Monday, July 27, 2015

That's why we Door Knock

This has been a good week! It's truly been Healthy! And It will this week too. This week we actually have 2 p-days, one today and one on Wednesday. On Wednesday I am going to to mount pleasant for a half mission p-day to play loads of games, I don't really know anything about it other than I will be getting wet and wont have to much time to do anything other than that on Wednesday.

This week some guy in my apartment complex got shot. I wasn't there when it happened but they got chased and shot through their front door. We got a extremely worried call from the mission office and I was totally chill not knowing (because we are never at our apartment in the day) at all that anything like that happened ha ha. Well I am glad to know the situation was resolved. The next day our door got knocked on and we were hesitant to answer it, turned out to be your package of crushed cookies. I love the Head Band! And the music is good and Elvis singing gospel music defiantly makes the church more true ha ha!

So I forgot to tell you this and Dad reminded me of it in his email there is loads of fireflies in Michigan at night.

For the first time on my mission I cooked Grandpa Pork Chops, who knew what Mom said would prepare me for my mission would actually happen (you know 1 meal out of... ha ha jk)

So also funny thing with Susies gift is the statue is made our of soap stone, I couldn't resist so I had to buy it. Take a bath you hippy =p

My companion was driving and was like "these speed bumps are Tiwi impervious" (referring to the robot that reports any bad driving to the mission office) Right after he took the next speed bump a little quick, Tiwi yelled "Aggressive driving!" and reported it. ha ha I guess nothing is Tiwi proof.

I have beheld the numbers I havn't seen in 11 months. The Car thermometer read 100 degrees this week.

We set up a appointment with a potential for getting that Saturday we aren't allowed to drive our car. Ya we really regretted that! We got a hair cut that day went to another appointment and then we were many miles away from our next appointment, we had about a hour to get there and it was the heat of the day. That bike ride sucked. We rode up to Lansing to take a street down to the house and when we got to where our map said we could turn we learned that that was a flaw in our map. We had to ride back down to holt and then east like 4 miles and then back up to lansing to get where we needed to. We ran out of water a mile away. We rode there and was super beat and sweaty. We went to the potentials house and some one else answered the door and when we asked if the potential was there the lady freaked out and slammed the door.

As she was slamming we tried to ask for water but no.

There was no way I was going the hour plus ride back with no water, we pleaded in prayer for some. We door knocked every door in that neighborhood until some one talked to us and gave us 4 bottles of water. We said prayers of gratitude silently, I said like 8. We started riding back and Elder H doesn't have a seat like mine on his bike and was way saddle sore, hot, low on water, we were both weak from the past 2 and a half hours of riding, and his bike handlebars were rubbing his hands raw and black all over from the deteriorating foam. He told me he pleaded in prayer to ease his burden and give him a pool noodle for his handle bars. And we crossed the highway and a pool noodle was sitting in a pile of rusted car and and broken plastic in the grass. It already was cut to perfect size and had a slit in the side to make it easy to put on. All I could think about was how grateful I am for how much Heavenly Father looks out for me in life the whole rest of the half hour ride, it no longer worried me how bad the ride sucked.

We were out door knocking on Friday in Mason and we had like 8 minutes until we had to leave for dansiville for a dinner appointment, We figured we could fit in a few more doors and just walk quickly back to the car so we could finish the street. we knocked on a Door and got nothing so we left and went down a really long wheel chair ramp and a guy popped out of the back door as soon as we hit the concrete again. I talked to him and He told me He had actually lived in Salt lake for like 4 years, He then excitedly invited us to sit down at his picnic table. 
I started a little HTBT and started asking him about his belief and faith in God, and then added several follow up questions on the subject and We hit gold. He told us He had been in a Rehab facility until Thursday for Word of wisdom things and then told us he had been away from God for 14 years and hated him until 3 days ago he felt the spirit and he wanted God back in his life and he wanted to have that joy and peace in his life again. And he told us "It's super freaky you guys showed up here! I have never had any religious people ever knock on my door in the ___ years I have lived here. And 3 days after that experience you 2 come. 
He Knew we were sent from God and he called us prophets like the whole rest of the lesson until  we explained that we were given a calling from a prophet but we aren't prophets. He has loads of sincere questions and we were way late to that dinner appointment ha ha. This sunday he came to church in a suit 2 days after we met him, and he was way late and opened the chapel doors and stood with a blank stare until I stood up and walked him over to where we were sitting. He then remarked "I have a million questions for you, are you guys still coming over today?" =p  Loved it! Church is true when you don't even need to follow up or set appointments with your investigators! One of our other investigators J does the same thing he texts us and tells us on his own accord what times he is open from work! It's a good Healthy Change

Well Were off to go play some Ultimate frisbee
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
Drink lots of water!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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