Monday, October 19, 2015

"Welcome to the Snow Belt"

Ella your essay is great! It deserves to be carved into white marble and hung on a racquetball court. So to edit it a little, lets be real It did not take me that long to pick the racquetball court lock, we had like a good 20 seconds before security whooped around the corner... Drama Queen =p. With the softball field we had to romp through I don't remember having to back up out of the mud but the inching around the corner is very accurate. Those tracks were in the field for months to come nonetheless. It was a most excellent adventure though! One part of the story that I don't think is in the story is what we did with the couch after that, my journal should tell that part of the story, but we turned that court into what we called "the bat cave" welding a look out ladder to peek over the wall, put a candy stash in there,trash can, and would hang out during stuco. Try not to get me arrested though ha ha!

I have been on a hunt for all of the cool fall colored leafs this year. I have been collecting them to flatten and tape up and put in my letter journal. I have had the hardest time getting a dang pink leaf though, they must be a different type of species comparatively to other leaves because every time I pick one it gets bruised and turns brown.

October 16 2k15 was the first sight of snow for this year. And you guys had 100 degress ha ha! I actually had to put on gloves and wool socks this week. I am going on a hunt today for ear muffs, I searched all last winter and never found any but they are THE most necessary things out of all. well no they arent but they are way nice!

I have never had to actually retain new members my whole mission it was either handed to me way easily or I just missed the baptism so It wasn't even something that was a worry to me. But now we have 9 recent converts that the Ekins used to work with who are now dished out on us. We have been working to get alot more member involvement because of it. 

We were out door knocking and we hit this one house that was an apartment or a duplex type of thin and the two front doors were facing each other. While we took on the first person who came I noticed behind us a person quickly moved by to see us. I started thinking "oh no she will already have prepared what she wants to say to us and we wont get any ground at all.". We turn around and knock on her door and she comes to the door and goes "Hi Elders!", 
I knew she knew something that i didn't so I immediately started questioning her and asking what she knew about the church. She then answered my questions and said " I saw you guys so I made you Hot chocolate, If you'd like to come in" =p. Talked to find out she was really good friends with a member of our church, continued to dig to find out that she actually had a favorite chapter in the book of Mormon, to find out she was actually a baptized member of our church who wasn't on our records at all! I got all of the necessary info that I needed to get her records shipped here and set up a time where we could come back =p. I love! it when that happens, it seriously is my favorite thing to find members of the church not on record.

We were out door knocking on Saturday and it turned out to be the worst possible time in the world to be knocking. It was around dinner time and the sun was threatening to go down. Every door was"Your interrupting the Michigan State Game!", we continued to knock "Your Interrupting the Michigan University game!" Turns out they were playing each other.... Kept knocking on the same street "your interrupting the (insert really big baseball final game name here)!" The guy got so mad at us he wanted to know our "home" address so he could come over with like 20 people to teach us about his church and he got us a pen and paper to write it down on.... SO i did. He was ticked when he read "Mesa Arizona" and stormed away to watch the game ha ha! Don't worry I wrote the old address, so if they get 20 Catholics at their door it's my fault haha.

One thing that I am not that fond of is how little control I can have in a situation, And I am not talking about the little Agency thing that every missionary hates. I am talking about how I can preach the Gospel by the spirit, melt their hearts, they can receive a answer to their prayers and things will still be at a halt because all hell breaks loose. And there is nothing I can really do about it, Satan is so dang powerful. 
I have been on my knees so much this week so things like this stop happening. Here is some examples of what I am talking about S the lady who I just baptized said like my first visit there "the dumbest thing is when people are sick they still go to church, I will never do that because it gets all of the old people and babies sick" she has a point. But what happened after that is for 5 weeks STRAIGHT there was some one sick in her family and she wouldn't go to church because of it. 
I had to sit down with her and share 1 Ne 3:7 and then tell her how when ever people are preparing for baptism the gates of hell open I swear and no matter what you have to be committed to following Gods commandments. That week when some one new was sick she changed her policy, ditched the kids on husband and made it to church.=p
But to give you More examples of ones that we haven't solved: We committed a lady To be baptized, she has gained a VERY strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and wants to join. We have never gotten her to church for some crazy reason every single time. Car broke down when she was heading out. Another time she tried calling us on Saturday 4 times to get a ride, none of which went to our phone. We even called her that Saturday twice and none of the calls went through and so when Sunday came she didn't have a ride. Another time we had it set up for her to watch general conference and she was watching the opening hymns being sung until the screen turned grey and all the sudden she found out that her cable company cut that one channel that day on accident. Took a week for the technician to fix it.  Another time she had a ride to church, Her friend who she invited was on her way to pick her up. She got T-boned by a drunk driver before she made it to the house and went to the hospital. By the time we knew no members were down there....
For realzies I am ticked at Satan, every single time we get progression! I can prepare and warn people for anti material but I can't stop a car crash 40 miles away...

Well I am out of time
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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