Thursday, December 31, 2015

The sabbath, Who knew‏

I don't have alot to talk about this week, I had 1 member present lesson that wasn't at church, and 14.5 hours of door knocking even with missing 2 days of working. We got a boat load of potentials that we have lessons set up for that are all falling through ha ha.
I don't know if I have gotten mail since before Christmas, the dang wafer lock on the mail box broke our key. I went to go pick it with one of my auto Jigglers to find out that the lock it's self was broken and I couldn't even fit that in the key hole. So I am really grateful for all of the Christmas letters I have been getting but I may or may not have some more waiting for me.
I was reading the General Conference ensign and started freaking out when I saw The Ellingson Boys in it! 
Why does the virgin Mary always wear Blue? I have only seen one statue of her where she isn't in blue.
The note book that I carry around in my shirt pocket finally got filled up and I no longer have room in it. I have been carrying that around since before I graduated Highschool! I got a new red one in my pocket now.
It's been a few weeks so I can share this now. Church was a wreck! I honestly can say I didn't feel the spirit after the sacrament was passed up until 3rd hour. During the talks in Sacrament meeting the fire alarm was pulled... I wasn't able to get back into listening after that happened and after the while of trying to get it shut off. 

During gospel principals the teacher for that day came in 100 percent unprepared and wanted to mix two lessons together since Christmas was coming up. So we had a Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and then with out explaining anything going straight into the millennium, and just as swiftly back into the Gospel /life of Jesus Christ/ word of wisdom. For once I was glad not to have investigators at church haha. I was super confused, I was!!!!! 

I wonder how the Resent Converts where thinking about that lesson! No scriptures were used, no Manual was used (except for one paragraph to start us), No testimony,  questions being asked that required specific answers (that I couldn't answer)..... I was seriously wanting to walk out of the class. 

This might be rude to say but I don't think it is, But it's easy to see how that can lead to not being able to retain members and people going less active. I say that because people go all week long being beaten by Satan with a baseball bat, being sad, miserable, having hard things happen, being tempted,..... and they look with hope for the opportunity to go to church because they were promised by the missionaries that it will help them with that it will sooth them, heal them, strengthen them... And they show up and they get a experience like that and they leave church not feeling any better than when they came. There is no way they are gonna want to come back to church! 

They aren't going to believe that what the missionaries taught is true because they don't experience it. I can see why it's such a big deal with The Apostles and Prophet to make the sabbath day more special of a day, Because that could make a world of a difference in peoples lives.
In my case for that week I was going through garbage and then I get to church and have that and am not rejuvenated at all from that I start searching for something to relieve my stress like p-day, jamming to music in my head, taking naps... It's so easy to see How Less actives and Investigators do the exact same thing causing them to relapse on Word of Wisdom things...... 

Yah thats basically all I have to talk about this week. Who knew the sabbath was such a crazy thing! It really is important to keep it holy and to prepare for it!
I gotta go Bye I love you have a good day
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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