Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adult Supervision

Elder Elkins can probably now rest at night knowing that I and my companion now have "real adult supervision", I don't think in his books my " IM A ADULT!!!" thing would count. We got the Sr. Missionaries this week. They are The Wilsons from Texas. When we first met them Elder Wilson asked me " What type of apartment place is this?!? do they never shovel the snow here! I had to walk carry things from the car through like 6 inches of snow.", He then laughed at my remark "well... actually when we woke up this morning the walk ways were perfectly shoveled when we left.". 

They are a little in cold shock and I don't think they were prepared for this much snow.  Day two for them they saw my new beatle boot snow boots and Sister Wilson jumped up and said "Those are what you need to get!!!", Elder Wilson had to explain to me that he only bought "real missionary shoes" and because of that his socks keep getting soaked ha ha. Next day we had matching beatle boots =p. He keeps thanking me for telling about them, he loves them, and is super impressed that they stay so warm.
I Finally Made it down to Midland this week! Some one tell Brother N. We had a zone conference down there, But I passed out on the car ride since we now have Sr. Missionaries and I can have that luxuries. =p SO I have no clue what the place looks like other than the stake center.
I Got threatened by my mission president this week at that conference. He Said I have too much money in my MSF account and if I don't spend it he will take it all away... I didn't have time to defend myself, he walked away right after making that shot. But I sent him what I thought about that in my email to him this week to prove I am not a starving missionary.

We had a baptism!!!! We Prayed all week long that church wouldn't be canceled. we heard we were going to get another snow storm saturday night and we were freaking about it all week long. But it happened! 

Most people from other cities didn't come, because of the roads But we did get some one from the mission presidency show up for it. He was the concluding speaker and he asked J if he believed that that the spirit would give him the words to speak in the very moment ( he read the verse about that before hand) and he said he believes that the scriptures are true. Prez Hoover then said "Well, I am done talking (2 minutes in) you come up here and tell us your story and tell us your testimony." And J Slayed it! 

I wish I had more time I would tell you it in depth. But he was going through a crazy hard time. Drugs, loads of beer, had a kid (hes like 21), lost a belief in God, parents separated while he was young and because of that he stopped going to a church. One day he met a girl he used to go to church with and she said he looked horrible and asked if he had still been going to church and praying. He said no and then she told him that he needed to start doing it! 

A few nights later he couldn't get it off his mind so he prayed that he could be guided to a way to develop a relationship with God again to know if he was truly there. That week he went on a dating web site and found E, a member of the church here in Gaylord. They started dating. I saw them walking down the street holding hands while driving by (who's that??? is what I thought when I saw them) two weeks later they had a date where they went to the Branch Halloween party where I met him. 

She brought him all the way down to the Detroit temple to wait outside while she did baptisms. He was having really bad headaches from a car accident for forever and after her session they went out to the car to get him and took him into the front room. He there felt a great pressure on his head that he had never felt before, almost as if alot of hands were on top of his head. He no longer had any head aches after he left the temple that day. 

2 weeks later she got him to church. 2 weeks later he asked if he could be taught "Elders I wanna get baptized". When we got in her house for the first lesson he was now living the word of wisdom, had a quad the second lesson. Every lesson was either in a members home or at church. We worried about him taking the lessons for the wrong reasons for a while, but we resolved that and MADE SURE he had been getting spiritual witnesses and recognized them and what that meant, and really hit him with loads of questions to see how much he was learning and where his intent was. 

He passed my standards, passed the Zone leaders interview, Has been introducing himself as Bro C for weeks when we call him on the phone. We never have to call a million and a half times, he always responds. Has more friends than just his girlfriends family at the church, after a few lessons in their homes. Reads his scriptures, reads the gospel principals book, is doing Family history work now... What more can we ask for? I want like 3 more Investigators like this! Some one go do some member missionary work! haha
I am out of time, I would love to tell you how it's my companions fault that we ate crepes with un flavored Butter instead of Heavy whipping creme like it was supposed to be while on trade offs but I don't have time and it really isn't his fault. But it is since he convinced me out of the 1dollar cool whip and then didn't tell me how to make it.=p

Love you Have a good day!
I will pray for Grandpa!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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