Monday, August 24, 2015

"BACK"!?!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?????‏

I have been so busy this week! I have had a million things on my plate and alot of things really on my nerves. I was asked to give a 20 minute talk last week at church so yesterday I gave it. I had trade offs in Traverse city and district meeting the next day leaving me with only my 1 hour of comp study to prepare a hour and a half (30-45 minutes of it teaching) of things to do and teach. I got the material i needed for district meeting from the AP's late.... and it's even later this week ha ha!
But this week has also been alot of fun too. Since I am a district leader I got to go on trade offs with the Zone leaders and I went over to Traverse City monday night. I had so much Fun! It was super healthy for me! I had like a cultural/musical/educational/spiritual/physical event while I was there. It was super healthy to be around a missionary who isn't brand new either and I could actually learn things from, I haven't had that in... ages! We woke up super early in the morning to go to the beach and we ran several miles in the sand and watched the sun rise and skipped rocks. It was pretty cute =p. I loved being over there it was like California but not as big of waves, the city is more organized and there was loads of people to P.C. and invite to learn.
While I was over there we had lunch at a chiropractors office and while we talked Elder C brought up that I have shoulder pains in my right shoulder and have had them for ever. (I can honestly remember in elementary school my right shoulder hurting, never my left always my right. Even when I carry my shoulder bag on my left shoulder my right one will hurt). The member jumped up immediately and took me into his work room and had me sit on a chair and felt my shoulder. Then he had me stand on a thing that layed me down flat face first and he made my back pop loads. Put some thing on me that felt like a massage machine of some sort, stood me back up and layed me down back to the table and then like tried to snap my neck it seemed like.
 My neck popped so much! I would never be comfortable with any one trying to bend my neck that much who didn't do that as their job. He then sat me back on the chair underhooked my arm and grabbed my wrist and jerked my arm causing my shoulder to pop loud enough for the whole building to hear. He then casually said as he walked away "ok it's back in it's socket".  BACK!!!????!!!?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN!??! Are you telling me I have been living my life with my right shoulder dislocated?!! I didn't see him after to clarify so I am still confused. For realzies?!!?? "BACK"? I haven't had shoulder pain since, It was even for freezies.=p
That night we had a lesson with one of their investigators, she recently had 5 people die who she was close to in the past 2 weeks. I went in there with that being just about all I knew about her and comforted her and talked to her. I then realized what I could teach to help her. Apparently they have never truly went in with a 'we are here to teach' type of approach and she would normally ask questions and never really had to start to teach or ever ask her questions to check for understanding. But when I got there that changed, it weird-ed her out alot and wasn't what she was used to, but she learned alot. 
We tried to set her on date that night and she wouldn't stay on topic when ever we asked. A few days ago I found out that she was in like shock because they have never done that before and her next lesson she said she didn't like it and so One of the Zone leaders talked me down in that next lesson saying I didn't know what I was doing to try and save her as a investigator. He immediately knew what he said was wrong and that guilt-ed him for days until he broke and had to call me and beg for forgiveness. It was really admirable that he did that because it really wasn't a big deal at all and I would have never known, but he was honest and tried his best to repent, and even told the investigator that he was wrong about what he said and defended me the next time. It would have never effected me if he never told me but I learned good from it.
I taught district meeting, it wasn't even bad it's a pretty easy crowd to teach. I was a little worried the night before since I would be doing worse than preaching to the choir I would be preaching to the preachers but all I had to do was get them to talk and I learned too. I LOVE having senior missionaries in my district! It's the best being Neighbors with the Ekins!

I got this sick bike this week! One of the people I put on date last week when we came over next gave me his bike. It is Motobecan. From Europe:It's a awesome Hot Rod red color, Road bike, that has a comfy seat and is feather light and super fast! It's even my size. I can go faster than my companion can while he is standing sprinting and I am sitting. I love it! It has mud flaps on both so my white shirt doesn't get dirty, brand new tires and rims and breaks. I love it!
But I am seriously behind on everything because Of district meeting and have to write that 20 minute talk, Today is the first time this week I actually had my hour personal study to study what I wanted too. And I didn't remember what I wanted to study... The talk I gave went good. It's funny I decided to not use a conference talk in it; and right after me our branch mission leader spoke and he used that talk that I decided against after I even printed it out, I guess what ever God wants to be said will be said no matter what.
Elder Anderson from the 70 is coming to our mission, hes the one who gave the talk on not only knowing the dance steps but hearing the music too.

Well I gotta head Out
Bye I love you
have a good day!
Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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