Monday, August 31, 2015

Merry One Year Mark!‏

I have now been out on a mission more than a year now, Dude what the heck man!, Horribly slow but super quick year.

I was able to see that video Lacey is so cute =p, Also I love you To Emma! Even though you probably need a bath =p

So the story on my ears is after that email I sent like a half hour later it like half way popped and has continued to do little pops ever since. I tried everything to pop those! But ya they pop a little here and there but I either don't notice it or it's gone.
This week has been a week; but it has also been a good week. I never did get the email about district meeting, I had to call the Zone leaders and they told me what they thought the topic was, it ended up being on the Holy Ghost and I have been learning Loads about that and how important it is and so that was easy.
I went over to Alpena on a trade off right after that. Oh man that was super eventful! I got to their apartment (knowing they only had like 3 real investigators) and I ran straight to their area book to find out what happened to all of those people I taught. After I found them all in a weird place not where they were supposed to be we went and did work as they planned. We had some awesome miracles like door knocking into a guy who said he read the book of mormon and when I asked the golden question (which every one strikes out on when it comes to that) " Did you pray to know if it was true" he didn't strike out, He told me he did and found out it is the word of God and told me all about the living apostles and..... Cool miracle
That night I got to go down to Barton City to see a family, they were shocked to see me! ED (I picked him up as a investigator and was baptized shortly after I left, he went to the temple 8 days ago) and I talked loads. I before I left wanted to give him a tie, but never had the chance. I realized that I got a chance again and before I left I took the tie off my neck (it being one Grandpa Crockett gave me, it being a tie off of the Glory rack not just my regular tie rack) told him who gave it to me and why it was important to me and gave him it.
We planned to contact some of the former's I taught the next day. It was my one year mark and I was back to where I started (if you don't count MTC) We went to Book of Mormon study at the church house and several other people was in shock to see me. We got a call from L asking for a blessing and so we went right after. She is a saint who is bound to her wheel chair, she's the one who would feed us weekly and have us over for FHE since we didn't have a family. She went to the temple to do endowments. It's funny the first time I met her was a few days after she went to the temple and was crazy sick and I gave her a blessing. 
This time she was again very sick and just came back from the temple almost the same situation but not as bad this time. She wouldn't open her eyes when we came in until she recognized my voice and then she said "that's familiar" and looked. She asked me to give the blessing again. I told her next year when she goes to the temple it might not be so easy to get me back for the blessing after her temple trip.=p That several hour drive one way is not that good for her.
We were straight up guided every where else that day to people who I worked with and taught. We waited in a parking lot for a referral we got and while sitting in the car L a less active who I reactivated (for like a 2-3 month period from what I know) parked right next to us and walked away I jumped out of the jeep and talked to her. After that We had a appointment with some potential. That was cool! 
We pulled up to the house and I immediately knew the guy because I talked to him with Elder A for like 13 minutes on the door step before he turned us down, this time he didn't. 
And then we tried a former that was brought into my mind a few streets down who was like "where did you Mormons go did you take a vacation!" set up appointment. Went to CJ' house to try him and his neighbor C D who we taught both. (he was the one my trainer chastised me for bearing my testimony and mentioning temples  when we PC'd him) He jumped up and down when he saw me and told me that he got a new job and now has regular hours ( so we can finally meet with him) 
And he had loads of questions for me (since he really felt the spirit when I bore testimony that day and we bonded quickly and knew he could trust me) I answered his questions teaching him the plan of salvation. He was hilarious to watch! He would jump up and down and throw his hands up in the air and say" ahahahaha THAT IS SO COOL! THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!" and he would go from pacing to kneeling to sitting next to me looking at me like a 5 year old child. =p He was really felling the spirit so I shot the invitation to be baptized. He then swiftly kneeled in front of me, and immediately started questioning why his first baptism wasn't good enough very sincerely. But since he had the spirit with him so much I just told it to him like I would a 10 year old and the spirit told him it was true and he accepted a date to be baptized. I told him I can't be here to teach him but I will be back next week and he jumped on that day for a appointment, and then committed me to come to his baptism (or else he would hunt me down =p). His neighbor then walked in and we set up a appointment with him too and was totally cool that I wasn't gonna be there.
We then were led to Bro B a Less Active who I was working with and taught him really "installed hope" in him that the Holy Ghost would make his life better and he committed to everything we shot after he had that Hope that things would be better.
I then got in the Ring with John again, I know he has a testimony but won't commit to baptism, He told me he does believe Joseph was a prophet But couldn't get him to commit.

I don't have time to write more I'm going golfing with members in a few minutes. I had several way cool experiences there in Alpena we were literally led place to place where I would have the best impact being everywhere exactly when I needed to be since I only had a little time.

I am going to Grand Rapids on Sep14 because that General authority will be coming, We are having a Big MLC with him. I will finally see my MTC comp! And then the next day I need to be in Mount pleasant for training from the general Authority. Driving FOR DAYS!

Well Bye I love you have a good week and day!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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