Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Success Does Happen =p‏

K so Dude what the heck man! Thats like the 5th person I found out these past 2 weeks that are married. Facebook is weird because I don't recognize peoples names and then all the sudden I find out it is some one I know but they are just married! haha

This week was pretty eventful
On Friday we were car fasting and Elder and Sister Ekins where bringing us everywhere because we STACKED our day. 6 lessons later the old man was beat and wanted to take us out to his favorite place in celebration of them going home this tuesday. He pulled up to a place I wouldn't normally try for food but hey. Walked in to see a straight up bar... But Hey it was all you can eat fish fry day! I have NEVER had fish that Good in my life!!! OH MAN! It was ah RRREEEAAAL nice! It was interesting seeing the little kids run around in there too while people sat at the bar. It was also very interesting to see a active member of our church come in as we were leaving...they showed the Ekins the all you can eat fish fry, don't worry they live the word of wisdom.

While I was down in Lansing my mission president came up to me and asked me how much money I have in my MFS account. I told him I have over $500 in it because of my budgeting. He was so confused how other missionaries are already out of their funds and I have so much. He got real worried and told me like 4 times that I don't need to go skimpy but I should get myself a tie and go to a nice place every once and a while... So maybe next transfer I will go back to the bar =p ha ha
My area is being POACHED! This is the second time this has happened, on my mission. The petosoky Sisters have been coming to the far west cities we have. We got 5 referrals from them this week when they found out they were poaching. It's way cool they were actually led to a potential that I found a few weeks prior and placed a book of mormon while there, thing was we way forgot about him and maybe even dropped him while I was away on tradeoffs. We came back and set up a appointments when followed up of the referral.
I went to the temple on Saturday and had a very long car ride with the Ekins both ways. I love those getting E. ekins to tell me about what crazy things he did the ride was a blast! I was really amazed at how much I learned this time while doing a session. Because of me working so hard on a mission on learning how to focus and listen to people and organize things in my head, and the teaching skills I have developed, and the understanding of the gospel..... I was able to piece apart LOADS of things I have never thought of or understood before at all. To be fair when I went into the temple the first time for a endowment I never knew Jesus created the earth, my understanding of the gospel is Loads greater than it was before. While in the Celestial room after E. Ekins told me all he knew about the temple he grabbed us and pulled us into a room. It was a sealing room and every one else in the branch was in there, I didn't even know that a couple in the branch was getting sealed that day, It was way cool to see some one get married for eternity.
So this Sunday was a big day. First of all it was a baptism, and potluck sunday, and the Ekins last sunday. I was able to baptize S.
S was found by doorknocking. It was a cold winter day and ElderHJ was on a trade off and E.Ekins was hauling them around, E. Ekins drove out into the boonies away from the city and made them jump out and knock the street driving them from house to house. He got nothing but winning out of h and he pulled out every excuse in the book (this is what E.Ekins tells me, I've heard the story 12 times this week) he kept doing it until he was way happy and got told to come back in two weeks, he was then jumping up and down and no longer giving excuses. 
Transfers happened and E.Ekins woke up at night and could think because he was worried, he realized that they didn't follow up with that lady. He drove all over in the boonies to find the place, got there set a return appointment and got the new Elders there. Taught restoration, first vision "WOAH I just got the chills!" she said. Went to church and found out one of her school teachers was the relief society president, and the Branch Presidents Wife had one of the Foster Children that she has now. At church she was confused because she already knew everything that the speaker was telling her, she then realized that it wasn't dejavu but that Last night she had a dream and she dreamed about that exact talk that was given. Elder Schmutz continued to teach her until he finished his mission, 
I then came in and she was smoking, we fixed that. Her whole family (extended, nephews, Grandchildren, Fosterkids) was pushing for her to quit smoking so she could get her deceased Father baptized in the temple. Found out her Nephews were Former investigators from a different area, started teaching them until they had to move back down state, they left sad because they were wanting to get baptized on the same day and we haven't gotten their new address yet and the missionaries have no clue where to find them. 
We forgot to follow up on smoking and then one day we did and she was like "Ya i am 16 days without"! But there is actually way more to this story than what I have told, and I am still learning about all of the stuff that happened before I showed up. She once "kicked the mormons off my door step, the Jehovah's witnesses told me all I needed to know about them and that they were bad news".=p. She is all about wanting to do family history and get her relatives to the temple, we got her started on it this week. The day of her Baptism she dropped her nephews off in Grand rapids and she was handed her grandma's family history that goes all the way back to the 1500's. =p Church is true.
Well I gotta go
Bye I love you have a good day
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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