Monday, September 14, 2015

You've been hit by, a smooth criminal, NOT!‏

I died laughing Mom when you told me  about Emy While being annoyed by a neighbor boy, " If he doesn't stop that, I'm gonna flip a burger!" OH MAN!!! You better watch out boy! We Crockett's when we talk about our flipping baked goods we mean business!

So Tomorrow I am going down to Mt. Pleasant for Elder Anderson of the 70 to give us training, I am pretty excited for that. I said I would be going to a meeting today but earlier this week I got uninvited =(. 

We should be getting transfer calls this week.

So today during our personal studies we get a knock on our door and Elder E said our hazard lights were on on the jeep. We went out to check it out and found the jeep trashed! Scriptures, pamphlets, and everything in the glove boxes thrown every where! They stole the churches credit card that we use for our gas money... I carefully inspected the car to see how they broke in. 
My theory is they walked down the parking lot with a blank key sharpened for impressioning. They saw my companions GPS holder on the window stuck to the window and impressioned the lock and before the alarm got too loud they used the now impressioned key to our car to turn on the vehicle to turn off the alarm leaving them free to ransack the vehicle. The GPS was in the apartment and they left all my granola bars and tennis rackets, they only took the credit card. At least they could have taken a Gospel Of Jesus Christ pamphlet too so they could learn how to repent ha ha. 
We called the mission office and they are handling it. My companion has been stressing out all morning about it and keeps going to the window to check to see if our car is there, I told him to not stress about it but if my theory is correct they have a key to open our car door and turn the radio on so we will probably not leave anything in for a while. It really hasn't phased me at all I just wish I could have seen him impression the door if thats what they did =p. I could say more but don't need to, he obviously wasn't a boy scout and doesn't abide by the scout law or the "leave no trace" ha ha.

This week I finally met some of our "investigators" that my companion keeps telling me about for the first time in 5 weeks. One of them considers them selves to be Mormon but doesn't believe in Joseph Smith... He is a Vietnam Vet. who has defiantly had some mental things because of it. 

Another one we met with is in a rock band! That was so much fun to talk to him! He showed me quick clips of his band jamming on stage and what he is working on for their new album cover or for shirts. I thought his ideological view of music was interesting, "It's the highest form of communication....Because there is no language barriers to stop the message of the music" that was interesting to me because that does have some truth to it. He also told me why hes vegetarian and went on to tell me about how when you eat plants you are eating something thats living and you help brake the cell membrane which allows... But when you eat any meat you are eating dead flesh and is constantly deteriorating... What he said isn't going to change my eating habits, but it guilted me into not making another attempt at frying chicken last night ha ha. 

We Got a referral on Saturday and called him Saturday night and he said that he want to come to church so we set up a ride for him and he came to church! And is super excited to meet with us and learn more and come to church again. YES!!! (as napoleon would say)

Sorry my computer was being weird so It kept shutting off so thats all the time I have. Love you all have a good day!
Don't Get Shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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