Monday, September 21, 2015

Bible Bashing doesn't convert, but Triangle Choking them helps in the Conversion process. Who knew!?!

Transfer calls happened and I am both a District leader and a Trainer. I will be in West Branch for the week in a Trio while my companion is finishing his time in the MTC this week. No clue who it is , I will find that out on Thursday.

Emelda Paige, Merry Birthday! I hope you enjoy the "super silly fun place"=p, and you better not be growing! Psh kids these days thinking they can turn 5 years old...

Can i have the recipe for Mommy's Indian fry bread and chicken fried steak? We got WAY spoiled this week, one of our investigators filled our freezer with meet. She gave us a ham, a whole chicken, Steaks, we finished the bacon last night, and we have our cabinets full of canned food and box meals now too because of her!

So this week was number 1! It started out in Mt. PLeasant for the half mission Training with Elder Anderson of the 70. That was a way cool experience! So you know how I have been talking about "prayer, Holy ghost" (Pray often is a better description of it) a whole lot and how I have really been focusing on that principal and have been learning so much about it? Well this training really focused on that principal too. And I swear I was prepared for that training for about 2 months before it happened with all of the promptings I was getting on the subject. 
What Elder Anderson did Is he took all of my scattered floating promptings I had and then he brought them all together and Organized them In a manner that was way more understandable and easier to teach people and then he expounded on it! Kinda picked me up patted me on the back and said your on that right path but here is how you improve, and there's the trail, go! Since then I have learned more about that subject almost exponentially. One of the cool things that He shared that I really liked was he talked about how the greatest responsibility in the world is to be a missionary. And I think he left it at that. But thinking about that It really is because what we do here and now will effect everything, It really comes down to what we do here effects every single dispensation. Generations before us and after us and their eternal salvation all depends on us being missionaries. 

He also corrected me when I started saying the wrong article of faith when he asked me to say the 4th =(. =p

So we were up in Vanderbilt door knocking there was a front door that said go to the side door like loads do, apparently when we went up to the front door a guy saw us and met us outside the side door. He was about a buck 60 (if that) and shirtless, I saw the tatoo on his chest "MMA" and his hat that on the side said "I don't tap out" or something like that. And I didn't even introduce us as missionaries I just went straight into talking about MMA. Learned he has been training for 7 years in kung fu (or some asian thing that does loads of kicks), Mui Thai, bjj, boxing,... Went straight into asking about his game plan and technique and telling him things about me. I then went for a double leg so he could show me his falling Gogoplata and then he eventually was like, "it's warm out here, come on in" 
There was boxing bags and gloves and shin pads, helmets, pads, all for fighting. Not even 2 minutes being in his home I had him on the ground and was working a triangle choke. I showed him all the crazy diffrent places I can do triangle chokes and he updated me on the Anderson Silva fight for ever ago. My companion kinda stood there the whole time having nothing to add at all. And we went crazy he started showing me some of the kicks they do (man I wanna learn some like that). 
I knew I had to tie this into the gospel some how, so I kept saying "after my mission....." "Oh ya After my mission I'm gonna train...." until he finally asked me what is my mission. Hey, He was askin for it so I gave it to him! Taught the Restoration, placed a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment to teach him more about it. =p I think I like that tactic alot, I think I am gonna choke out more of the people I see. Forget creating a need, sharing a restored truth, and testifying; just go straight to choke out and then have them ask you if they could learn =p.

Other than that we had a fire side up here and a Movie director taught it (he does all of the All State commercials, and the movie "glory road" (row) i think it's about basketball) It was on the Good Samaritan Parable and how it is actually a parable about the Plan of salvation, I was blown away at the insight he gave on that! 
He shared a scripture from the mosaic law that showed that temple workers and priests aren't allowed to touch blood or they wouldn't be able to do their calling because they would be impure (ill send you the scripture next week I don't have time to find it). SO what that came down to for them was do they go about living the culture of the gospel or go about living what the gospel is about, SO kinda like how nephi killed laban he wasn't supposed to but it was what God wanted him to do to help others.

I gotta go down now to ditch my companion 
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get Shot
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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