Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"I bet you thought you were going to America for your mission! Little did you know!" -Elder Ekins‏

The weather here in Michigan is WAKO (as E. Ekins would say)  It was in the 70's and 80's last week and then in one day it dropped down to 40 degrees and has stayed around there ever since... But all of the trees are now changing color!
I realized what it is I like about my new companion, he has "greenie fire" (I HATE the word greenie)
I have never had a companion who has had it yet. My last few I have really had to push along and get motivated basically ever since I left Alpena. But hey This is way healthy if anything hes pushing me along at times.
I learned something That they should have taught me in the MTC! I have been with loads of missionaries the past week and a half and one a trade off I learned that the Big white box doorbells that NEVER work actually do work...You have to hold down the button for 3 seconds hard to get them to work! I have been living a lie! I would always try them to but they never work. Now they always do =p
I was over In Alpena today for district meeting and Sister White told me about how when she was first meeting me she thought "there is something Mentally wrong with this kid"! I actually wasn't to offended, there might be some truth there =p.  She went on to explain how when I sit down She would notice how I would sway back and forth and back and forth all day every day. She was really worried until she got to know me and figured out it's because I cannot get music out of my head. After that all of her worries went away, It then became a game for her to when ever I would start swaying to ask me what song it was in my head or guess ha ha.

I went on a trade off last week and we did work and then a few days later the Zone leaders came and blitzed my area. I went with Elder Saure and missionary who used to be my district leader down in Holt and we went up to Grayling to go teach the Former Investigator who we had just miraculously found. When we arrived there there was some other guy there too and we started talking to him and introduced ourselves and he asked if he could join in our discussion... "Um yes please!". As I started asking questions about his life I got him to open up and turns out he actually used to be a investigator too! I got him to keep talking about that experience and he told me he was baptized even! But the thing was he never went to church the next week to get confirmed... We taught a lesson to them both and then set up a appointment to teach them both together again. It was Sweet!
Elder and Sister Ekins are goin back home next tuesday =(((((((. I am not to excited about that because I love them so much, They are hilarious! E. Ekins came in the other day and sadly said "I have a departing gift for you two" and then he placed 2 squirt guns in our hands and then yelled " Defend yourselves you Sorry Suckers!!" and whooped one out and started squirting us. Doors opened, chairs instantly went flying and he ran to another room; and the battle commenced until he was on the run down the stairs trying to do a Han Solo shooting and running down, To bad the Old man is ...Old ha ha couldn't really run as we blasted him. 
He told me the story today of how he named his daughter brandy. He grew up with 2 sisters and hated the Idea of having girls because of it. He was Way disappointed when his first two were girls. He then had 2 Boys and thought ok it evens things out... Until he got another girl. He then got another and was so bummed that he didn't get another boy so he could raise more men, it made him want to go drink, but he is very active and would never break the word of wisdom. He decided that he wouldn't drink but he was gonna name her after a drink, he thought beer and whisky was a horrible idea so he named her Brandy. ha ha ha, And he tells her that story as much as possible. Forealzies and youre like 70?!? =p Hes an old man William.=p
Sorry I didn't email on Monday, we set up a temple trip so we gave up our p-day. Yesterday was Way crazy. I went over to The Kalkaska Elders apartment to have a sleep over and so we could go down to a MLC meeting in Lansing together the next day and our companions were going on a trade off. I slept on the floor since a lack of bedding, I had enough padding to make it bearable with all the blankets I brought, but it took me some time to fall asleep.
 We then woke up at 4am to get ready and drive down to lansing for our meeting that they wanted us there for at 8:30am. We then sat in hard metal chairs until like 5pm that whole time with a 40 minute lunch break. I learned a whole lot But I was Sick of sitting! It was way cool I gotta my MTC companion for the first time since we got our trainers, and some of my best friends out here, it was way fun but we eventually had to make the trek back up and that was Brutal! 
I was Back In Kalkaska at 8:45pm and I was even sicker of sitting and was super tired. Our companions weren't back yet and so there was no way I was staying in the Jeep any more, i went to their apartment and picked the lock and crawled into one of their beds ha ha. When our companions came back I got up and packed the jeep and then kept driving. I got back at 10:32pm and then I went straight into bed. I am still way tired but am better because I gotta sleep on the way to District meeting in Alpena.
This week is pretty busy still, i was supposed to have a trade off today but we had a miscommunication and thats not happening but I am glad I would be way swamped. I am baptizing S on Sunday and going down to the temple on Saturday and Still have things to arrange for it. This week has been loads of fun! 
Cops just got called here, crazy guy came in, i was on my toes ready to jump in but the Librarian resolved it, no chokes needed.
Well I am off on another crazy drive to two different cities today
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
Or get Cops called on you!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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