Monday, January 4, 2016

When in the Promised land‏

So you know I took a pokemon snap of that recipe you wanted Miya so next time I send the card home you will have to check it out.
We had a pretty good week, we still are recovering from all of the Holiday stuff that happens here but we have gotten alot more lessons than we did last week.
We had to go Way over out mile limitation because of it though. On Tuesday we planned a day and nothing at all went the way we planned, none of the original plans or back ups were even applicable so we just kinda went and did. It was sweet because people kept calling us to have us shovel their snow or to come over for a lesson and we were busy all day long. Not even planning was done at the time we planned to do it because we were teaching unexpectedly we were out until 9:30pm so really the only thing that went as planned was personal study, where I planned nothing ha ha, SO i guess since I did study a whole lot that didn't even go as planned.
We had a lesson with S, This was it, there is nothing in her way to stop her from progressing is what we went into it thinking. We were right there was no more excuses that could happen we had it, we set her on date to be baptized and had a great lesson with her. She now jokes that I am gonna get arrested, she joked about it and I laughed it off, and dished my get out of jail free card out of my wallet at her (I got 4 of those as a Christmas present from a family here who is worried about me). "COPS GOT NUTHIN ON ME!!!". She died laughing at that. We then left and got a call later that day from her fellow shipper who called her after our lesson and she told us that She slipped on the ice and broke a rib...
Yup....I don't know if she can make her date now but I have been praying that she will. She told her Doctor "I don't care what I have to do I need to get to Church on the _____ , I will crawl in through the doors if I have to!". After all this time she has only come to church once though because of all the crazy stuff that happens.
You would think that after all of these years I would stop blowing all of my Christmas money on Starwars toys... eh maybe next year I will start. =p
I went over to Tranverse City on a Vacation (trade off). We started our trade off having lunch at the Olive Garden, Church is true with those bread sticks! On my lunch the next day we were taken out to Ruby Tuesdays for we to have salmon, endless salad bar, and fries. For realzies they live in the Promise land! ha ha. Me and Elder S (one of my former district leaders) went to door knock and while we were knocking i BURSTED into a bloody nose. It streamed down my face and winter coat and froze while talking to a lady on the door step. I jerked my head before she saw and I tapped on the door E. S turned to look at me and saw how much blood came and when the lady rejected us he said "do you have some tissues my friend could have? I punched him in the face and his bleeding hasn't stopped yet." i then turned and she ran to get me tissues. She was rather shocked that a missionary would punch some one I heard her mutter under her breath "and you teach about peace..." But I was choking on blood so I couldn't defend us and say he made something up on the spot. I washed it off of myself by rubbbing the fresh snow all over me and stopped the bleeding and kept knocking. I have gotten one of those every day this week because of me having to constantly blow my nose from being sick. I don't even know how many hanker-chiefs I have destroyed on my mission from blood.

We then went to teach a less active who hasn't been to church in years. I was shocked at how hard core and Bold E. S was being, it was intense! It pushed me into playing the role of Good cop to ease the tension of the lesson, and i never play good cop. =p He would bark repentance at the less active and help him recognize he needs to change and I would laugh and sway around and testify of Gods love. He then would raise his voice " I PROMISE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST...(and then said what ever the spirit put in his mind, promising super bold blessings)" and I would use a scripture and share a experience of how I felt Gods love and how it can help him and relate to him. We had like a 25 minute lesson and then we left and E. S said "I'll see you at church!" and i played good cop all the way out. But hey turns out he went to church for the first time in years yesterday!
I then asked about it and the week before he got 17 Less actives to church (to be fair TC has 600 LA's) and i was amazed and asked him loads about his tactics and decided I wanted to act ticked off too ha ha. We went into a less actives home yesterday and applied the same principals minus acting ticked off, I was more of a medium cop. I didn't raise my voice (because that's stupid) but I made it known that they need to change to have God help more in their life. It was really funny how The less active responded... "...let me see what my mom says MOM!!!! MOM!!!! MOM!!! (she didn't get up she just yelled)
It reminded me of the Corn field song by Julian smith how he asks his grandma if he can go into the corn field "you can do what ever you want, your like 21. I went in a corn field today!"
As punishment for going 70 miles over (even though the rest of the zone went under and we were way covered) I have to take 2 extra car fasts this week ha ha! Little do they know I enjoy that punishment! =p
One of our investigators came to church and told us that he has some friends coming with him who he felt like he should invite. Sweet! we didn't even have to prod at all and in came this couple who are about to have a kid and wants greater direction for their family....Um yes please! they stayed all 3 hours and we set up a return appointment and lesson in a members home (then rescheduled to the church). I wish it was always like that! Turns out that the couple that came recognized me from me door knocking into them, even though I was rejected the first time I guess they wanna learn now! =p

i gotta go Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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