day... and when we door knocked the 3rd person who talked to us let us in and we picked them up as a investigator.... I had a blast with Elder S, he is such a kid and when ever he kneels to pray he kneels on top of something =p, he's a hoot. 

We actually are being fed basically every day this week, only because of us area poaching our meals and the members actually signed up this week. One lady from the University branch called us up wanting to feed us and so we set a appointment up to meet at burger king. It was the funniest thing ever because like 3 days later she called us and the call sounded like she was a investigator who was dropping us. For reals! She spent like 10 minutes saying she had to cancel and told us why. It started by sounding like she was in confession telling us she didn't feel comfortable with our meal appointment  because no male would come with her to burger king... I didn't listen to the whole thing, she was crying about it and I couldn't stop laughing so I stepped out of the car since it was on speaker phone. the other elders tell us she is pretty wako though, I guess so. It was terribly sad, but yes she dropped us as a Inves...Dinner Appointment =p. 

I found out today one of my Investigators in Holt got baptized!!!!! I wasn't a failure! jk I don't think that at all. And i just found out 2 seconds ago 3 more of my investigators in Gaylord will be baptized on sunday!

The K2 sisters think they are so funny and when ever they leave a message for me they say " Hi!!! It's your favorite Missionaries!!..." So this week I called them back and said "Elder and Sister White!!!! It's good to hear from you! What are you doing with the K2 sisters phone?" =p they thought it was funny....actually, no they didn't but I died laughing at my own joke!

You know I got pretty sick of this game that we play here in Kalamazoo this week. For realzies, people never keep appointments! I will ask them like 5 times if this is something they are truly interested in and get everything squared away, get their number to call the day before and  it never works out or they give bad numbers... I got so sick of this game of doing this and bringing members with us to a empty house I just started complaining in prayer. I said things like "Why would you have me on a mission if All i am doing was wasting time by always having appointments fall through and it leave us to help no one progress or learn..." We had like 4 appointments fall through that day and it's like that all day every day. But we went out home teaching with a member since his companion couldn't come and every single door we knocked on some one answered! 6 less actives in like 3 hours! it was sweet! I had to pray for forgiveness after that though.

It even continued on to the next day we went door knocking on Lake street which is literally the border to our area and every one we were talking to was straight up Wako! we knocked on a door and no one answered and this homeless guy rode up on his bike and started talking to us. He had a water bottle full of beer which he told us he felt bad about drinking in front of us but... He was pretty far out. 

Then we went to the next door and knocked on it. It had a paper in the window that said it was condemned but it was a house that was on our directory where a less active supposedly lived, that and there are 2 investigators in our district that live in condemned houses and I have seen plenty of people in them here so we knocked. And the Guy from the house that didn't answer walked out and snarkly remarked at us like we were stupid "Don't you see that house is condemned?!!???" I responded "yup" and nodded my head. 

He left disgusted and walked around the 8 foot bushes back into his house. He was pretty determined for some one who 10 seconds ago wouldn't even answer his own door to talk to us... What ev he seemed a little far out too. We kept knocking and this lady came out 2 doors later and started saying "no habla engleis" or how ever people say that they don't speak english in spanish. Me and My comp froze a little  and then we tried speaking spanish with like the 5 words I know and it was similar for elder m. But she would keep responding "ok" or "oh ok" after we said stuff so i figured she was just playing us and I just started talking to her regularly and testing a little. I then asked her a question and she responded in english....Yah she understood everything and was playing us. I stopped that game right then and there. 

We kept knocking and this guy stopped us and started talking to us. Like every 4 words he would say " You know what I'm sayin?" I love how people have the gander words where every word will end with a S. I also love how they all talk about their devil "baby momma's" or "their Shorties" (kids) or their "Church Homes", and they are very prone to gander rants. We got that guy to let us sit on his porch and teach him a lesson (since all the snow melted this week for real this time). 

I asked him a question to see what he learned about what we taught about prophets and he ranted for like 7 minutes... At one point he said concerning the topic of people who go to churches and knowing truth (which he got himself on the topic of and responded to himself) "I need to know you MIND!(he then stands up gets up in my grill and said) I WANNA see you's Body! and all of you to know your beliefs!"... Yah we basically stood up and walked away right then and there since it was going no where. We then knocked and got a lady who was "looking for a new Church Home". We set up a appointment and came back yesterday with a member. SHE WAS THEREREREREEREREE!!!!!

We had a lesson and her sister took a taxi with all of her " Shorties" so she could be there too (there was 10 kids present) We taught the restoration and they were both impressed! They commented over and over and over again that we were physically Glowing. They were super touched by the message and both accepted a baptismal date and asked for us to get a ride for them and all the Shorties to come to church. Set up another lesson too. " You are so sincere's about what you's believe! (sounding very touched) AH i don't have time to quote the we are glowing part again... Point made anyways. WE HAVE INVESTIGATORS!!!

I found out on saturday a sister in my district who just got out 4 weeks ago is going home this week. It's so sad! So all Yesterday I spent my thinking time planning on what to do to make this p-day super special since I don't think she has done anything fun yet because she never hangs out with us and the other sisters. So today is stacked and it is gonna be killer!

Bye i Love you have a killer day!
But not killer in the way of being shot or anything
More as in like Killer like the band the killers right
Love ya!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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