Monday, July 6, 2015

Cereal Revelations

You know I was thinking as I was having my usual big tubaware container of cereal....
Yup that's basically it I thought for once ha ha! jk, 
But I was thinking of how important Milk is in eating cereal and it could be eaten without but the meaning, the definition, the flavor of it all is lost in the act of not including milk. I then realized we are like milk in a bowl of cereal. FAR OUT! But I won't go into to much detail I will let you all receive your own applied revelation on the subject. But We are like milk because if you don't put the milk in the fridge (unless it's winter in Michigan) then it will go bad and you wont be able to enjoy the blessings and nourishment of the cereal in the way the creator intended you to. 
And so us if we don't stand in holy places, if we aren't cooling and preparing for the things God has planned for us(sacrament, temple, missions, callings, ...), if we aren't where our father in heaven needs us to be we can "go bad" and not get the spiritual nourishment that he plans for us. So we need to be where he wants and needs us to be before He will take us out and give us that nourishment and give us the answers to prayers that we seek. Cereal Revelation! =p It's deep doctrine I know! That's all just a drop in the bucket for this week and my inanimate object or task revelations. I am not even gonna go into my mowing lawn and Bucking hay ones.

My companion all the time yells "free t-shirt! I want it!" and then normally asks me to pull over to pick up some growdy shirt in the middle of the street... ha ha =p For some reason recently there has been a huge abundance of road kill and Free t-shirts in the road, I am just scared to find those people who lost that shirt. But for realzies I say this jokingly but he really does want one =p .

It was sick this week. I got super pumped watching one of the D&C videos while I was eating my crepes I made I had the spirit with me and I was ready to stick it to the man! We went out door knocking on a street I prayerfully picked and no one was answering at all because all of the rich people left for the 4th of july. We get to a car and it is a big van with starwars characters on the back just like ours. I was thinking "it's going down right here right now! I was prepared for you!"  Go up knock on this door and this father steps out side and he is in a "chewy I am home" t shirt with a rebel logo on it. 
I started to relate and then went at it, Turns out he was a minister to his own church and he started preaching to me. But I was feeling the DEWS you know, I wish I knew what exactly I said, but in a non offensive way I shifted the conversation and created a need for the sealing ordinance for eternal families. HOLY! I have struggled for so long to ever even come up with what I could do for that and it totally confounded this preacher. Even though the need to meet with us was obvious and we gave him a clear choice he still rejected us. But oh man I have tried so hard in my studies to replay that in my mind so I can replicate that on another door step!

This week I have been horribly eaten by Mosquitoes, there was loads of rain starting on Monday of last week and there was huge puddles and those things bread like crazy and it doesn't help that now all of the swamps are full... But we have been swarmed every time we go out. Also because of the rain it really was burdensome on our Elders Quorum President. He has like 40 acres (at least) of hay that was cut and they weren't drying out at all because of all of the rain, And the window to go and bale them before it rained again wasn't ever wide enough. 
But on Friday we got a call and they asked us to come and help him with his about 2000 bales of hay. =p On the 4th of july we had loads of people there at first and we were unloading wagon after wagon like none other and since the hay was still moist we were throwing a lot of salt all over it to help it dry out. They wouldn't turn off their country music so I was FORCED to listen to some Luke Byran and Jason aldean, Josh Turner... I was obedient and asked to turn it off but didn't happen, it was super healthy for me though ha ha =p (I learned the science on how barn fires start without any thing but the hay! it's cool but a real fear for them) We did that until the bailer broke. And we all left, we were basically on call until it got fixed and so we called pages and pages of potentials before I was dying to go out side and door knock. I wish we set better back up plans. Because door knocking on the 4th was horrible, no one would answer, handgun, I am spending time with my family. 
While we did that I thought to call Prez chappman. We called and the bailer got fixed right then and there and it was kickin. We booked it down to Dansville and it was only us and him after that ha ha. We stacked those bales to the roof and the trucks was coming at a pace where we had no time really for a break. We had 4th of july privileges of being able to stay out late so all we did was work and We did work! I still have Hay up my nose from that ha ha! We got to see fire works as we booked it home. Yesterday we found out it's gonna rain today so we and every one came out and filled that barn and started to prepare for the next barn we were gonna fill.

But the 5th of july , yesterday was number 1! We put another investigator on date, mowed a lawn and tag team taught a less active at the same time, when we came to the chapman's house to buck hay (which I was feeling a little guilty for) we stumbled upon one of our referrals at their house who we picked up as a investigator but havn't been able to contact in like 6 weeks.  So immediately the guilt left because that was a huge miracle and I knew we were where we needed to be. Got a call from another less active and wanted us to come immediately, got to teach him (while we were head to toe covered in hay and salt since he was on the way) And several other really cool things happened and we were exactly where we needed to be exactly when. So yesterday and the 4th really made up for the horrible week we had ha ha. Well it was a good week we had a lot of miracles!, it's not every week you get 5 on date. =p
Well I am off to go dunk on some people
Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot!
stay away from swamps!
Elder Truman Rex Crocket

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