Monday, June 8, 2015


That is so cool that Miranda got her mission to Tampa Florida! And I am super excited about that because it's super funny and weird, but there is a definite relation ship with people in Michigan and people in Arizona and Florida. So I can guarantee that she is going to meet some Ganders down there in the winter time. There is so many Snow birds (old and young) that escape the cold to go to the heat. So I don't know she may or may not meet some one I have met we'll see.

It's kinda cool/ weird there has been a lot of cotton wool flying off the trees. It's like it's snowing but its warm out! But there is piles of it in many places on the side of the road. It's not near as much as the snow but it looks a little like it.

To start out all I can say about this week, is that it was a week.....('sigh'). But forrealzies though this week wasn't the best at the start of it. We were dropped by like 3 of our investigators one of which was progressing towards their baptismal date... (my companion now uses forrealzies regularly in his vocabulary =p, I have only used it like 2 or 3 times too. ).  Yah the start of the week was pretty sad for us.

One thing that Happened was we showed up to A's house (the less active I door knocked into) and he ran out side his house to see who we are and he came up to us super sad and pitiful. We went inside and found out that his girlfriend took his paycheck and ran away. There was a lot of problems that happened because of that. He had been alone for 4 days not knowing any one in Michigan but her and her family and they were all out of his life now. He was no longer able to pay the bills, he would only had like 100 dollars to pay a 900 dollar rent and all of his income for the whole month was gone... he started smoking anything and everything to get his mind away. We showed up let him talk to us and tell us everything,  turned off the tv that was showing not uplifting shows and was encouraging that behavior. Wrote him a list of Gospel movies to watch on Netflix. And got Bishop to talk to him.  We had a lesson we had to go to and we were not comfortable to let him be alone to much more so we promised him we would come back.  
That was not a fun situation at all! We came back to talk to him and see what he thought about the joseph smith video and gave him a priesthood blessing. We talked to him yesterday he is in Phoenix Arizona now on his way to California to live with his addict sister.... He sold all that he could and left. Personally I wouldn't have done that  from listening to his side of the story. But after that happened I felt that he was being pointed back to the right path that he needed to be on so what ever it will work out.

Also This week I woke up in the morning to see a big red bump on my left hand. I had no clue what it was, but it looked super gross! We went on tradeoffs and I showed it to my district leader and he told me that it was a spider bite. For like the rest of the week at random times I have been trying to see if my spider powers and web slinging ability has developed yet. So far nothing yet has developed from it I'll tell you next week if I do develop them till then I will keep trying to web up my companion and climb on the ceiling. =p

I now have a calculator watch tan, I feel like Andrew Chapple, he always had a watch tan!

Man this week has been pretty sad though! I was driving on some dirt road out in the forest going to a dinner appointment and some cars were on their way toward me, I thought nothing of it of course. I then see a big chunk of black top broken and on the road (not a unusual sight because the weather here destroys the streets) and I kept going and I was going to move my wheels a little so it didn't bump up and hurt the bottom on the car. kept going the cars got closer. AND CLOSER!  And I realized like 6 feet away from the chunk of black top that it was a TURTLE!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! ...................................=( the cars were so close to me I couldn't move to straddle Mr. Turtle, it was really sad, we are afraid to look under the car =(. Man you never even get to see to many wild turtles out side. My first road kill.

So you know those cookies you sent me in the mail I was about to throw them away and my companion guilted me into not doing it even though they were solid and destroyed. We have been eating cookies like cereal since then though!  It's great!

I've gotten to pick a lot of locks recently, all of which are bike locks and I don't even need tools for but I have gotten to pick like 3 in the past weeks. Speaking of bikes... 

We don't have bikes in our area and we had no way to get up to south Lansing in time for a appointment that we had so we called around and no ride... But we got some one to let us use our bikes. My companion didn't have a helmet but I did and I took it with me because my Mommy taught me to and it's important even if you are experienced. I am so glad I did ha ha! Oh man it was bad. I got on the bike and started riding to the appointment. I squeeze the brakes and nothing happened... "that was weird" try it again nothing. I then try my front brakes and that slowed it but would not stop the bike at all. That bike ride got real! I was crossing the street and some lady pulled up to go onto the main road and I zoom by uncontrollably cringing and she honks at me even though I had the right of way. Kept going "ok I need to slow down before a street intersects" I keep going trying to make it to the appointment on my bike that the gears are broke too apparently. We come up to a Hungry Howies and it is clear so I start crossing the road and then a crazy lady WHO IS ON HER PHONE(!) turns to go in without signaling and I jerk my handle bars to avert the car as it wizzed by me before she hits the brakes. I hit the curb end up on top of a grass hill and was still clutching my brake.  No harm was done to either so we kept going after doing the fist of rage at her (fist of raaaagee..... =p remember that?). We kept going. I was super skeptical about everything after that on that freaking bike, SO much that I ended up being beaten by a tree branch in the face because I was looking for cars, the Helmet was number 1! I have a strong testimony of those things! I let my companion know many times how good my Mommy and Dad did at teaching me to use a helmet after that.

Whelp I'm off to go play some Volley ball, Jesus Ball and board games with the Zone.

Bye I love you have a good day!
Don't get shot! 
Have a better week than me! =p
Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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