Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Adventure of Service

How do you fix the bindings on books? My quad is starting to not stick to the glue of the binding and it's really sad! I want that to be in the best condition it can be in because that thing is a major tool and I want it to last forever.

That's So cool that Sterling Pendleton is going to Argentina on his mission! I love that kid so much and wish him well on his adventure of service. 

So I was making German pancakes, mixed it up , popped it in the oven and stared at a cook book while it was going until we both heard a loud buzzing sound start to happen. We stood up puzzled not knowing what it was from. We opened to see the element of the oven (now broken) Welding it's self to the bottom of the stove... those pancakes could have used like 1 minute more! 1 minute! ugh my life is so hard. We ate them anyways =p. It was really cool though I haven't been flashed by the light of weld in ages, that Melting metal, mmmmmmmhhhhhhhnn smelt so good! It was healthy for me. 

We got a new rule in our mission this week. We are required to Door knock or Pc for 3 hours every day. My new companion was no too happy about that because he has never seen any thing good come from it yet. It's because we have been so busy we haven't really had much time to go and door knock and there is never any one to Pc walking around. So we planned it out and in my prayers at night I really pleaded that we would have a really good fun time door knocking and that we would see several miracles when we did it. And it happened =p. Elder H now is super pumped and excited to go door knocking again he loved getting into some ones house and helping them feel the spirit and picking them up as a investigator. And since he likes to do it now he is involved a lot more in it all which helps us out a lot! I am excited to do some knockin!

I was getting my camera out to take a picture and while the lens was coming out it hit a book and said lens error and then wouldn't go back in the camera. It took me like 30 times of turning the camera on and off to get it back in. and since then it does this weird clicking every time it gets to that point that it used to be stuck at and doesn't work some times. it makes it hard to get a good pokemon snap on occasion. 

Speaking of bad things that has happened to my camera I guess this is a really important part of this week. I had a baptism this week! In fact I was the one who performed it! I baptized her on June 13th. She is in a partmember / less active member family and because of us teaching her it has been reactivating her whole family. 
It is super cool to talk to them all because you could see the spirit working on them all as she has been wanting them to read scriptures with her, and take her to church. I really wanted her father to baptize her but he asked if I would since he has loads of things happening in his life and wanted the ordinance to be perfect and didn't want to be doing it if he wasn't worthy. We had lot going on that morning! We got  asked to give a blessing and they were coming like 15 minutes before the event started. 
The mission President and the Ap's were there too, there hasn't been a convert baptism in Holt for almost a year and a half. We quickly got in some pictures before the event started. I totally forgot to take off my name tag for the baptism. I also forgot to take my camera out of my pants pocket... But it's all good because I am a Giant and it was just splashed a little. Oh but that baptism was number one! we had several non members come and because of that we will be teaching her Aunts kids. 
Her Aunt hasn't been to church in years but went there and felt the spirit and felt really bad and asked bishop and my companion for a blessing (I was talking to every less active and nonmember there and inviting them to learn). And after that she wanted her children to have the gospel in their lives, she talked about her seeing the world in a downhill spiral and doesn't want her kids to be like that any more (bus driver for public schools). I also got the girl's Uncle's girlfriend to accept missionaries to teach them up in Cadillac. It was also cool because the Mission President was working on several people there as well. He made sure to come and report to me before he left what he talked about and what he did. By the end of the day I had several referrals to give out and every single one went to people who were in my MTC district so it was way healthy being able to talk to them!    

That was cool though because I have never seen any of my converts get baptized yet. And that is the first not in proxy baptism that I have done.

But I knew Bad was just around the corner because that much good never happens without some serious "persecution points"  coming. We got home from the baptism and immediately we got a call from our Investigator who is on date to be baptized next Saturday and of course the garbage came...  He told me that him and his wife argued over the law of tithing and that he wasn't going to be baptized and there is no way he can "pay $300 a week for tithing" I talked to him and told him that I am almost certain that math is wrong (he's old and forgets things sometimes) and got him to not drop us entirely. 
We are going over later this week so we have really been praying for a good miracle to sort this out so he can be baptized. And it has to be this week end because he will be having surgery on his cancer and will be bed ridden for 3 weeks after. So we are a little excited to see if we get him to make it! We have already been dropped by a investigator who was preparing for baptism this month and I don't want it to happen again!

Well I am off
Bye I love you!
Have a good day!
Don't get shot!
 Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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