Monday, June 22, 2015


Oh man it was healthy to hear from all of you! thank you! Ella I am so excited about your MMA training I don't even know what gym your at or how many people you are training with (which is important, because of the quality of the learning is effected accordingly). Do they teach you submissions or are they teaching you just the stand up and when grappling the ground and pound style? Oh man you better learn quick because I really get neglected out here because no one wants to fight me =(. I even brought my mouth guard and boxing raps...

I am not going to lie this week was a week... Our teaching pool took a beating, all of our lessons canceled on us before we could teach any one. All we really had to do was pound the pavement and pound the doors. Door knockin for days! And all we really got was a few potentials, but some seem promising. All of our lessons but 2 was from door knocking I really could leave it at that for this week.

While we were out door knocking we walked by a ice cream joint and you are only in Michigan once, YOMO you know so we got some Ice cream and tried to fellow ship with a lot of people. Man it was so funny this lady keep looking over her shoulder to see us and was super obvious about it and before we walked away to keep knockin she came up and she ITL'd us! (invitation to learn) She gave us a business card that had a picture of her and her information and said she would love to see us at a certain coffee shop. It was so funny! But she obviously didn't want to learn about the gospel so, I don't think she intends for us to teach her a lesson at the coffee shop so we didn't commit to anything.

But it's so cool now because Elder Hartley basically understands how to create a need while trying to find people to teach and so I have been working on things like bearing testimony and discerning their real need instead of talking the whole time to find it. We sent out like 3 referrals this week from it.

So that little taste of me riding bikes was awesome and we both have been dying to ride some more but we didn't want to have to ride the same ones that we borrowed last time. So we talked to the ward mission leader and he knew just the place to go. We got permission to go and so we went over to MSU campus and went to the MSU surplus store! It was freaking number one! It was like GoodWill on steroids! They had all of this Lab equipment that was out dated for sale, they had loads of computers for cheep, they had a billion and a half mini fridges and chairs, foot ball jerseys and pants, But the part we went there for was the fact that every bike that gets left locked to something way to long gets it's lock cut and they sell the bikes there. There was a lot of Gander bikes that was eaten away by rust and the chains were frozen solid by it. But it was sweet! I got a mountain bike my size with new breaks front and back, all of the gears work, it has a big seat way comfier than our tandem bike seats (and those are good), it had a water bottle holder, both tubes were good, and it wasn't even rusty. All for 25 bucks! UMMMM YES PLEASE!!! Church is true with a find like that! My companion got this sweet oldschool road bike that has front and back head lights and had a generator on the bike that you could flip on so when you spin your wheels it powers the lights! perfect condition and all gears work, bottle holder, and switches all gears. The only thing with that one was one of the tubes were popped, but that's a small price to pay for only 60 bucks for the thin! We are so excited to go ride our bikes! I even scored a bike lock recently after a member said if I could pick it I could have it, 2 minutes later it went in the satchel =p.

Our apartment complex has been infested by ear wigs, spiders, and occasionally Ants of unusual sizes! It is so gross! And because of the dire circumstances there arose a need for a hero to rise up, I am not the Hero Holt needs, but the one it deserves (I forget how batman says it). I have taken to grabbing my PVC pipe and nerf darts to fend off the terrorist attacks. After one is spotted there is normally a sudden shriek "NIIIIIIIIGHT EEEEEEEEEEEYYYEEE!!!!!"  which is normally followed by the spraying of honey nut gas (freeze) and a endless barrage of nerf darts until we have a confirmed kill and several tries of running/ jump/ dive shots. I have just started to film the combat situations, I wish I had thought of it before, I already have like 13+ tallies on the blow gun and I only started counting yesterday.

Well were off to go play some ultimate Frisbee,
we'll catch you later
Bye I love you have a good day
Don't get shot!

- Elder Truman Rex Crockett

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