Monday, September 7, 2015


I finally got sick of it! (last monday) There has been fruit flies in this apartment since before I even got here and a huge pile of dishes as well. I went to eat one of my banana's and found fruit fly larva on it. I flipped a biscuit! There was hundreds that flew around the whole apartment, when the zone leaders came in one of them got swarmed and ate one on accident. I turned on my criminal mind and devised a plan to kill all of these things. I got all the bananas and put them in the trash with everything else they liked, I sprayed every where with insect repellent and left to email after I did the dishes. I came back with real poison gas spray instead of my fa-breeze that I used in the video and tapped them all out. NIIIIGHT EYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!

That is so cool that Denny got baptized! He looks so old in that picture! Dude what the heck man is that even legal for him to grow up!?! Some one needs to beat him up for me, and give him the heebeegeebies or a good grand slam!

We were out door knocking in Boyne City and that is pretty far out. Walked up to a door and turned to look off the porch and saw a deer 10 feet away from us. I have day dreamed hundreds of times during long car rides of choking one out. I started to creep forward and my companion knew what I was doing because I have already told him about it and he scared the thing away =(. I have no clue how that would have ended if I did grab hold of it. Probably good I didn't because It probably would have trashed me, and shortly after we continued to knock I found this 18 year old who had a long board and a penny board  out front and we related super well and he let us in and got his Bro involved with the lesson and they were in awe at the first vision and both wanted to be baptized... um yes please! It must have been a deer from Satan to try to stop that.

I went on trade offs to Alpena for the second time and while I was there we were going to see one of their investigators who was preparing to be baptized and I never met the man or anything. I was amazed when I saw where he lived! It was the house of one of my former investigators  who moved shortly after I left. Dude what is this place!!? Is it consecrated ground for investigators or somethin!?!

I had a really fun experience this week we were out door knocking in Grayling and it was getting late We had done the outside circle of the block and was doing the inner part of it now and was about to finish up. I noticed that the car that pulled up to the house for sale was still there and they were still trying to use the key box  to get in the house. My companion did my little P.C. trick (LOVED IT! worked so hard to get him to learn that), they told us they were looking to buy this house and the realtor had given them the code but it was on their phone they left at home. I could tell they were honest since their car was now trashed from them looking for the phone and they were like 48 year old adults. So I offered to "look" at the lock. I got sick of the little key box pretty quickly and offered I pick it, they guy blew out some air then said "ok go ahead". Popped that baby open in like 30 seconds with only my wallet set. They were shocked! =p But then they gratefully proceeded, and offered to give me a tour of the house, it was a nice house =p. I love exploring! That was so much fun and they were grateful for it, all I had to do was make sure the door locked behind us as we left. We then continued to door knock.

I looked at my thought journal that I write in during the middle of the night of the awesome Ideas that I get and saw the note "go rowing a bed mattress"...=p I am not really sure what that means but that would be pretty impressive to see some one do that. it also is a terrible Idea though because it could end up sinking to the bottom of the body of water and turning into a 1 ton brick...

One of our cars break calipers broke and it was sounding like we were dragging metal behind us on the pavement, we went to the shop to have it checked out and had to wait for ever for it to be fixed. I loved it there! so many tires and so many weird things that they were designed for. There was a tv that played loads of videos of trucks and vehicles romping and way hard core off roading, My respect for the Band Paramore grew so much as that played in the back ground (the song that every one knows from them). It was super healthy for me to hear because that song is actually really well presented comparatively to all of the music that every missionary likes to listen to of soloist singers who butcher the music to sing what they want. They were in sync, rested when there was a rest, it was crisp, great annunciation of notes, dynamics were great. It was fresh, So fresh and so clean clean! 

Back to being serious, we had a pretty good week and had alot of service that we did and actually today we were asked to come and help move heavy things for the Relief Society President who is moving, So were going to do it even though it's P-day.     

I am finally caught up on my journal, I havn't been since I got here in Gaylord.

Last P-day was sick! Some members took us out Golfing and we got to use golf carts and everything to romp through the forest to the next course. It made Golfing so much funner that It had been the previous times I had done it. Using those techniques from that Golfing pro who came to mutual I was able to slay that ball, the problem was I sucked a aiming or getting under the ball with anything but the driver. I lost like 4 balls to the trees.

Well I gotta hit the road
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get Shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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