Monday, July 20, 2015

92 degrees at 7pm and humid‏

There is some members here who bring a George bush cardboard cut out to family pictures with them and they just tape the face of their missionary on it and it's perfect because he's in a suit!

It has been raining so much people have to mow their lawns every other day because how fast it is making every thing grow!

My shower broke at the beginning of the week and it wouldn't drain at all! that was gross! We had to use trash cans to dump it all into the toilet. We really feared that some of the vicious mosquitoes would find it and we would be done for!

My bike lost it's front breaks with out me knowing, making it so I couldn't come to a complete stop any more. I got sad not wanting to almost get hit by a car again and prayed and as I rode a few miles away I found my front breaks in the middle of the side walk!

So Mommy before you send the package you should put a headband in, an some E6000 glue; I can't find it.

 I also found out though this week that there is a lot of false rules here in our mission which are very pharisaical but since they aren't written it's kind of a huge game of telephone for people to find out the "rules". And so consequentially a lot of rules are garbage yet we have been trying to be "obedient" when it wasn't necessary...What ev. Turns out we are allowed to write letters any day of the week according to our mission president, but it just has to be in our morning at lunch or at night after planning. Which is awesome because that means we have way more time to do things on P-day! But I found that out because we had a out of the blue trade off where we literally had 2 hours to prepare for it............ But that was a healthy trade off  because I learned things like that. But ya since we have more time we are going over o the Zoneleaders apartment to play some Starwars x-wing (board game) and then ball it up.

So something I forgot to mention last week was the rest of the story of T the one being evicted. So we tried, and tried him, and tried him, texted called, knocked on the door... nothing for over a transfer. We then decided we would drop him which was sad to me because I grew to love the man and knew he was so close to baptism! But we were tired of getting nothing so we were going to drop him. I wrote a letter since I knew there was going to be no answer when I knocked on the door. We then went to Krogers and I picked up his favorite soda that he introduced me to "Michigan cherry" my favorite is "Michigan berry"  SOOOO GOOD! I was tempted to drink it=p. We then knocked on his door and I was expecting this to be the last time that I would ever see this door and he opened the door! First time I saw him or heard from him in almost 2 months. I set up a appointment and gave him the soda. Apparently God didn't want him to be dropped. And it's a really good thing we didn't drop him.

Before I continue make sure you blow in his ear, 1! 2! 3! DOG PILE ON ROBBY!!!!!

So then it leads to him asking us to help him find a place to live. I prayed and talked to bishop and we compiled a list of apartment places he could try and talked about members that would rent out to him; and the first place that popped into my mind was where one of our other investigators lives. That place the literally rent out everything in that place to random people, even the couch. there is like 10 people that live in that duplex with like 4 rooms at least. I continued to "pokemon snap" information of places to rent as we drove by and added it to the list. I gave that list to T and told him to try those places, he instead kept asking me to ask all the members if he could rent out a room, I told him to do that himself not wanting to be involved in that. I followed up to find out he didn't try any of those places and I gave him the information for the first house I thought about again. I then stopped by a few days later and gave him that info again. And then I had a lesson with that other investigator and he told us " Ya a few places just opened up..." I called and gave him and found out he still hadn't tried my list and so I gave him the info to the land lady and told him to call right then and there and call me back. He called and the Lady interviewed him the next day and he now has a place to live. 1 day before he was kicked out to the mosquitoes he is deathly allergic to.

I had a past investigator from me and Elder Baker call and beg for my forgiveness. she prayed about what she should do in life and then we showed up to go buck hay for our Elders Quorum president and she felt the spirit and it made he feel loved and it made her want that family like feeling. She prayed on weather she really should meet with us again and she was told to. And so we without even trying got a fellowshipper and a lesson scheduled all I had to do was be "gent" and break the Sabbath ha ha that and bear testimony on the phone and tell her I forgive her.

This week I got hit hard by several things. I saw those two examples and looked at myself and our area.  We left church yesterday not feeling spiritually edified at all because of loads of reasons including no scripture being used in the last 2 hours some one reading cs lewis to us instead of the words of the prophet on the subject of eternal marriage... And while I thought I realized several things are wrong. And that me not feeling "spiritually edified" was true but over that I had more of the "spirit wroughts change" aspect going. I realized I had a lot to repent of, like keeping the Sabbath day holy; Ya I am a missionary and it's like the Sabbath everyday but I am not doing what the scriptures are telling us to do on the Sabbath and prepare for the Sabbath, I realized I need to stop using the lords name in vain ("jesus ball") obey the word of wisdom more (healthy aspect) and I really  
realized how there is loads of commandments are looked over by loads of people. any ways

We had a really good week and stayed wet.

We are super stoked to ball today we have been practicing in the mornings and did today so we can dunk on loads of people. I have learned a lot of shooting technique recently since a bishop who plays with started to show me. 
Well were off! Bye I love you have a good day!!
Don't get shot!
- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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