Monday, August 3, 2015

The best week of my Mission

Last week I forgot to mention about the investigator TK he told us "yah in my time in Salt lake I would have gone to your guys church if some one invited me" How many people are like that in the world?

It's weird to say and might be pretty weird to you to think about, but this week has been the best week of my mission. And I have loads of reasoning for that, when at first it was the worst ha ha.
To start I went to play ultimate Frisbee last Monday for a few hours with other missionaries and that was so much fun, it was like 90 degrees (by the way 109 is the top this week from what I saw and experienced) shorter games for more water breaks. I over hear one of my zone leaders say "I would wrestle any one here" That was music to my ears Because I have been planning how I could coax him into a match. 
I darted over and called him out and we went to the middle of the field and went. He played like a true wrestler but when it came to a gentleman's game of cards he was an aggressive wrestler who was unknowing of my submissive tricks; half guard to closed guard using the weight on me that he was applying, foot on hip, hand to face, leg around and jerk your isolated arm back. TELL ME YOU MISS YOUR MOM!!! (just kidding I was really tempted to yell that though as he tapped out)
That was healthy for me

Sad thing was Elder H got hit in the back of the head and the next day he couldn't see out of his left eye , he panicked after it was still happening after my shower, I gave him a blessing and he immediately strode to the toilet and threw up loads. His Eyesight was back moments later. And was sick the rest of the day But we still worked because of his functioning ability.

The next day he was good, I was throwing up at the toilet but not from dehydration right into over hydration like he was. I got WAY sick this week and I am still coughing up big hunks of moosaka from it.  mucus is gross. 
That day That I threw up I went to the half mission pday in mt pleasant and that was a real adventure, I loved it and had loads of fun playing water kickball and ultimatefrisbee again and talking to loads of people, but that was tough on me I was already sunburned from Monday but after that I was super sunburned on top of that, I had to sit down and let my stomach settle in fear of upchucking.
After that I was torn to pieces and passed out for the day in seconds during our dinner break and didn't wake up.  Elder H phoned loads of potentials to stay obedient (funny we talked about that would be our plan if we ever got sick and one day later. who knew!). The next day was Bad until I called Sis J and got her recommendation for medicine. It wasn't until night I was able to stand enough to door knock, But I did teach I just had a chain smoker voice and it would hurt my throat a little. That night I planned with my winter coat and gloves on,  right into my winter blankets and out.

Ya life pretty much sucked except for our lesson with TK again! That lesson was even better than others because he had more spiritual witnesses of the truth of these things to the point of Miracles happening now and he accepts it and was at church this week again. ill write home about those maybe.  

And then the next morning I was able to have my voice back. That is when it all changed I started practice teaching with Elder H on aspects that he needed to improve on and I came to this realization, I have not been the best trainer. Yes we are really good friends and work well together (confidence is the bigger thing in that) but I've taught him a lot about how to do missionary work and have lead by example but I have neglected the whole aspect PMG  topic of "Prayer, and Holy Ghost". 
We hit that topic Hard because I have seen it for 11 months now of our investigator pool growing large but falling later. I could spend a hour on this principal now because I believe it is the most important one on the teaching record.  Because all else can be taught like I have been using all the teaching skills and by the spirit but if they aren't sincerely earnestly seeking the truth they fall. 
And that principal I now learned is not sufficiently taught by moroni 10:3-5 alone but you have to use the scriptures in the hidden box on the next page along side it. Or they won't under stand what type of commitment and dedication it will take to find that answer to prayers. I could say loads about this I gained a really strong testimony of this. 

I don't have time for the other half of stuff I wanted to say but that was all the points. Basically in total this was the best week of my mission because I broke foolish traditions of the people I have learned from and have learned loads in the process (just like it says "traditions are the chains of hell" you know if Elder W could find that verse I would tell you But I believe it's more of traditions can be chains of hell, or turn into the...)

I wish I had more time I have only scratched part of the words I want to express and I've gone skimpy in this part comparatively.

Love you all!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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