Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gift of Tongues

So this week I don't even have too much stories, infact I have no clue how it is physically possible that this week could go so fast!

So I fixed my scriptures with at least a temporary fix, I put "poster putty" on the back binding and since it has stopped my pages and binding from separating more and it no longer cracks and works perfectly! I probably will go and get that e6000 glue though because the putty wont resolve the problem but might lead to more problems.

But this week started by us racking up some major Persecution points. We got a call Tuesday morning and it was our investigator J. He is a hard core Atheist, and we have had some really good lessons with him, he always tried to make it a philosophical debate and I learned a lot from Bro F  one of the ward missionaries who was a PMG missionary as we taught him. Love him and his family and they would give us the best food! But we called him to set up a appointment and he dropped us and even though I made is argument for dropping us invalid on the phone he still dropped us. But He didn't do Moroni's promise in the ways it says it has to be done and he was expecting it to work any ways. But a cake wont taste good if you forget the sugar and flour, it's essential to use every ingredient in that experiment. That was really sad. But that gave us all the persecution points we needed for that day and we slayed it the whole rest of the day! We even put a investigator on date who isn't our investigator, those Elders thought it was pretty cool when we called them later that night. 

That and this week we got back in contact with T, the investigator who started coughing up blood during stake conference, we taught him a little and got a load dumped on us..... Apparently he is getting evicted now because of his land lord is trying to escape having to repay him and get refunded for the place by having it red tagged. But the problem with that is he is deathly allergic to mosquitoes to the point he has like epi pen things  that he has to shove in his leg if he gets bitten too much because it cuts off all of his airways. BAD NEWS especially because this is a record year for mosquitoes in Michigan from what people tell me.  So he is gonna be homeless in a few days and he needs help finding a place to live and so he basically put the burden on us ..................................................................................................................................................................
I have battled over this a lot this week because that is not my job at all in any way shape or form, But the scriptures tell us that we need to help those in need, I forget the scripture but I read one the very next day that applied to him Exactly in the situation that I can't turn him away. It really comes down to he would be a member of the church but I don't know if it would be for the right reasons if we did get him a place, if we could. So that's been unnecessary stress especially because it is a matter of him dying if he doesn't get shelter.  I have reached out to the bishop and he gave me places to give to him but nothing has happened yet and we keep getting begged through text to help him. But I am freaking 19 years old and spend all day teaching I am not a real-estate agent! I have alot of stick it to the man in me, but I also realize how critical this could be and it could even be a eternal salvation consequence. Unnecessary stress and I don't even stress.

This week while door knocking we knocked on a door and a older lady let us in her home. She started preaching to us the doctrine of how church is of the devil and how we don't need it to be saved. She then went on to continually cutting us off to teach us about how educated she is in the gospel and how she knows how to speak in the gift of tongues and how that eases her load so much in life. Her rant continued and I loved this part it was so funny to me how her doctrine was way "the doctrine of man". She started saying " when ever I don't know what to say, I love the gift of tongues and it helps me convey the words that I want to say but don't know how to say, or when I am singing" she then gave us a example "it's like when I am feeling down and I ajkfdhfajhaunfklmlwui, you know?". I died inside! And had such a hard time not laughing because there was no communication made at all in that, great gibberish. But what got me was when the 2 Year old in the room ran over and tried talking to her and sounded like she did when she spoke in "tongues" and she snapped at the kid and yelled "I thought I told you to use your words!". That got my blood boiling and I was about to flip a biscuit. The kid sounded like he tried to copy what grandma said and he got that!

Any ways I don't really have to much to say about this week  other than that, we had a good week, but I only really have stories that talk bad about Ganders this week.

But we had our investigator come to church and the members loved him and loved how real he was, the Elders Quorum President was impressed and that means a lot knowing president Chappman. 

Last week for P-day I loved balling it up, We had fresh missionaries since we had a transfer and none of them know how I play and so I "dunked" on them hard! I am super stoked for today, I haven't been able to find my Mesa High Head band that I stole from Will since Elder B left.....=( I have looked so much for it!

Well I gotta go
Bye I love you have a good week!
Stay Strong!
Don't get shot!
Love you!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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