Monday, September 28, 2015


So this week was pretty fun! It was definitely like a vacation for me.=p
I spent so much time driving this week!

It started off I went down to Mt. Pleasant and ditched my companion and then met up with the three elders I was going to be staying with down in West Branch.
Trio's are my favorite! It is so much fun to be with 3 people 24/7, two people is cool I guess but conversations eventually die down and things aren't always that interesting. But Being in a trio is way different because when you have a conversation with one of your companions in one room the other one will eventually walk in and they join in the conversation and then  the other leaves and then they come back and then you leave and you come back and the conversation has just picked up and picked up the whole time. The West branch Elders apartment is huge compared to the Gaylord one and I thought the Gaylord one was pretty nice when I first got out, Their apartment is the whole upstairs of a dental office, so it's this huge cabin like place, it was sweet!
WE did service for a member there and they wanted us to shovel a pile of rocks into a trailer and the back of a truck. We filled the trailer and then started on the back of the truck and tried real hard not to throw rocks into the side of the lifted vehicle. We filled the trailer up and them moved rocks around the side walk where water was eroding the ground away from it. Apparently we found out that we filled that trailer so full of rocks that it blew both tires, and I was thinking that there wasn't near enough rocks in it ha ha!
We did really good work there in west branch though and even though we were there for only 2 or 3 days we way beat the previous weeks key indicators and put some people on date.
Thursday came around and then we had the huge long haul! That Day I drove from West branch to Lansing to Mt. Pleasant to Alpena to Gaylord in one day ha ha! And it was a way foggy day, we drove in the fog for a good hour and a half on the way down to lansing. We got there and I picked up my new companion Elder Miles from West Valley Utah. We then rode up with Elder Bish ( A Sr. Office Elder) to Mt. Pleasant and then I was picked up by Elder and sister Ekins and Headed to Alpena for a baptismal interview. The Guy passed, and He told me several stories about him being in Iraq and teammates turning on him...  He got baptized this Saturday.
Now that all of the crazy road trips and what not was over I was actually able to spend time with my new companion. Dude I have never felt like that during a dang practice teach of him teaching me the restoration. I was so touched I just about started crying. I was so impressed how he had the spirit with him that much. We then left for the day and we had nothing but huge success. Every single plan we made went as planned  with only slight delays in placement of things that actually ended up for the better. 
We taught 5 lessons to Investigators that day and this guy is a rock star for a new missionary! I was 100% comfortable of passing it to him and he was bursting to teach and it's not like any other new missionary he didn't just talk the doctrine he was super aware of everything and asked great questions got peoples understanding and taught according. DUDE!!! I have never seen that. He was happy and excited to go door knock and was dying to jump in and teach, every new missionary I have been around I had to struggle to coax them into it.
We went door knocking for the small 25 minutes we had time for in between lessons we had all doors hard core slammed in our faces... It was not a good first experience for him. While we were walking I saw a lady walk past a screen door about 30 feet away I quick shot a hello and waved while we were walking opposite directions and she ran to the screen door and stopped us. She then asked if we were the Mormons, I then recognized her from 10 months ago! She happened to be a former investigator who I taught twice in a row on trade offs. She wanted to meet with us again and she was now in a new house than she was when I met with her before, she was amazed at how big of a coincidence it was =p ha ha.
During one of our lessons with our Top investigator we had a break through that we have been struggling with. She hasn't been to church since I got here, we went though the baptismal interview questions and then stayed on the sabbath day holy part. And I guess that time when we talked to her about that something happened after I shared a mission experience and she got way motivated to go. She actually went to Women's conference and then this sunday she came and brought her 4 kids with her. Oh YAA!

My new companion is a freaking good luck charm I wanna keep him ha ha. He was valedictorian of his class, has read the Book of Mormon through 6 times, Teaches like a 6 month old missionary, and took drama and choir classes and because of the musicals he was in is way comfortable talking to the people he needs to even though he is a little introverted, when it comes to missionary work he isn't. It would be sick if  every one came right out of High school like this! But this kid is so smart he remembers everything. Any ways I bet him momma would like this email ha ha

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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