Monday, January 11, 2016

A Weekend in Hoth‏

I like this time of year here because you can declare what ever you want when you drive and people accept it. " I now declare this as the left turning lane" (since you cant see any lines on the streets), " This parking job is now in the lines" (When it would never be in the lines, But no one knows or will complain) =p.
S when she went to the hospital heard a lady say something about mormons and she turned to talk to her and told the lady all about the church in Gaylord and the lady had no clue, so she gave her a pass along card with the address of the church on it. Eh maybe breaking a rib wasn't so bad. The lady was also was wanting to know where the one in Houten lake was because she wants to start attending down there. After she told us about that over the phone she threatened to send people after me to beat me up and take my get out of jail free card when I am in a dark alley haha.

To be 100% honest I didn't blow all of my Christmas money on Starwars Toys. Just a majority...=p But I am glad I didn't. last P-day I spent all day mending and sewing and fixing the clothes that I have so they are more presentable. I sewed the knee in my thermals shut that ripped open on a trade off when I jumped off a sled because I was gonna hit a parked car. The dress pants that was ripped during that are past the point of repair, good thing It was just a pair I swiped from my trainer that he didn't want, after I fitted it to me they were one of my favorites. I woke up this week to find my calculator watch hanging by a thread around my wrist. I went fixed that with staples and Red Wax I swiped from Mr Yocums Jewelry Class. I went to walmart today and Died when I found out they will put replacement bands on for you, So I now have a permanent fix for that and it is invincible with a new metal band, I almost got the Gold one but I figured I didn't need that much bling. 

I couldn't get the rust stains out of my Khaki pants (even chemicals for that purpose weren't doing it) so Good will saved me for 4 bucks, and I didn't even have to sew the rip in the knee from service. I then Got my old Winter boots and worked on them. The tick tak toe thing in all shoes came through the sole and was killing me when I walked. so I cut up my Christmas package to make a new heel, put 2 u shaped things together and taped them up and then wrapped them up like a christmas present with a shopping bag to water proof them and then stuck them under my sole. Good as new! If not better! But I went 1 dollar over and accidentally took some money out of the account... Eh close enough right.=p
I tried to upload a pic of my watch but this computer wont recognize the pic files in my sd card. I look like a G with it.

Well we were forced to carfast 3 times this week as punishment for going 70 miles over. I don't even feel bad about it because I checked at the Zoneleaders apartment and the zone had plenty to help me out. But we were grounded for the time being and walked alot this week. We were informed the night before we started the carfast of a Dooms Day forecast. "what do you mean were getting 7-24 inches of snow tomorrow! Whats next Softball sized hail!" Yup it came. The wind was Wicked too and blew the snow into sand dunes! It was so bad I had to bust out my joggin pants under my dress ones to stop the wind for a first this winter. One night as we were walking home in the wicked snow and wind and car rolled down it's window and yelled "I like Star Wars!"=p. He must have recognized us, since every one has been wearing Star Wars shirts lately I talk to them about it on the door step to be personable. 
The wind was so bad It kept blowing up the stairs and hitting our door so hard it would open it up, We witnessed it, The handle was even locked! But after 3 times the dead bolt went on and that stopped it. 
But We got hammered Saturday night by the snow again. So church had to be canceled, but even more importantly than that THE BAPTISM WE WERE GOING TO HAVE HAD TO BE CANCELED!!!!!!    SATAAAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          Next Sunday it should happen though.
We spent ALL DAY in the cold yesterday and yesterday was even windier and colder than before. It was miserable especially because every single one of our plans couldn't happen because of the snow storm, we had to replan the day entirely 

I got to go to Alpena on a trade off during one of the carfast days (ended up being their carfast day though... didn't luck out). That trade off was sweet we basically door knocked and taught all day. One of the appointments canceled on our way over there and I started talking about one of the people I baptized in Alpena who went less active before I left, we both decided to drop our back ups and go try him. 

We have tried him basically every trade off I have done over there But has never answered the door. I picked him up as a investigator like my second week on a Mish and baptized him and watched him go Less active the week before I left. I was the missionary who related to him the most and was the closest to him out of any member of the branch or church. And he recently stopped responding got my facebook messages. 

Well we tried him and the door opened. After he had the "Return of the Jedi" Shock as I like to call it I took a chair and we started catching up on a whole bunch of things, went through his computer to show me he kept his baptism pictures and his program on the top shelf in his closet (so it wouldn't be damaged by anything). We had loads of fun I threatened him when he brought up the new StarWars and he got a kick out of that and respected it. We were laughing up a storm and talking about things while the other Elder just kinda sat there. 

After he knew that I missed him and love and cared about him, then I turned and went super bold. "Why did you stop going to church?!?" He squirmed in his seat and made up excuses until he gave up and went 100% honest told about his concerns and then he opened up and said he knows that his excuses were a horrible reason and that it was stupid to stop coming to church and said he would start again. It was sweet, he was super sincere about it. I don't know if he did but most people didn't go to Alpena this week because they got hit by the storm too. 
Sis White loved that story after I told her about it and she marveled at the example of Gods love in it. God loved him So much he sent me the person he was closest to in the church back up to Northern Michigan, on a trade off to my old area (Which is really unlikely as is), then at the right time where he could now be able to come back to church, we he had a appointment fall through so I could be there at that time in his life to invite him to come back and grow closer to God. Sis White said If that doesn't show God knows us personally and loves us I don't know what does.

Well I gotta go 
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't Get Shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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