Monday, June 1, 2015

#whendoorknocking "what do you think the purpose in life is"... " to get you Mormons off my door!" 'slam!'‏

This week as been a week. I don't necessarily know how I would categorize it but it hasn't been a bad week so I guess that's good. We have a lot of people up on our white board of investigators who was a miracle to get and then all the sudden we can't meet with them or get them to answer our calls or text us back... But we have been really busy as is even without out all of those people who we are having a hard time getting in with them.

So Elder H has been doing great and we get along really, really well. I love hearing him pick up on the little phrases and things I use I think it is so funny because It makes people so weird ha ha. I have gotten him converted to the Idea and the practicality of a calculator watch. Hes been going around and re arranging our furniture to help us be more comfortable and use our space more efficiently. I love the changes, I wish I wasn't so content with things and saw the need to more these things in a different place earlier. 
It's also great because Elder H is very passionate about not wanting to loose his hair on his mission so he's way on board (even more than I am) on my whole cook things our self and not be starving. We've had like Enchiladas, German pancakes, French toast, and then of course we have on our menu to cook some GRS soon =p. I love real food for lunch. I also am really grateful for my District leader because he got me like 6 boxes of Honey bunches of oats!!!! problem now is I need to eat every thing I make, ugh my life is so hard! =p   

I made it very clear to myself that I would never do anything to overpower my companion or be constantly preaching to him when I trained, And now that I am here I am still on that track. Because I hated that a lot how I never could have a real conversation with any one around me, and every one seemed to be trying to teach me stuff I already knew. So I have been living accordingly to that to help him have a better transition into mission life and would only teach him things I knew he needed or he would ask me about. 
But a few nights ago in the middle of my sleep I started teaching Elder H how to talk to Less active and Active members. He woke up and just listened to me and he told me he learned and thought it was very interesting, But I was not fully conscious at all ha ha. But I do remember looking at the dark and saying words but I couldn't stop saying things, and It  was really hard to stop talking and like hurt me to keep talking in my dream. It was weird. In the Morning he immediately brought it up to me. I think it's funny because if some one asked me how do I talk to less active and active members effectively I don't really think I could answer that well at all.

This week I had trade offs and Elder N came over to my area, we had about a half hour of not teaching in our day.  And that's like how it's been all day every day recently. I jokingly tell every one I feel bad for my companion because we don't have enough time to door knock. Every one takes me way too seriously when I say that. But I am not actually sad at all that we have like zero time to go and find people to teach, in fact we probably knock too much, and we have a lot of potentials we need to be trying instead. We had a killer week almost the same as last week, but we have more progression going on now that wasn't happening before.

I learned from Elder N how to tie a tie (officially). it's like the world actually makes sense now! because my tie is now even and not way lopsided to the left. It's like I haven't been fully living. It's healthy. it's congratulating. it's refreshing. =p

So a while back we were at A's house the less active I found while door knocking and when Elder(Bro.) B and I left I told him "you know he is only 23 years old, if we could get him to change he would be able to go and serve a mission." I then set that as what I want his goal to be. A few weeks pass and we got in his home yesterday and while we were there A kept asking us questions about Missionaries. " How do you become a missionary? can missionaries fight? where do missionaries go? why...." and as we kept talking to him he eventually broke down and told us that he doesn't feel right in life any more, he doesn't feel like he should be in Michigan, he wants to stop things with his girlfriend, and he wants to go and do good with his life and do good in other peoples life...... "and I just want to be a missionary!" was his final statement. We then taught him the word of Wisdom and committed him to it. But I loved that! Oh man it's like the church is true or something, you know. We are planning on working with him way more than we have been recently because he had that inspiration himself and it's so cool to see the spirit working on him!

I gotta go I have like a million other things I could say but I forgot to write them down during the week on my pocket book so I could remember and type more.

Well off to Ball it up
bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot! 

Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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